Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!

As I sit here on this warm New Year Eve, I can't help but reflect on 2010.

It was a good year for me. Honestly, probably one of the better years in whole. I rang in the New Year year in Montreal with Soizic. My wonderful friend from France who I had not seen in 10 years! She showed me all around her new city and we had a wonderful visit!

2010 also brought me back to my Bee and my little bee-lets. It was a long 4 months without them and I am bummed I missed the holidays with them, but I think in the end it worked out for the better. In this last year, Bee and I have become a close, open, loving couple who truly care about one another and truly want to face life as a duo. He is my strength, my protector, my lover, and my best friend. He makes every day worth waking up to, and home worth coming back to. His children light up my life and make things just that much sweeter. I love them and thank God every day he brought them back to me!

2010 brought me closer with BFF Rose, further proving that she is family and when family is concerned, blood is always thicker than water. We will be a duo for as long as we live on this planet. She makes my laugh, she makes me feel complete, and she is always there for me. I love how she loves my family too.

I also managed to make some new friends as well. Some who have become such good friends that it feels we've been friends for years. I am sure time will tell and it won't be long before I can put them in the same category as BFF Rose. :)

And if all of that wasn't enough, 2010 brought me my house. It's not just a house, either. It's our home. Our place to make a life and our own memories. We are already well on our way to doing just that. We already have already managed to have two holiday celebrations and Sunday will be three birthdays celebrated with the ones we love under this roof.

Here's hoping you all the most happy of New Years. May 2011 bring you 11 times the happiness and good times as 2010!!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the award for "Best Girlfriend Ever" goes to..

That's right ya'll.



Why you ask?

Well, because guess who is throwing an 8th birthday party for a little boy on Sunday with 10+ other 8 year olds running around her house all by herself?

Yes. Me. Because when I planned Little Man's birthday party, I planned it for this Sunday because besides being his actual birthday, it is the only weekend day we don't have something else going on. After I sent out the invites, I called my friend Amy and invited her, her husband, and their two little girls. She said, "Isn't that the big Browns Vs. Steelers game?"

Ya'll..I'll admit, the words that came out of my mouth were not very Christian or lady like. We are HUGE Steelers fans. Our Friends are HUGE Browns fans. The second meeting of these two teams is always late in the season, when it's cold, and the Browns are so far from a championship that the owners don't want to go to the game, and I get their tickets. And parking passes. At mid-field. The club section. Last year, it was -16 degrees, snowing to beat the bandit, and a Thursday night. I got all 32 tickets and 5 parking passes. Bee was officially known as "the man" that night, because besides our two tickets, I let him give the rest away to his players and friends.

Anyway, my boss just walked up to me and handed me 4 tickets and a parking pass. My Baby has yet to see a Steelers game live this season and with the fact that Heinz Stadium has been sold out since 1977, and to get tickets to see the Steelers at home, you are forfeiting an arm and/or a leg (I know this because I checked at Christmas for him ;) ), this will be his only chance.

So, I swallowed my sanity, and sent the text, along with a picture of the tickets and parking pass, telling him to go ahead and invite 3 friends.

When he regained his composure, he told me I was the best, and that he wishes I could go.

To that I sincerely replied, "Me too. I want to go. Seriously want to go. But then I remember last year. And the cold. Ohhhhh the cold. And my soul dies a little. You go. Be with your friends. I'll stay home, in our toasty warm house, and watch from there....and make it my mission to convince Little Man's friends that he lives with a crazy lady, as I yell at the TV" ;)

If you need me, I'll be polishing my award and looking for a place to proudly display it ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day two, and my Fever continues!

I was going to title this "New Years Eve, Eve!" But then it dawned on me, that's tomorrow.

Gosh this week is dragging :/

I still got the fever ya'll. And it's not just me. Others I have talked to are starting to feel it. Maybe it's just because Christmas is over and the new year is going to be starting. With a new year comes a fresh start and new beginning, which makes us think of spring and the new life it brings.

