Monday, November 5, 2012

u10 Sandusky Tournament

Little Man was asked to be a part of an under 10 Tournament team for football, and Bee was asked to coach. So, we kept on practicing way after football ended, and finally the weekend was upon us! We loaded up the cars early Friday afternoon and headed out on the road. Two hours later, we arrived at our hotel and checked in. Then, we took the boys over to get weighed in, and then came back for pizza, swimming, and Trick Or Treating (Because of Hurricane Sandy, Wednesday trick or treating was canceled and moved to Sunday. However, there was a good chance we were still going to be out of town so we let them trick or treat up at the hotel)

Saturday, we were up and off to our first game. We ended up winning in overtime, which took us to the next bracket. Sadly, we lost, which put us in the race for 3rd place. We all went back to the hotel to warm up and swim some more before heading out to dinner. Then, it was home and to bed because we had a 9am game in Clyde which was 45 min away! With an hour needed to warm up, that put us at the field at 8am, so you can only guess what time we had to be up :/ We ended up winning our first game on Sunday and losing the final game on Sunday afternoon. We were all kind of sad, but VERY proud of how well we did. The Hurricane deprived us of several needed practices, and we still finished 4th place out of 8! Little man had a blast, and was super excited to make it home in time to still go trick or treating with his friends at home! It all made for very tired children (and parents ) today :) It was all worth it though to see these smiles ;)

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