Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

So we have had a looong and busy weekend :) Friday night we had soccer practice, and Saturday we had our soccer game for little man. Saturday night we hung out with friends, and then Sunday we got up and drove to PA to see Bee's family for their annual Pig roast. WHAT A GREAT TIME! My kids never ran so hard for so long. We are already being begged to be able to come back next year. The kids are begging us too ;) Then, today we had another cookout/birthday party/candle party when we got home. I had a blast. The kids and Bee did too! So glad I took Tuesday off! :)

Bridge in PA

Same bridge

View from what used to be the backyard to the home Bee grew up in (He moved when he was 15 because his house was distroyed by a flood)

C about to go jet skiing for the first time

J's first time going too!

View from Bee's cousin's second floor deck (They live next door to where Bee grew up)

View from the same deck, but up into town


Bee's house used to sit here...

Bee's cousin Marcie, and I

Me and my favorite guy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

C's award ceremony

C was reconized and awarded tonight for getting a 3.6 + (She had all 3.8's) all 4 quarters! Way to go, C!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My New Hair

I have blond streaks and violet just can't see it in the picture...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pictorial Weekend

While our weekend wasn't as "exotic" as last weekend, we still had a great time! We stayed close to home which was a blessing because starting in just 2 weeks, we will be away every other weekend again.

Friday, we started our evening with soccer. Bee was not feeling well, AT ALL, so I made him stay home and I went and coached solo. However, there is a family who's wee ones play on our team who's older brother plays soccer for the local college, and he ended up helping me. Yay! Ha! After practice, we came home to Grandma Bee and chili dogs! We spent time with Grandma Bee because she is going on a road trip to Georgia and then Florida, and then North Carolina on the way home and we wouldn't be seeing her until JUNE :) We ended the evening hanging out and watching tv. C apparently, had a long day and couldn't make it through the program we were watching. Neither could Ms. Kitty.

Saturday morning, we got up, got dressed, and ran out the door. We had pictures first...which is always fun. However, unlike football and basketball, they went pretty well and were organized.

Then, it was time to play our game. We played the Grey thunder wolves. We figured we had a shot because it was warm that day and we were their 2nd game, back to back of a double header. Not so much. They beat us 4-0. I just want ONE goal...just one. I don't even care if we win, but I would like our team NOT to lose in a shut-out every game! haha :) The kids had fun, which always, is what counts.

After the game, the wee ones headed off with their grandparents *gag*, and I went to Bee's practice. It was a hard hitting, high spirited one too. I just hope they can fine tune things a bit more before the season starts. We were supposed to have a game, but the team we were going to play, folded and no one else wanted to come play us. I am actually kind of glad because Saturday was a bad juju day for football. Several teams in our league had games that day. Two teams, at two different games had players go down with spinal injuries. Both left the fields in an ambulance. Another team, playing in a benefit game (that we played in last year) had a player get hit on a punt return. He went down, and will never get up again. He died right there on the field in front of his wife and 3 kids. It was a very very very sad day in football. 

I'll take a heated and spirited practice with my goofy guys any day.

Mike inviting the team to our house for a party and talking about upcoming practices. Ren is impersonating him and Tate is showing us we are #1 :)

I can't stop thinking about that player's wife and kids. Or, the player who hit him and caused him to go down. It was a completely legal hit, but it will change his life forever....

Saturday night, we were free. Well, J had prom, but other than that, we were free. I was supposed to have a candle party, but it got rescheduled and he had an open night. Bee and I grabbed lunch at 5 guys burgers, and then headed home to help J get ready for prom. She looked beautiful and her date looked handsome. Even if he does look like he could be in a movie with Tim Burton. ;) After pictures, they left and we decided to invite over some friends. The kids came home around 7:30 and we sat around the bon fire until the wee hours with a bunch of our friends. Bee cooked hot dogs, the kids ran around like banshee's and everyone had a good time. 

On Sunday, I had told Bee that all I wanted for Mother's day was to sleep in, and to have him hang my Barn Stars. He obliged, but at 7:30 I was awake. Despite the fact we were drinking then night before and did not get to bed until roughly 2am. However, my internal clock feels the need to wake me. That, and even though it's 7:30am, the birds who sit in the tree outside my open window feel the need to squawk incessantly and the sun comes up on that side of the house making it look like it's noon outside. Not to mention, a geriatric dog who only wants ME to feed her and ME to walk her. She is used to breakfast by 6:45 during the week, so by 7:30 she is almost an hour over due and OHMYGOD, she is going to starve to death. I did manage to go back to sleep and doze off and on until 8:30. Meh. 