It is going to be warmer out today than yesterday. Not by much, but by tomorrow and the next day we are going to see high 40's low 50's. Totally unseasonable, and it's not going to last long, but it will be long enough to melt a lot of the snow we have. I can smell it coming in the air too.

Tonight, my kiddos come home. I miss them. I am sure I'll sing a different tune tomorrow, after they are hopped up on the excitement of getting to play with all of their toys that they got to play with for maybe 2 hours before Grandpa got there to pick them up. Add to that, the new stuff they got from G&G S. Bee said they asked what the kids needed, which totally is a surprise. He said they needed snow pants. Which they totally do. Little Man was able to fit into a pair from last year, but C doesn't have any. We'll see if they came through, or bought them a bunch of crap that they really don't need. Like fashion hats.

Did ya'll have snow pants growing up? I didn't and while I remember a few of my friends having them, I don't really think the majority did. I don't know. Maybe it's because I was fat, but I don't remember snow suits for me or my friends past the age of like 4. Unless they were friends of mine who skied on a regular basis. And this is Ohio, so like, in my whole school, that was one kid. And we made fun of him. However my kids are not allowed to play in the snow or leave the concrete black top at recess unless they have snow pants. I get why. The kids would then have wet pants the rest of the day and drip on the carpets. It's a totally smart rule, I'm just not used to it. Or possibly it's because we live in an area that compared to where I grew up, gets 5X the amount of snow. Either way, weird.

Also, do your kids play outside as much in the winter as they do in the summer? Should I allow this? I mean, once again I was a fat kid who hated to be cold, and hot for that matter, so I would play in the snow, once a year, usually the first BIG snow of the season, and it was for about 15 minutes, then I was done. I wanted no part of snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights, shoveling, snow forts, or sledding for that matter. It all sounded good to me in theory, but I knew the harsh reality was it was freaking cold out there, and it was colder once you were wet from the snow, and all of that was lame to me. My kids? Not so much. They would be out there non stop, all day if I would let them. However, I fear frost bite, and loss of limbs, so I make them come in for 15 minutes every hour to warm up. Maybe I am being over dramatic.

Wow, totally ran with that.

Anyway, Tomorrow my cousin is making the 50 minute drive to come out and drop their three kids off and my house for the night. My kids love their kids and vice versa and ever since early August, the kids have been asking when they can all spend the night together and play. I figured Thursday would be perfect because Bee and I have to drive out to where they live the next day anyway because our kids made plans without us to spend New Years Eve with my mom and dad, or Nonnie and Poppy as they have been so nicknamed. When I set this plan up, I figured it was perfect and I was a masterful genius because I was killing two birds with one proverbial stone. Until last night as I was going to bed it dawned on me. They have three kids. We have three kids. That's 6 total. 6 kids that need to get out to my parents house on New Years Eve. Plus Bee and I, that's 8 people. The most any one vehicle that we own can hold is 5. That means, two cars are now going to have to make the trek out to the west side of Cleveland, and back. I retract my previous claim of genius. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

Since Bee and I have now found ourselves kid free on New Years Eve, we made plans with BFF Rose and will be spending the night at her house. Her 19 year old son is being paid the handsome sum of $20 American dollars to drop us off and pick us up at 2:30am or whenever our old bodies tell us it's time to go back to the old folks home. I'm hoping we can hang until bar closing. We shall see. I can tell you that my plan is to go easy on the alcohol. Getting plastered and being hungover the whole next day are all well and fine when you are single, or at the very least, a childless couple who can stay in bed all day and sleep it off, but Bee and I are neither of those and I have kids to pick up, an hour drive, a house to clean, and a tree to take down. Plus, I think I will need to stop in at the store too. I can't be nursing a hangover. It's not copacetic.

