Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day and the long weekend

It's that time again! What an awesome time for a long weekend. I so needed it.

Friday night, we laid low. Our friend Marcus came over and hung out with Bee and played some call of duty, while I started packing some things up for Toledo and our first game of the regular season. I was in bed by 10:30pm because I knew I was going to be up early the next morning.

5:30am arrived early! We loaded up and headed out. We arrived at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl. Were the team unloaded and started to suit up for our noon game against the Noble County Wolf pack.

In the end, we lost. Baaaad. 30-0. Yeah, we didn't bring our "A" game. That's ok though. We will re-adjust and hopefully do better next week. It's a long season and it's not decided by one game. We left and got something to eat. Popeye's is where the guys wanted to go. There were about 8 guys from the team with us and we went inside and I think scared away the customers. We were soo loud. Ah, Football players :) After eating, we went back and watched the next two football games. The last game, we were invited into the pro-level booth to watch. It was AWESOME! :) C offered to be water girl for the Diesels because they didn't have one. They even put her in a jersey. The whole team loved her and they asked if they could adopt her haha! The picture below is her in their jersey on the sidelines (in the black circle). I took the picture from the booth. It was POURING their whole game, but they defeated the Knights 35-14.
We drove home that night, in a torrential down pour! Bee tried to make me drive because he was "tired", but I was mad at him because we were supposed to spend the night in a hotel. I realize that costs money, but it was the days inn and it was $38 a night. I was tired too. So, he drove most of the way. I took over after making it to basically to my parents house. It's an hour from their house to mine, but, we had to drop off two people on the way, so it took longer. I was going to sleep until he needed me to take over, making my rested, but I just couldn't  fall asleep. It was raining to beat the bandit, I have almost bald front tires, and when he wasn't texting, he was fighting to keep his eyes open. Everyone else was paasssssed out, and he couldn't even open the windows because it was raining so hard and my AC doesn't work...Every time I closed my eyes, I had visions of us careening off the road and flipping to our deaths. We did make it home ok at around 2am.

Sunday, we took it easy, and BFF Rose and her new "interest" came out for a bonfire. We invited a bunch of other people who did show up later, but the rain came and we moved the party inside. I had waaay to many beers and took my drunk ass to bed. I woke up Monday with a bad hangover and the thoughts of "why? Why do I do this to myself?" The kids wanted to hit the parade (for all the candy) that is literally 300ft from my front door, and since our friends down the street were going because their little girl was IN the parade, we went too.

After the parade, we went back to the house for a bit and hung out with our friends. After they left, the kids went to our other friends house to swim. They were having a big BBQ and invited Bee and I, but we weren't sure we were going to go. This is because while the people having the BBQ we are close with (Tucker and Mrs. Tucker), it was the annual BBQ after the parade in which the Invaders all hang out at, which is Bee's old team. This also meant that his old business partner was going to be there. Along with the head coach that we thought we were all cool with until AFTER Bee left, and then they started saying mean and nasty things about my guy. (Seriously ya'll, Semi-Pro football is worse than teenage cheerleaders)

We finally decided to go. It started at like noon, but we didn't show until around 5pm. Bee talked with the coach and the other owner and it turned out ok. I did NOT Talk to the other owners wife because we used to be close, but after the split, which HER husband asked Bee to leave, SHE went and said some pretty nasty things about me and my kids, and I just can't be nice to that. We left around 9pm, with 2 tired kiddos who swam allll day. I made our lunches for today, and Bee and I relaxed for a few before turning in for the night with Ms. Kitty in tow  :) All in all, it was a great weekend and a pretty good way to kick off the start of summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The past Week in Pictures...


Helllllloo?!  Helloo?!

Yes! I am still alive! I have been gone longer than I like from my little precious, but life calls. I will try and keep up more because really, I miss blogging :)

What have I been doing?

