Friday, April 19, 2013

I've been a busy girl

Work and personal life has been kickin my butt :) Well, that mixed with a touch of lazy :) Here's what we've been up too...


Fatty was upset her nap was disturbed

Last weekend we were all over the place for C's various games...and this weekend will be the same thing! But, we LOVE watching her :)

Fatty Likes sitting in the window.....

She likes to stare at the tree right outside of it. It "buzzes" because for the 4 days it has these blooms on it, it's COVERED in thousands of honeybees :)  (You know. The BIG FAT ones)

And Finally, it tickles me to find stuff like this on the back of Little Man's school papers :) 

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's already the end of the workday, Tuesday..

Busy, busy, busy...

Friday Afternoon, my Dentist called and canceled my appointment. Sigh. Apparently, he broke one of his tools that would be needed for my procedure. He will reschedule once the new tool comes in. This made me happy in the sense that I got to then watch my girl in all her events on Saturday with my favorite people. This also made me bummed because really, my anxiety level rises dramatically when you mention the dentist. Double that, when you mention all day at the dentist. So, I really just wanted to get it over and done with since I  was mentally preparing myself for the day. Oh well. Like I said. I got to be in my favorite place to be, which is watching my kids do their thang.

Saturday was long. It was cold. It was also rainy. This was fine except for the 3 hour period while we were outside, 15 feet from the lake for C's flag football games. And Pictures.

Speaking of Pictures, I was offered a photography job for the studio that does all the sports pictures in town. I was pretty jacked. It would be part time, but still. The learning alone would be so valuable. The only problem is, this is also my busiest time of year. Ok, one of the busiest times of year for me. I don't think I could juggle one more thing on top of everything else. Maybe in Winter!

I never did call the realtor about the church. In my defense, I totally meant to. But forgot. She called me though, last night. I took it as a sign and returned her call today. I got her voice mail again, but I just left a message. If it's meant to be, it will be :)

I will have more to update tomorrow. Perhaps even a picture or two...but that's it for now!

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a stew!

Just a few things...

1. My nephew is adorable. Like, super dee duper cute. My niece is also adorable. Together, they will take over the world! Bask in their adorableness :)

2. C was hand picked by the high school track coach to do track. He also told her he wanted her to do pole vaulting. However, the middle school doesn't do pole vaulting. So, while she won't compete for another 2 years, she is training with the high school kids so she will be an old pro by the time high school rolls around. She is also doing the 100 and 400 meter dash. Crazy kid. Glad she loves to run because I for one hate to run. lol

Meanwhile, the Boy, who is doing no sports this Spring, is content to just sit back on his haunches and watch. He and I like being #1 fans :) 

3. The cats have discovered our bedroom. They would never come in there before. Now? Now we have to leave the door open during the day so that they may come and go as they please or else they get pissed and poop in some one's shoe. The other morning I forgot something in my room before leaving for the day. I walked back in and this is what I found when I turned on the light...

Someone was not happy that I turned the light on and disrupted their slumber. As for chubbs, he only ever leaves the bed now to tell me to feed him...He likes the "burn holes in me with his eye-lasers" method of asking for dinner,,,

Aren't our cat dishes fancy? 

4. As for the weekend, I will be spending the whole gosh darn day at the dentist office. The whole day. Sigh...the only thing getting me through the thought is I can come home and take my pain meds and sleep. 
The rest of the family will be driving all over the northern half of the state of Ohio all day watching a whole lotta this..

and flag football. I'm not sure who is getting the better deal on a cold, wet, rainy, Saturday. Bee and lots of driving and deadlines, and bleachers...or me, in a dentist chair all day....the difference is I get to come home and take pain pills :D I'm also guessing since my Dentist has bankers hours, that his version of "all day" is really like from 10 am - 4 pm. Don't get me wrong. That's a long time to sit in a dentist chair...but Bee's day will begin at 5:45 am (he has to have C at her  first game by 8 am and it's an hour and 15 minute drive) and will go all day and into the evening with her last game at around 7 pm. He will have both kids too. Like I said, I guesstimate I will be home, in my jammies, napping by 5pm  with a beautiful new smile I can be proud of!! :)