Sunday is Little Man's party. I sure hope more than one kid comes. So far that's all that's RSVP'ed. I might have botched that one too because the dad asked me what little guy liked. I had just walked in the door from Christmas Shopping, after work, and picking up Little Man's friend. They were all running around and my house was a mad house. I think I may have told him among other things, a DS game. I really hope I didn't, because the girls got the DS's, Little Man got a PSP. Oh well, that's what returns are for.

It's going to be a busy next few days. I like the excitement and the activity. Let's just hope I make it till midnight on Friday night. Ha!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've Got the Spring Fever..

It's not even December 31st yet. It's going to be a long winter folks, because I already have the spring fever. Of course, it doesn't help that Thursday and Friday it will be darn near 50 degrees. In northeast Ohio, well, that's just how our weather teases you. But Still, even for us that's odd. On Sunday, it will drop back down to 35. Although, that is a little on the warm side for us. Oh well, there is at least a good 2-3 months left of winter.

While Summer is my all time favorite, followed closely with Fall, Spring is up there for me. It's kind of a love/hate relationship. Spring is chilly, which is irritating to me because after the deep freeze of winter, I just want to be done already. I want to shed the winter coat, and big heavy sweaters. I want to be able to go outside in a t-shirt, or light jacket. But Spring is funny that way. It will be warm one moment, and down right cold the next. I remember one early Spring outdoor practice of Bee's last year. It started out in the mid 70's. The kids and I were over at the playground while the guys practiced over on the field. They were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Then, after about a half hour, a cold wind whipped up and blew and blew and blew for 20-30 minutes and when it died down, it was about 42 degrees outside. The kids were shivering and I was so cold I was numb. We got in the car and turned the heat on for the rest of practice!

That's the thing. It's exciting because the temperatures are warming up! You can spell the sweet smell of Summer in the air! The excitement of playing outside, long summer days and nights! Playing until 9pm because that's when it gets dark, so that's when the streetlights come on! Flowers blooming! Endless sunshine! But then, you get a front moving in, and all of a sudden, it's grey. All the time. Just like winter. It rains, and rains, and rains. The temperature dips into the 40's again. Sometimes colder. You wake up to find snow on the ground again...and get frustrated because you thought winter was finally over.

Bee and I are busy people. However, since C's football ended, we've been the most "un-busy" we will be for the year. Starting this weekend, we have plans, and are booked solid, every weekend in January. If things continue at this pace, we will have February booked as well. We're halfway there at the moment actually. Every Saturday in February Bee will have practice because indoor training starts. J is doing indoor track as well. So, we will have practices, meets, Bee's practices, Fundraisers, community outreach with both teams. Scrimmages and pre-season games start as early as April. APRIL! Then, there's Easter to consider and spring break in there as well.

I'm not going to lie, I am kind of excited. I feel like it will all start when I take down my tree Saturday afternoon. And it probably will. We have little man's birthday and party on Sunday. The following weekend we have plans with Miss A. and her man on Friday, then I will be in the "D" Saturday and Sunday. The weekend after that, Bee has a poker tournament, and we are considering going to this party at night. The next weekend is our team fundraiser, and the weekend after that we have dinner plans with a couple that we're friends with. Then? It's already February. Somewhere in there, Bee is having surgery for his hand.

I am tired thinking about it. Yet oh so excited. By the time I have a chance to stop and look around, there will be flowers blooming, and time to start my garden!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Going back in Time for a moment...

On Christmas, my new sister in law (bee's brother's new wife) brought her laptop and showed us all 750 pictures they have from the wedding photographer. There were a few  that I LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!

So, I want to share them :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter!

Christmas 2010? Mark it down in the books as a success!

We started out with a bit of a rough start. Mama called me on Christmas Eve. She was depressed and upset because they are having money issues and she was unable to finish up her Christmas Shopping. It's been a rough couple of weeks lately over there and she was bummed and not feeling very in the Spirit.