Well, glad you asked :)

Football: The ever present fooseball. Saturday we played our last pre-season game. We killed the other team 35-0. However, I don't take much stock in that. They sucked and only had 15 guys anyway. I would be surprised if they are even still in exsistance come June 4th when their League play starts. Our first season game is this weekend up in Toledo at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl Statdium! Very exciting! Hopefully there will be a good turn out. It's all for a good cause, so really, I do hope it's a success. We are game 1 of 3! As for our chances? I would say that we should be compettative in this leauge. We are evenly matched it seems to most if not all of the teams. If our guys can get their heads out of their behinds a little bit, we could take home a ring come August. We shall see! Ooooh Football, I heart you! You usher in Summer and fun times!

Work: Work is well...work. Not too much going on, but we have been a little short handed so I have had slightly more work to do than normal. ie: cutting into my blog time ;)

100 Days till Summer: This...this is where the bulk of my time has been spent. If I am being honest, I feel a little burnt out on this. I have no motovation really. I go through the motions, I get my points for my team because I am anal, but really...with everything else picking up, I'm finding it harder to carve out the time. Honestly though, I love working out now, and if I could just get my miles in in the morning and strength training at night, then keep my numbers in line,  I'd be solid gold, because I seem to be able to HANDLE that, yet, the other stuff we have to do seems too time consuming. It'll be over in 4 and a half weeks and then I can do just that. I've been fighting with the scale. It's funny because I watch every moresl that goes into my mouth and work out like crazy and I gain/plateau. I stop all of that and do my work outs *most* days instead of *every* day and eat what I want within reason and track only most of it so I have an idea and the scale had been creeping DOWN slowly. In fact, the last 11 weeks, everytime It was "That" time of the month, I'd shoot up 8 pounds and it would take me 2 weeks to come back....just in time to have a week of creeping downm only to shoot back up because it was time again. This last time, as I took the laid back approach, I only gained 1.5 lbs, and it came right off the day after I was done...interesting...I still plan on getting a new bike come July. I really enjoy riding around my neighborhood.

Family/House: I have been trying to get my yard summer ready. Here's the thing, I have never had my own yard. It was either my parents yard (and I felt no obligation to it...I suck) or I lived in an apartment. So, now I have one of my very own and I want to do all this stuff to it. However, I have no idea what stuff to do! I know I want a veggie garden...bad...but where is the question. The lady who owned the house before us planted TONS of stuff. Problem is, I have no idea what it is. I look at it and think "Is that a plant, flower, or weed?!" I hate to tear up what she did because the yard looks fab (except for the weeds. my word, the WEEDS!) but, I want my own stuff too, ya know? I also, have never had to weed before, so I don't know how. Are you supposed to do that weekly? If so, ya'll I don't have the time for that! My yard is huge. I went to tear up one of the back flower beds, but it was too overwhelming to try and do it by hand. We borrowed Bee's brother's rototiller. Maybe this weekend? ugh!

Bee and I are great! We seem closer than we ever have been, and it's really nice. He seems mostly stress free, which makes me stress free and the kids too! The ex is mostly minding her manners (I say that, and now she'll probably act out again) Who knows, maybe there will be a wedding to plan soon? He says it's coming, and it will happen..but we'll see. Kids are almost done with school. I think last count was 9 days. Thank GOD, ya'll. Seriously. I can get up an hour later and STILL get my whole work out in. Also, less chores for me to do! Yippie!

Ms. Kitty: Well, it's official. Ms. Kitty has taken up residence in our hearts and in our home. For as much as it has been put on me, it was really because of Bee. Don't get me wrong. She is totally my cat. She follows me around, sleeps on me, and only wants to be near me. I love her from the tips of her twitchy ears to her bushy tail, but having her inside really, is no biggie. Had Bee said no, I would have been fine. (ask me that when the first snow falls and I would probably change my tune hahaha!) but it was Bee who kept pushing for her to be inside. But he'd say it in a way as if I was begging to bring her in. He is the one who finally told me to go get the stuff to bring her in. Then tells him mom "yeah, Monkee reaaaallllyy wanted her inside, so I broke down and agreed. But I said that I wasn't going to be responsible for that cat" Yeah, yeah...whateves ;) Last night was night one. She did good from what we could tell. We shall see! :)

Well, that's really it for now...
I'll be back tomorrow...maybe with some pictures! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mothers Day: Part 2!