5. The church we want to buy....I heard back from the realtor....Last Friday. I have yet to call her back. Partly because I have been busy. Also, partly because I'm scared. That's a huge grown up step to take. I'm afraid of being laughed at? I guess? I dunno. My credit is shaky at best. Like, I got my car loan, and even Bee's with no problem. I mean, my interest rate isn't single digit or anything, but it's not super horrible. However, I don't ever qualify for credit cards, personal loans (I just tried in November for a $5000.00 loan so that we could get a lawyer on retainer to deal with the EX WIFE and was turned down flat). The problem is, we make plenty of money to cover it, but because of Bee's ex wife who destroyed Bee's credit, we can't ever list him on credit applications because he never qualifies. So, we can only list me. Which means only my income can be counted and my income will more than likely not support a house payment, two car loans, and other bills. I will say that succumbing to fear will guarantee that I not get the loan and someone else will buy the place. Today I WILL call her back and schedule a walk through. The weird thing is? I made the call last week and left a message on her voicemail. I prayed and asked God that if this was not something we should do or if we didn't have a chance in hades of getting this place, don't let the lady call me back. I would simply take that as a sign I shouldn't pursue it. She called back within 12 hours. Ever since I have gotten emails (some junk, some are newsletters for lists I belong too) all talking about buying a house. Buy, buy buy! and Even got a phone call from my secondary bank on a "whim" to see if I needed to refinance my mortgage because they have awesome rates right now. So, let's take a chance and let God take it, shall we? :)

6. Babies. I finally got through to someone about having a baby. Apparently, Bee and I have to come in for a meeting with the lady. She will explain the whole process to us. Then, before we can even start, we each have to get blood work done. Ok, fine. However, it's a special test (there is nothing special in the actual drawing of blood...just the screening they do it in the lab later)  that screens for every possible STD ever created. Ok, once again. Fine. However, here is the kick in the pants. Insurance doesn't cover this test. We are free to go anywhere we like to have it done. However, it's $2,000.00. Each...... that's two thousand American dollars. Each. Or, if we don't want to do that, we can have it done in their office and they will send it to their lab and by doing that, they can offer us the majorly discounted price of $145.00 each. Now, while that is waaaay better than $4000.00, it's still $290.00 we don't have to pay for a test, we already know the answer too. Then, we get to pay for the process to get me pregnant! Sigh. Another set back. I guess we will be waiting now until July when my already badly needed, and mostly spent (in my mind, that is) bonus check will come. :( I LOVE my husband. I also knew, and agreed to still love and still marry him knowing Getting pregnant would be slightly difficult considering his situation. It still doesn't stop me from feeling a teeny bit angry/upset/hurt that I have to go through hoops galore just to get pregnant when there is nothing wrong with my body. I just want a baby. I want a baby from my DNA. From my body. 1st world problems, I'm sure...but still...

oh well. Tantrum over :D I guess it just means that I have 4 more months to drink wine every night :D 

Alright, that's it for me for today. Maybe...if I'm feeling brave, I'll share my before and after smile shots? Maybe.... :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Picture This

I apologize  for the neck strain. I am not sure how to rotate the picture. I thought there was a way...apparently not. 

Anyway, This is going in a package I am sending my parents just as soon as I find a box for it lol. In case you can't read it, it says "Poppy, of all the dances and all the walks we've shared over the years, these were my favorite. I'll always be your little girl". Damn Pinterest making me cry :D I also have a few other pictures in regular frames to send, a slew of pictures loose in an envelope, and the two coffee mugs I made for them. It's going to suck to ship it, but I'll be excited for them to get it! :) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well, hello there!

Yesterday was crazy!

All was fine until lunchtime. In fact, all was great until lunch time. It was warm-er, the sun was out, I heard, Journey, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, and "Lean on me" on my way into work. Then, lunch time. I realized just how broke I am right now. I decided to wallow in my misery by spending my last $2.39 on a Dunkin Iced Coffee. I wanted to try one of their new ice cream inspired flavors. As usual. Disappointed. I went through the drive thru (It's pretty much the only option at the one by my work. Their parking lot is almost impossible to get out of if you park in it) ordered my coffee. It "looked" right, I pulled away, and tasted it and thought..."'s nothing special..." and then I realized, it was plain coffee. They didn't even give me CREAM which I asked for. It pissed me off, but I didn't have time to fight the traffic and the line again to go back. Boo. Then, I got back to work and things went down hill. By the time I got home, I was irritated and so I cleaned. All night. Which really, is what I did Sunday...but minus the foul mood.

I cleaned our room on Sunday. Good Lord have mercy, it needed it. It was awful. To give you an idea, my wedding dress and veil were in the same exact spot that they hit the ground on my wedding night 3 (almost 4) months ago. Yeah. Bad. Took me all day. Even tackled the green room (extra room attached to our room) that Bee destroyed before after his hunting trip in February packing and unpacking. There were guns, ammo, and clothes everywhere. But it's all beautiful now. Including our bathroom. We even managed to bag up four lawn sized garbage bags of clothes for purple heart. Woot!

We rule.

Anyway. I figured the rest of the house could be cleaned this week. It needs to be done by Saturday because I will be at the Dentist all day Saturday getting major work done. I will be in no condition to clean (or do anything) after and I really don't want to stare at a messy house. Last night the mud room, kitchen and dining room got mostly done. I just need to sweep the kitchen and dining room real good. Mop the kitchen, and de-clutter the mud room some more. At the moment though, the mud room is holding the garbage bags full of clothes so it just looks messy to me. Oh well. 