I told her that she needed to come out early. Bring my dad and my sister and just hang out with us. Then, spend the night and spend the morning with us too. I mean, we know Christmas is not about presents, but, in our family, we don't go anywhere on vacation, we rarely buy each other or ourselves anything throughout the year, so we use Christmas as a way to spoil each other. My family was bummed because there were only a few presents for each other, so with them coming out to our house, it seemed like there was more because my family had presents for them as well.

The kiddos and I, minus J, went to Christmas Eve service.  It was beautiful and I really missed being able to experience that on Christmas Eve and by the time we came home, my mama and poppy and sister were here. We made dinner, and hung out, and wrapped presents. Little man and I kept a close eye on Santa's whereabouts via Norads Santa Tracker. Then we set out our cookies, milk and carrots and off to bed the little ones went.

After an hour or so, Bee and I set out alll the presents, filled the stocking hung by the stairs with care, and Bee ate the cookies we left. Then my poppy helped Santa write the kids a letter thanking them for the goodies (which C pointed out right away that Santa spelled Reindeer wrong...there's always a critic in the bunch ;)  ) Then, about 1:30am, the big people turned in.

The kids had a master plan of being up at 2am. I told them their feet weren't allowed to touch the ground until 5am at LEAST. I set my alarm and when it went off, Bee said there was no way the kids were up. I said they were and he told me he was staying in bed until they got up. Well, when I got to the bottom of the stairs, they were sitting on the top waiting for me. I told them they could wake up little man and then go get their dad. We all sat and open presents and it was a great time. Then, I made a yummy breakfast of Baked French Toast, bacon and sausage. Then everyone but Bee and I took a nap.

I made dinner, all by myself too! It was fun! I proved to myself I could do it! I forgot a few things and I was a little unorganized, but all in all it was good.

I got some really nice things. We all did. I even got a new coat that I am pretty excited about. I know the kids were tickled over their things as were my parents and my sister. Bee seems to have had a great Christmas too. I was kind of hoping to get something extra sparkly for my left ring finger, but alas, no such luck. Oh well. In due time.We had several family and friends drop by, lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of good times. All in all, Christmas 2010 will go down as a Good time.

I even made it to Church today! It was a good service and I am really starting to like that church. One of the people there who have kind of taken us under their wing, gave me one of their poinsettias! Then, afterwards, I took J to the mall to spend her gift cards, and spend a few of my own. All and all, it was fun and I am one tired girl! Off to work tomorrow :/ Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

Santa Came!

Three excited kiddos before the unwrapping began!

J got a DSi!

C got one too!

Little Man got a PSP!

Bee said it's too early for pictures

C is tired...

The above two pictures are presents from BFF Rose!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Merry Christmas, Ya'll.

It's been a busy few days. Tying up lose ends before the big day. Yesterday, we had a friend of Little Man's over for a few hours. Can I just say, that God has bless Bee and I with such good kids. Like, REALLY good kids. I mean, this little guy that came over wasn't bad. He was just a typical, 7 year old, little boy. He was impatient, borderline rude, kept lamenting about how bored he was, and how awful it must be for the kids because there was no video games or computer games to play. How it wasn't fair that he couldn't have open reign of our house, and how really, he can't believe with all the "money" we must have with our "huge" house, why our kids don't have all the video games in the world. Why can't we play the perfectly good XBox hooked up in the living room. So what if it's Little Man's "dad's". HE is certainly not using it! (Bee was out Christmas Shopping for me. I was thrilled he was doing it "early" by Bee standards...but then today, I remembered, the Steelers game comes on tonight. HA!)

I know I just made this kid seem totally rude. And, he kinda was. But, you could tell he was genuinely curious about the above things. He didn't mean it in a rude way, because I am sure he doesn't know any better. From what I can tell, and I really don't mean to pass judgement on the little guy, because I am not, just making observations, his mom and dad are gone a lot. They "scrap" for a living. So, essentially, you have to be willing to work 24/7 because if you aren't, someone else will, and there is no loyalty. He's got two older brothers who look like they raised themselves, and are raising each other. I said he could come over last night and asked his mom on the phone, who seemed confused as to why I would need to talk to her, someone I have never seen or met, before allowing her son into my home, what time she wanted him home and her silence was that of a mother who maybe didn't expect him home, ever. She ended up saying, "uhhh....ummmm....I guess whenever". When I picked him up, he was carrying a backpack that was bigger than him, pack to the gills. Later, I found out it had clothes in know, in case he was going to spend the night....or 8.