Since we were all a little short on cash last week, we decided to celebrate Mothers Day  a week late. I planned on having my mom, dad, and sister, as well as Bee's mom, and BFF Rose and her son out to my house for a brunch.

At about midnight on Saturday, I was about partied out, considering I was sober. Ha! I really was tired, and I knew I had stuff to do the next day. Therefore I packed up my stumbling Bee, and we headed out the door. We stopped off across the street to get coffee and french fries from McDonald's, and started on the long drive home. No Sooner had we pulled out, and Bee's mom called. She wanted Bee to call his brother because she was worried he was stranded without a ride due to a text she received from him. So, he called and as it turns out, Bee's brother was stranded on Put-in-Bay Island which was an hour from where we were currently, and two hours from our home. He was up there doing a show this weekend and they cancelled all but one of the ferries back to the mainland. He was ok for the night (he had a hotel) but would need a ride at 10am Sunday morning. If you do the math, that meant Bee had to leave our house at 8am. After not getting to bed until almost 2am. After drinking since 6pm.

Bee got up, and left in the morning while I slept a little longer. Then, I got up, straightened up a little bit before heading out to pick up two small presents for my mom and grandma bee. I came home and got brunch started and then my family arrived. Shortly after, Grandma Bee and the kids got there and we exchanged gifts. I got my mommy a card and a $25 gift card to Marshall's, her favorite store, and Grandma Bee got a card and a Lilly. My mom and dad got me a cookbook with lots of yummy 30 minute or less meals, and some shower gel, and hand lotions, and my sister....well, SHE got me this beautiful bracelet/earrings holder made of led crystal and real opal and diamond earrings. I was floored. They are gorgeous! Opal is my favorite too!

It was a beautiful day spent with almost all of the people I love. We had food for days just like any event with my family :) It's ok, We like leftovers!

There was one down side of the evening. BFF Rose didn't come. She said her sister was upset over something and she felt like she should go be with her sister. If that was the case, then I totally understand. But I think it might of been because she was scared to leave her house but didn't want to tell me that. In my previous post from the fundraiser, I mentioned in the caption of one of the pictures that if I saw the guy in it again, I would probably end up in jail.

This guy happened to be someone that BFF Rose was dating. Not as in, he was her boyfriend, but as in they would have been going out on dates the past 3 weeks trying to get to know one another to see if a relationship could form. He was sure of his feeling for her, but she was uncertain of hers and me being her BFF, wanted me to meet him and get her my opinion. So, she brought him to the fundraiser.

He was.....o.k. He didn't seem outwardly rude or mean or anything, but he just didn't seem...right. I don't know. I mean, he didn't talk much. I understand he didn't really know anyone, but I felt like he didn't really put forth an effort. Some people are shy, so I gave him a pass on that. However, he seemed like he was, for lack of a better term, wanting to be up her ass the whole night. He seemed very needy and as the night wore on , he seemed more and more impatient with the fact she was talking to me, or Bee, or the other players, whom she's known for 2 years now. By 9:30, he was itching to go and she was just getting started. She offered to give him her keys and just have me take her home, but he was having no part of that and at one point, one of the players broke down about 2 blocks from the bar and needed a jump. She offered to come with me, and he refused to let her go with me.

She ended up going home with him back to her place (where he was staying the night) at about 10pm. I guess in the morning he woke up really early and started banging around, yelling at the cat, and blasting the TV. When she woke up, irritated, he asked for a kiss and she barked at him that she just wanted her cigarettes. He threw them at her and stormed out of the apartment. He left. After 20 minutes, he didn't come back so she text him to tell him his bag would be outside the door for him to come get. If it was still there by morning, she'd assume he didn't want it, and toss it. He flipped out on her saying he just went to the gas station to get more cigarettes and put gas in his car. She told him that no, he left upset because he didn't even say he was leaving. He came back and she refused to let him in. They fought through the door, and via text. He refused to leave her parking lot for 2 hours. Then, he started threatening her. Telling her to watch her back because revenge was coming her way and other such nasty things.