As for other news: Heard back from the Realtor on the church. I need to call her back and schedule an appointment to look at the place :) And on the baby making front...I called to make an appointment today with the people who are going to make it happen. However, I think I said the word "sperm" more than I ever have in my entire life to at least 6 complete strangers. The clinic has one phone number. For the whole hospital system. You call it, you get a call center. They take your info and route it to the people it needs to go to. This is fine if you are just calling to make an appointment. If you have questions for your doctors office, you tell them and they forward you to the correct office. However, I couldn't remember the doctor I had seen there, One time, over a year ago. Anyway...eventually I got to where I needed to be. They left a message and the girl is supposed to call me back. Sigh. I was kinda hoping for more progress than that. But, I'll take it :)

Well, that's all I got for now! here is a picture of the sunset I took Sunday night! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fingers Crossed!!

So, I have rented my places of residence ever since I moved out of my parents house. I enjoy renting. I'm not locked into anything. At least for any longer than a year. I don't need to worry about land taxes, roof leaking, or any other major repair. If my hot water tank breaks (which is did a week after living in my current home), I call my landlord. It's his responsibility. Being that Bee and I live pay check to pay check with no savings, and no credit cards, this is our safety net. In fact, I have never desired to own a house. Ever. It was only within the last year or so that I even thought about it. And then, it wasn't like I wanted to move. I wanted to buy the house we are in now. Especially after the stress and the madness that was our last move. I swore I would die in this house. And really, it's a great house to die in. If I had to spend the rest of my life in it, I would be pleased as punch.

There are a few down sides to renting. There's the whole equity thing. Then, there is the fact that people kind of look down on you when you said "we rent". I don't mind those things though. I do get stressed out over paying my rent on time. I know that you have to pay a mortgage on time, but a landlord can serve you with eviction papers way easier than a mortgage company can. I also stress when things get broken. Or when my lawn is a day or two past needing to be cut. Then, there is the cats. We aren't supposed to have any. We have two. I'm always worried he is going to want to come over and then what am I going to do with them? (I know, I know. Had I not gotten them in the first place it wouldn't have been an issue...)

Anyway, ever since Bee and I have lived in the city we do (going on 3 years now!), there has been an old church for sale down the road from us. Beautiful old church. I love old churches. Every time we drive by, we fantasize out loud how cool it would be to buy it and turn it into a house. Every. Single. Time. In fact, last weekend, we even drove into the "U" shaped drive to take a closer look. It's all we have talked about for days. So, on a whim yesterday I looked it up online.


It's been on the market since 2007 (but the owners have kept up with the property) and they are asking only $165,000! They are also "open" to taking offers. I text Bee and he was all, "LET'S DO IT!" and I was all like "YOU BET YOUR BISCUITS WE SHOULD!" Ever since then, it's been all I can think about. I emailed to realtor and she hasn't gotten back to met yet (I'm going to call her at lunch today.).

I really want to own this. Like Really, Really, REALLY. It will need some work to convert it into a home, like installing a shower, for instance, but so long as the electrical is up to date, there are no structural issues, and the roof is good, then it really won't take a whole, whole lot.

The big issue here will be financing. Bee's ex-wife destroyed his credit. I mean like, took a wrecking ball to it, then brought in a back hoe, then poured gasoline all over it and lit a match. He will have to be removed from the picture as far as financing goes. Which leaves me. My credit is limited. I've had a car loan since 2005 and I have paid it every month, on time, without fail (that was two different loans, for two different cars. by the way) and as of November of last year, I picked up another loan for Bee's car. That's it. No Credit Cards, No, Student Loans, No outstanding anything. That's good...but it's also bad. People would sometimes rather take a chance on someone who has applied for, gotten, and then defaulted on loans/credit cards, than someone who hasn't because they are an unknown. Then, there is the fact that even though together, Bee and I make decent money, I have to cut it in half because he can't be figured in on the credit application. That  aside, I only have $600.00 in outstanding debt I have to pay every month. Everything else is utilities and rent, which the latter we won't have if we are buying a "house".

At any rate, these are uncharted waters for me. Never done this process. I hate buying cars because the process is so involved and that's just a car. I know it's much worse for home-buying. We are going to take it one step at a time though. First one is talking to the realtor....

But really, how cool would it be to live in this?!



Side View

Other side

Inside the sanctury. We would remove all the pews and make this a giant game room. Projector for movie nights, basket ball hoop, pool table...weights, excersise equipment

This is right next to the kitchen. We would use half for a dining room, and the other half for a living room

Other half of the parish hall

Kitchen. HUGE. Ugly color. This would be fixed immediately. 

Classrooms. We would turn these into bedrooms. I think there are 6....Depending on size, we would knock out a wall and make two into one master. :)