He really was a cute kid. Maybe could learn a manner or two, but all in all, had fun doing something he probably never got a chance to do. Use his imagination. Little Man had fun playing with his friend and C did too. They all asked when they could play again, so I suppose in kid land, that means all was a success.

As for tonight, Our Friends Rob and Amy's two little girls are being invited to spend the night. Amy hasn't answered me yet, but as the PREGNANT mother of two little girls under 6, I am sure they will be more than happy to get a little peace for one night :) Bee and I don't mind the company. Keeps the kids busy and they have a great time with those two little munchkins. Besides, gives me a little practice. Bee and I are going to start seriously talking about one of our own come January.

My cousin's three little ones are coming over the week between Christmas and New Years. I think it's important that they get to have friends over. They never did at the old house and when I was growing up, my friends were ALWAYS over. They really liked my house because of how welcoming it is. I want my kids to feel the same way :)

On top of all that, I have Christmas to prepare for. So, it will be a busy next few days. I will surely try to update, but if I don't, I want to wish everyone in Blog land a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party 2nd Grade Style!

So, today was Little Man's Christmas Party at school! I was so excited. I think I may have been more excited than him. I was also nervous. Nervous he was going to change his mind and not want me there. Miss his mom, I was going to be late, I would embarrass him, or I would somehow mess something up.

I left work and had an hour and a half to kill, so I decided to go to the grocery store to get stuff for the kids to eat during the day while on break from school AND to finish my Christmas dinner shopping. While in the store, I had an awful thought. What if I had the wrong time? What if it was at 2pm and not 2:30pm like I thought? I had a small anxiety attack, made my stomach hurt, paid for my stuff and left.

I have issues.

I left and went to the school and I was right on time. Actually, early, but not super early, because there was already a mom there. Little man was happy to see me, and all was well. They did their ornament swap, we ate snack, we did my craft, then we cleaned up, handed out treat bags, got serenaded by the high school brass band, and then went home. We all had a great time! I can't wait for Valentines day!

Live Nativity!

Monday, December 20, 2010


It's that time of year. Relatives and friends going to and from each other's houses for parties, celebrations, and holiday meals. I think that is one of the main reasons I like the Holidays so much. I love spending time with the ones I love.

We were shown hospitality this weekend by complete strangers, and it was nice :) Friday night, Bee had a coaches/owners meeting with his staff from his football team. He told me that he would probably be out until 11pm or so and that maybe I could go out with BFF Rose or something and have a little girl time. I declined because BFF Rose is in Florida with her family, but also because I saw a sign outside a church that's around the corner from our house that they were having a live nativity that night. I have always wanted to go to one and I thought it would be fun for the kids.

So, after J and I finished her Christmas shopping, I went home and scooped up the other two and dropped J off (she had no interest.). I didn't really know what to expect and I was a little nervous because I didn't know anyone. The kids and I watched the nativity for a bit (it was really cool, I'll post pictures later!) and they got to pet the donkey and the sheep. Then, afterwards, they had soup and refreshments in the church. I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we decided to go in and have some soup.

From the moment we walked in the door, we were met by smiling faces that took the time to notice us, notice that they didn't know us, and then make us feel welcome. We were joined at our table by a lovely older man who made us feel so welcome. He talked to the kids and instantly was a hit with them. We ate soup and crackers, and had punch and cookies. Then, they were asked by the other kids to come do a craft with them. They made gingerbread man ornaments for the tree, and colored Christmas pictures. All the while, different people stopped by to introduce themselves to me. They extended an offer to come and check out their church that Sunday. We thanked everyone at the end of the night and left with a feeling of acceptance.