He scared me with all of that and I urged her to call the police, but she has yet to. He called her/text her all day yesterday harrasing her and making threats. I am very worried and have since made her promise to call text me when she leaves work, when she gets home and locks her door, and if she leaves at all. I want to know when she leaves and when she arrives at her destination. I hate to say it because I am not a violent person, but if he harms one hair on her head.....I can't be responsible for what I do to him. He is nothing but a CREEP.

Midwest Rams Fundraiser!!

This weekend we had another fundraiser for the team. It was a good time, but not as fun as the ones we've had in the past. Maybe because I was stone cold sober. ha! I am on an antibiotic for my tooth, and well, to be honest, I "owed" Bee from the last fundraiser where I said  I'd be the DD and ended up getting drunk....after he was already tipsy. Hmmm...Anyway, we made some money for the team while enjoying team building with our guys on a really crappy rainy day. Bee Got totally crunk, which was funny to me, as always because he doesn't get that way often, but when he does he is hilarious :) Below are picutres from the night :) 

BFF Rose and Alec. If I ever see this man again, I will probably be going to jail and he will be missing....

Me and my BFF. I really like this picture. I don't look dumb :)

Reggie Spaghetti. Rockin the "Jesus Piece"

Ryker, a new lineman, and Big Country. O-line was representing our team well!

Two of our Referees! They know where the party's at!

Two of the most important people in my life :)

My guy looking lovingly into my eyes...hehe :) Oh, and that's my new hair cut that the lady messed up that BFF Rose is going to fix for me

The Seriousness didn't last long....

My guy was a lucky man that night to have all those beautiful women sitting on his lap :)

Very Important team meeting......actually, one drunk guy was trying to tell two other drunk guys a joke...

My baby's got moves...

This would be a sweet picture if it wasn't for the fact he was actually trying to see the TV...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ms. Kitty!!

So, I just got a cat!  Sorta.

Here's the thing. I LOVE animals. I grew up with dogs all of my life. We always had one or two. I love, love, love dogs :) Then, I moved into an apartment and couldn't have a dog. I had always wanted a kitten, but growing up, my mom and my sister were allergic to cats, so not cat for me.

When I moved out on my own and got an apartment with BFF Rose, she already had a cat and said we couldn't have any more because Buddah didn't like other cats. One night we were out and found a tiny little black kitten that had been abandoned. BFF Rose had a few too many adult beverages and agreed to letting me keep her provided that I got her vetted and fixed/declawed. I agreed, of course!

Salem was my girl. She weighed 6 oz. but when she ran she sounded like a horse with the gracefulness of an ox :)  Buddah didn't like her at first, but then they grew to be BFF. At about 6 months, I took her to be fixed and declawed. The vet's officed called me at 3:30pm the day I dropped her off to tell me all went well and I could get her in the morning. However, at 6:30pm, the Vet herself called to tell me that she was doing her rounds before leaving and she found that Salem had passed away :( I was devistated!

By the time I was ready for another pet, I was with Bee. He had a HUGE Great Dane and said no pet because Moose would eat it. Then, I got my own apartment and I was going to get a kitten, but I my apartment was the size of a showbox and I didn't really have any place to put the litterbox where it wasn't out in the open.

When Bee and I moved in together, he told me I could have a kitten. Or a dog. The kids want both. Badly. However, the more I thought about it, the more I decided against it. Several reasons really. One: technically, we're not allowed. Our lease says no pets. My landlord said to talk to him about it if we wanted a pet. He said he'd work with us (most likely just means he'll charge us more). Two: I LOVE the fact that there is no pet hair on my clothes or furnature. We also all seem to breathe better with no animals living in the house. Three: Food. It's hard enough to keep human food on the table and make sure we have enough to eat for the week. Let alone having to add cat/dog food to the list. Four: Vet Bills: Are expensive as hell. No thanks. Five: We are never home. NEVER. I'd hate to do that to an animal. And Six, the most important one: Taking care of an animal sounds great. Everyone promises to help out....yet it will be ME who has to do it when the newness wares off....no thanks. I have 3 kids and a Bee to worry about.