The kids asked if  we could go back on Sunday and I said we would check it out. I really didn't think Bee would want to go, but he surprised me on Sunday morning by saying he would join us! We went to church and it was very nice. More people welcomed us and the ones from Friday remembered who we were and welcomed us back and making Bee feel welcome too. The service was lovely and the pastor did a sermon on....wait for it....Hospitality. I'd say him and his congregation have that down pat ;)

We talked about it as a family afterward and I think we are going to go back and see how we like it. I know one this is for sure, I will get to attend my first Candlelight Christmas Eve Service in a long time :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm taking a moment..

The holidays are always busy for me. Always. Even when it was just me. I am very festive, and I take traditions very seriously. So before Bee even came into my life, the Monkee household was always a flutter at Christmas time.

Now that there are 4 new additions to my life and my way of doing things, it's been even more busy! We've been shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, planning both Christmas Dinner and a certain little man's 8th birthday which happens to fall on the 2nd day of January. I've got a work party, work people to give cheer to, and it also happens to be the time of year when all my contractors at work have to renew city, state, and federal license and permits, and that renewal process is part of my job.

Currently, it is 8 days before Christmas. I have a job. a good job. Bee has a good job. I have 60 dozen cookies I plan on baking on Saturday. I am taking J tonight to do her little shopping for her brother, sister, and dad, and then all of my shopping is done. My storage room, which is actually a bedroom off of mine and Bee's room is full with presents already bought. There is food in my house, it's warm and cozy, all my bills are paid in full and current, Bee and kiddos are in good health, happy, and thriving, and mine and Bee's extended family are all in good health and some will even be joining us for Christmas dinner and Bee and I have never been better as a couple or more in love.

As I sit here and think about all of this, my heart swells. I may still have the task of baking 60 dozen cookies (self imposed task, I might add), and I may have yet to wrap all those presents in the green room (do they need to be wrapped? Can I just give them to the kids in the bags?  HA! I keed, I keed), and there may be a whole lot left to do before December 25th, but I know one thing is for sure...

I am so truly Blessed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This needed to be shared

My kids will love it. I love it. It's going on the "facebook" when I get home and can get to a computer that does not block it's very existence...

Santa got his grove back. One question though

How did they get a video of all my boyfriend's best dance moves? 

(Also, why does blogger hate me? I only get 3/4 of my videos :(  )

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And then I found a corner to cry in...

I got my Christmas Bonus from work and decided that this weekend was going to be my shopping weekend. First though, J needed boots. So, Friday night, I brought home dinner, and after we ate, J and I loaded up in the family truckster and headed off to Gabes. Here's the thing, when Bee's kids are alone with me in the car, it's like someone has slipped them a truth serum because all they do is talk. And talk. And talk some more. Pouring out their souls, or just talking about what this one kid, in Mr. so-and-so's class did that was OhEmGee hilarious.

Anyway, we found boots for J, Boots for BFF Rose, boxers for Bee, and a pair of gloves all for the bargain price of $20 American dollars. Score one for me! The rest of the night was pretty uneventful.

Saturday, I needed to go to the grocery store because we were having people over. Plus, I had more than $15.00 in my account and before a Christmas Present was to be bought, we NEEDED food. To quote my mother "What do you feed these children? There is nothing in the cupboards? They can't survive on air alone" Now, we had the staples (Pasta, sauce, half a loaf of bread, and PB&J) but really, we had NO food. Bee was happy to keep it that way. Says if we had food in the house all the time, everyone would be 700lbs because I "cook too damn good". Hmmm. Well, he is not the one who stresses all day long about just what idea will I pull out of my rear to feed them tonight.