So, about a two weeks ago, the kids are outside playing and this cat (about a year old maybe?) is with them. I asked about it and they told me it just showed up. Their friends that live behind us told me the next day when it came around that their mom and dad said they could keep it, but it had to stay OUTSIDE and they had to buy it food and whatnot (a nice way of putting them off and telling them "NO" without them knowing it). The cat is super friendly and if sit down, it leaps into your lap and loves on you.

I noticed a few days ago, she was looking kinda thin. I put a little saucer of milk out and she gobbled it down. Then last night, she was meowing at me like crazy and rubbing up against me. I felt really bad for her because I could tell she hadn't eaten in a few days. So, I opened up a can of tuna and set it out for her. She INHALED IT!!! I got her water too and she lapped it all up. I sent this pic to Bee along with the caption that said "I know I shouldn't have done this but...."

Later, he told me that he thought about it, and has decided that I can "keep" Ms. Kitty" and he will buy me food to feed her, but that he isn't paying for the Vet.

Ha! I wonder how long it will take before she's moved inside....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Semi Annual Battle of Shorts and Tshirts

Ok ya'll. It's that time of year again. I am fighting the age old battle of Shorts/T-shirts vs. Pants and sweatshirts. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. You spend the first part of the school year fighting with your kids because No, you may not wear shorts to school. There is snow on the ground. Once you think you have moved past that, then they try leaving the house with no coat. Um, Hello? Does your skin not register temperature? It's 20 degrees outside! Then Christmas break rolls around and we make it to January. Then, I don't know what they are thinking, but they decide that somewhere around February they can start busting out the sweatshirt-for-a-coat. We begin battling again until school lets out.

Here's the thing. We live in Ohio. As with any state that borders a large body of fresh water, our weather is a little kooky. I kid you not, it is nothing to start the day in winter boots and coats, sloshing through 2 feet of snow while another 6 inches falls to the ground, and end the day needing shorts and t-shirts driving with your AC on. My kids have lived here their whole life. They know this. Yet, we still try and sneak out the door in February without a coat and shorts.

Bee doesn't help matter much either. He says to let them freeze. A few times getting stuck in the snow without a coat and they'll learn. Um. No. They won't. Also, you're a dad. No one looks at YOU funny. I get the funny looks. I'm a mom. I should know better! He also says "My kids are like me. They are warm blooded and get hot easily if the temperature is above 45. To that I say, You're an adult. If you want to wear a shorts and no coat then fine. You have 80lbs extra to keep you warm. They are kids. They need to dress properly.

I made a rule in my house this year after I was sick and tired of chasing down kids who were trying to get to the bus before I noticed they had shorts on. From October 15th until May 1st, only pants may be worn. I don't care if your friends say it's going to be 95 degrees outside. PANTS. Sweatshirts must be worn from October 15th-first snow fall. Then, it's winter coats. Winter coats are to be worn from first snow fall until March 1st. After that, you may wear your sweatshirt again, unless there is snow. If you are caught breaking the rules, I will remove all shorts/t-shirts from your possession until Summer. Don't even ASK me if you can wear shorts. If I hear "Can I wear shor.." I won't even dignify it with an answer if it's before May 1st. Should there be a day that starts out ABOVE 55 degrees and is going to be warm and it's BEFORE May 1st, I will tell you are allowed shorts. I watch the weather every morning.

Can I tell you though, this WORKED. For the most part, we had no issues. In fact, I thought they may have even forgotten the May 1st rule until one morning my 10 year old was in shorts and a t-shirt and I went to scold her (because it was going to rain all day and not get above 60) but then I saw that it was May 2nd. The 17 year old remembered too. She came down in a tank top and a short skirt. I made her put a shirt on over her tank top, and chased her down for her sweatshirt.

They have been in shorts every day since. EVERY DAY! The last few days have been 80 degrees by the end of the day, but most days have not been above 60 and we certainly don't start out that warm yet. Sigh. Oh well. I gotta stick with the rules. I just don't remember having this battle with my mom….

Oh wait…I vaguely remember making a proclamation at 14 that "Sandal weather" was from February 1st until November 15th. I also vaguely remember sticking to that….

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why, it's a list!!!

There's not much going on that's post worthy. Or, maybe it's post worthy, but rather, there's a bunch of little things to talk about that I don't have the time or the effort to try and tie them all together in a post that won't give you a seizure from reading :) So, A list it is!

~Every time the kid's mom writes them a letter I get pissed off. I know I shouldn't. It's their mom. Especially if she isn't talking smack. I guess it's just a reminder to me that she will always be there...lurking in the background. Forever.

~My friend and I want to start cross stitching pillows, blankets, socks....whatever, with snarky little comments. Our favorite is "GTFA" which stands for "Go The F*ck Away" I want to send a free one to the prison...

~I have lost my damn mind. I have agreed to host a surprise retirement party for Bee's mom at my HOUSE on June 5th. It's going to be a BBQ. Let me just say A) I don't have a grill (well, I have two...but I know for sure one does not work. Gotta check the other one) It was Bee's brother and sister-in-law's idea, and they seem to be taking over the planning, and they sent the invites out, and even said they had planned on paying for all of the food (I protested and said we'd buy half), but it's still at my house which means I have to clean it, and make sure the yard and everything are presentable. Then, I agreed to plan, organize, and put on a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents with my sister on July 10th. All to be done in the summer, when I have nary a second to breathe, let alone party plan and shop. Ugh...

~I had to have a root canal done back on the 30th of April. I thought I was just going in to get a broken wisdom tooth pulled because it was hurting a lot. That happened too, but it turns out most of my pain was from the tooth in front of it that needed this root canal. I had to go out Monday night after work and have appointment 2 of 3 on this root canal. Um, I was there for 4 and 1/2 hours. My tooth was being stubborn. My dentist is an hour away from my home, so I didn't walk in the door until 11:30. It sucked.  And It hurt...a LOT. But, with all the complications and whatnot he is only charging me the $100 that I paid back on the 30th. SWEET!

~After this weekend, it's officially football season. We have football every Saturday except for 4th of July weekend and the 23rd of July. Hot damn, I love football. I just hope the weather warms up and dries up. I hate  sitting out in the cold rain watching football.

~I have been busy, sick, drugged out (pain pills for my tooth), and exhausted from all of the above and haven't really gotten to cook in a while. I am looking forward to it soon.

~The kids and I are doing a garden this year! We already have a few seeds we started in cups. I hope to rake up the bed I have designated for our garden this week! I want to get them in the ground!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day: Part 1!

Mothers Day is always a sticky topic with me for several reasons. The first one (which has been the main reason for a long time) is my mom. I love my mama. I do. If I could give her the sun, the moon, and the sky, I would. I would do anything for her. Anything. But, when Mother's Day rolls around, it's always the same old story. I'm broke. I'm busy. I have to work. SOMETHING. Usually, I am always broke.

Mom also has known to throw colossal fits if what we do for her is not up to her standards. Once, she didn't talk to me for a whole week because my Mother's Day festivities weren't up to her liking. I didn't do enough, or I did the wrong thing, or whatever. So, when May 1st rolls around, I start stressing...

Now, my mom has mellowed a bit over the last 2-3 years and has become more laid back about it, and before ya'll start thinking my mom is a colossal bitch, let me just say, after "becoming a mom" myself, I get it now.

It's not that you want your kids to spend tons of money on you. It's not that you want them to throw you a parade (although if your kids did that, it would be totally bitchin!) it's not that you even want them to worship you or anything. It's simply this. You sacrifice you for them. You give up everything you have both physically and mentally for them. You go without new clothes, new glasses (sometimes, if you are like my mom, it's no big deal to go 10 years in between prescriptions), food, or even sometimes you go without paying your bills to help your kids out. You give up relaxation, sleep, and your time for them. You work one, two, or three jobs for them, and if you have job (s) that take you out of the home, you have to come home and immediately start the job of maid/cook/and care taker. Granted, you chose this and I have yet to meet one mother who would tell you it wasn't worth the sacrifice...and all would do it over in a heartbeat...