Now, the problem I face when having to shop is this: The money burns a hole in my pocket and stresses me out. Then, I go to the store and I shop all willy nilly and the devil may care, until it's time to check out. Then, I panic, thinking I've spent way too much, and start putting things back. When I am happy with what's in my cart, I check out. Then, as I walk out to the car I have a small panic attack because "OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST DO! WE WILL BE HOMELESS AND I WILL NOT HAVE ANY MONEY BECAUSE I SPENT $27.00 AT THE STORE." Even if it's stuff we need.

I believe the word you are looking for is crazy.

Now, Bee? He can go to the store and come home with a carload of stuff for $80.00. Plus, when he is with me, he keeps the leash tight and I tend not to go over the side of the proverbial cliff. So, I asked him sweetly, and with a bat of my eyelashes, if he would join me on my trip to the store. He agreed. So, in the end, he decided that Saturday we would go to Walmart. Buy the things we needed for our guests Saturday night, PRE shop for Christmas, and then do our actual shopping Sunday. This idea is foreign to me. What is the point of walking up to the object you want to buy. Picking it up, looking at it, making a note of it's price, setting it down, and walking away, only to come back the next day and buy it. I could understand if we were comparing prices somewhere else, but we were not.

It was all well and fine until he had to use the restroom and set me loose. I filled the cart in the 10 minutes he was gone. But whatever. Our guests came over Saturday night, we ate and had a great time, then they left and we went home.

Sunday, we got up and went to the grocery store. I'm not going to lie ya'll. It was an experience. I almost sat down and cried twice, I had a small melt down over peanut butter, and may or may not have had an argument, with MYSELF, over corn. I really am surprised Bee still wants to be my boyfriend. In my defense though, we had to park in the very last row, two spots from the end because EVERYTHING was full. We walked in and there must have been at least 800 people in the store. You could not even walk through were the registers were because it was full of people waiting to pay. You could only make it halfway down the aisles before being blocked by those in line. I was crowded everywhere I turned and Bee and I had to walk single file, not next to one another where we could discuss what it was we needed to buy. I felt pressured to get my stuff and get out of the way and I couldn't look at anything longer than 1.5 seconds before someone was bumping you or trying to get around you.

I hate being rushed. Then, we had to actually PLACE an order for our lunch meat and come back because the line was so long. I am not sure if it was because Christmas is in two weeks, it was SUNDAY before a FOOTBALL game, people were preparing for the HUGE blizzard we were about to get, or a combination of all three. Whichever it was, I was thankful for Bee. He reined me in more than once and calmed me down. I had to calm HIM down though when he saw the total. Ha! I had to remind him though, this food will feed us good for the next two months.

Then, it was off to Walmart, where one would think, especially anyone who has been to a walmart near where I grew up, that it would be ten times worse there, but you know what? It was busier than it normally is, but there were still scarcely anyone there! Bee and I walked around, shopped, relaxed and had a great time. It was well stocked, clean, and we found almost everything we needed! We finished up the kids with the exception of one last present for J. All I have left is Bee, mama, poppy, siso, my brother and niece. AND, Bee has to shop for me and I promised the kids I'd let them buy something small for each other. Ugh. I am nowhere near being done and the money is slowly running out! I would have finished yesterday, but that  big ole blizzard hit and rendered us all trapped for a day. Oh well, I will just have to set limits and stick to them!

This weekend is Cookie Extravaganza 2010 and if need be, I can give cookies as presents :) Hope you are all moving along with your wrapping and shopping!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes!

Well, today is the day. I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to see my Christmas decorations. I will tell you, after looking at my pictures, they just don't do my decor justice. ha! No really, I think my house looks better in person, but whatever....

So, here we go!

C and Little man Decorating the tree

Almost done!

Posing for a picture!

All done!

Lone Wreath above where Bee and I sit in the living room

Bee's and my stocking. Mine says "Naughty" ;)

Kid's stockings

Nativity! And Ralph! We fond bee's picture of his dad

santa bells

Santa Clings on the french doors!

"NOEL" On our "Awards" table

long shot