But sometimes....sometimes you just want to be acknowledged. Someone to say "Thank you for being super, ultra, mega, Awesome-sauce". "Thanks for all that you do for me, mom". "I see you. I notice what you sacrifice, and I'm grateful". If you have to ask for it, or prompt it in any way, it cheapens it and makes it fake, and you don't want it. And sometimes, we want that validation so bad that we build it up to be this big production in our minds, that when our kid hands us some store bought card and just signs their name all generic like, we tend to feel really let down and unappreciated. Then we lose our schmidt. Now that I play mom to three great kids, I understand this.

Now, I have never admitted this to anyone, so here goes. While I do all the things a mom does, and I do them because like MOST moms, I want to do them, because it comes from a place of love, I also feel that since I don't have to do anything it is I do because I did not give birth to these children, and as shitty and waste of space that they are, they HAVE mothers, my sacrifice is that much more of a sacrifice. Yes, totally self serving, and pat of the back-y of me, I know. But deep down..down where only God can see, that's how I feel. I don't think that makes me entitled to anything more, or what have you, but I guess I feel like 1.5 seconds could be taken on MOTHER'S DAY to wish me a happy Mother's Day too.

I would never never never expect this from the children. J is 17. She has known me 2 years. Of that 2 years she has lived with me as the female authority figure in her life for roughly 8 months. She's damn near an adult. The last "step mom" she had treated her like a 3rd class citizen and paid more attention to the gunk on the bottom of her expensive stolen shoes than J. As for C and Little Man, they are young. Their mom still has "hero status" that as young kids our parents have. Their mom was sent away when they were still too young to really grasp what she did and how she totally screwed them over. I mean, they know she was "bad" and that she "lied", but really, I think they kinda just think that their mom got the shaft, and then dad moved this chick in. They like me, and I can even go as far as to say they love me too. Like an Aunt or something, but still, they love me. I'm there for them, and I do the things a mom would do, like a housekeeper you are really fond of. But they aren't of a maturity level or understanding as to just what a sacrifice it is that I do for them (no kids their age really are though)

No, what I was looking for was from Bee. Something that stated he thought I was doing a good job and being a mother figure for his kids. That he appreciated what I was doing. Last year, I didn't even get an acknowledgement on Mothers day. (Come to think of it, I don't think his own mom did either lol) So this year when it was starting to roll around, I started getting kinda down. Feeling left out. But, then the day rolled around and It started with him cuddling me and telling me how happy and in love with me he is. Then he actually wished me a Happy mothers day, and told me I do a good job! That made my day! :) We are actually having his mom and my family over this coming Sunday for a brunch to celebrate (we all get paid this weekend so it makes it easier ;)  ) so, while I don't think he'll have a gift or anything for me, he DID remember to at least wish me Happy Mother's Day and then later he bought me an East Coast Custard after we did the grocery shopping. :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Sunday! Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you Ready for some football??

That's right! I said FOOTBALL! While the rest of the world enjoys baseball, volleyball, and teeball, we at the Monkee-Bee Family kick off our football season! Really though, Football started back in January. That's when twice a week conditioning started. Then, in February, they started indoor practice, and by March they had mostly moved outside. April and May are pre-season and we start off the regular season May 28th in Toledo at the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl! We end Mid August, which is just in time to overlap by about a week or two with C's football (and this year, Little Man is playing too!) and then we go until about November with them. Ca-ra-zee!

 Saturday's game was against the Lake Erie Panthers. It was a nail biter, and that makes me nervous because they are a 2nd year team (most teams in our area have been around 4+ years) and they have yet to win a game/scrimmage yet, and here they were making us work for our yardage.

In the end though, the Midwest Rams (that's us) won 12-8! It should have been at least 18-8, but we had a touchdown get called back for "excessive celebration" and a "block in the back". I don't know about the block in the back, but as for the excessive celebration, well, you would celebrate too if a 320lb defensive linemen caught a ball off of the opposing quarterback hands when it bounced out, and RAN 65 yards down for a touchdown!

It was a charity game, and we managed to collect food for Harvest for Hunger and clothes for the Purple Heart and all of the proceeds from the gate went to the school we play at and their athletic department. Over all, it was a great day and the forecasted rain held off all day!

Way to go RAMS! We also managed to get a write up in the local newspaper (click here to read it!) and the pictures you see above will be published as well! The reported said he would like to write us up every week! Woo hoo!