I got up, and my Bee pulled me into the chair with him and we cuddled and watched TV for awhile. Ms. Kitty even came and joined us, which is a real treat for Bee. He wants her to cuddle and sleep with him but she never has any interest. Yesterday, she fell asleep on him. All peaceful like. Well, actually, I think she looks like the minion hell dogs from Ghostbusters...




Then our friends, the Jones's came over for a visit. I got to spend time with this little guy...which, let's be honest, it worth being jealous over ;)

After that, my Bee finally  hung my barn stars in the living room. I am a huge fan of how they look. Now, I just want to get another set and put them on the other side of the wall :)

After that, him and C and little man disappeared. I went out back to discover this...

They were playing roller hockey. It's a good thing too. C was getting huffy and whiny because she wanted to play, or do something. She is at an age still where she expects Bee and I to entertain her. She must has asked him 23487237 times yesterday if Bee would:
  • Go to the CFC (community rec center) with her and play basketball (it was closed anyway)
  • go outside and play basketball
  • go outside and roller blade with her
  • take her to Target to walk around
  • take her to Walmart and walk around
  • Take her to the movies
  • Take her to CiCi's (even though they went there yesterday with the grandparents)
  • watch a movie and have popcorn (This was after we watched a movie with her earlier...and Bee is not a fan of movies)
  • If Bee would ride bikes with her
  • take her on a motorcycle ride
  • go on a walk
  • take her for custard
and then she would start back and one, and work her way down. I keep trying to explain to her she is young, with boundless energy. We are not. Him more so than I. We are her parents. We are not responsible for keeping her entertained. Go outside and play, or call a friend over. Also, we are not made of money, and we want to enjoy one last day of REST before the week starts up and the season of no free time. I remember being there. I remember just wanting to do stuff with my parents. I was mad they wanted to just sit in the house all the time while I wanted to go out and explore with them...

Anyway, we sat around and watched TV together (they played some video games together too) and I made popcorn. Then we all headed off to bed. It was a very nice weekend all in all :) 

ps- right before bed, little man came to me and said, "Oh! I forgot your card!" and handed me a homemade card he made and got C, J, and Bee to sign for me for mothers day. Bless his heart ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

I need to hit my goal

Ok, so I'm going to just put this out there to any readers I may have left...

I NEED to make my goal.

No, I won't lose my business or go to jail or anything silly like that, but if I can hit $1000 in sales by Friday the 19th, I will be super happy because I will have made my second quick start company sponsored goal. I will be rewarded with $150 in FREE products which I want, badly, so that I can have more stuff to show my people when I do parties, which will end up making me more in sales and commission, which helps my family.


I am $180.00 away from reaching that goal. I am *this* close. I had a party scheduled for Saturday that would have let me achieve that goal, however, they have had to re-schedule for a date that is after my deadline. I have been pounding the pavement trying to book parties and drum up business. Everyone wants to help, but they are busy and can't hold parties until June. I am ok with this, and will gladly take the parties, but for now...I still want to reach my goal. Therefore, I am holding a raffle of sorts. I need to sell $180 worth of candles. OR 10 of the 26oz candles. (With shipping and tax, they come out to about $21-$22 a piece). If I make my goal, I will pick one name randomly from my pool of buyers that helped me achieve my goal and the winner will receive a candle of their choice extra, and $50 American Dollars. Would any of you, people of the intertubes,  be interested in  helping me out?? I Promise, you will LOVE your candle. If not, let me know. Seriously, I will buy it back and return your money, OR let you pick out something else of equal or lesser value.

We have candles for kids (which count towards my goal) where 100% of the proceeds go to local children in need (in YOUR area). There are three fun scents! Root Beer, Baby Powder, and Coconut lime carousel!

We have yellow Support The Troops Candles that smell just like warm apple crisp! 10% of the proceeds from each of THOSE candles goes to "Operation Home Front" which helps soldiers and their families.

Then, there is the over 80 true-to-form scents in all different shapes and sizes if the above two don't sound like your thing.

We also have scent pods and pod warmers. The deal for May is pick from 5 of our best selling pod warmers and get it along with our three best selling pods (clean sheets, sugar cookie, and ginger lime) for $42. That's a GREAT deal considering the warmers alone are $40 :)


If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area, you can email me at and I can take cash/check/MO/CC and deliver it to you. If not, you can go to my website and order directly from my website. It will ship directly to you. It will be swell :) Right before you finish checking out, it will ask you if your order is part of a party order. Please put party #5505809 in the box. That way I will know who to put in the raffle! :)

Thanks, people of the intertubes!!!

That's mine!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's day

Spring Concert

My lovely young lady, C, had her spring concert! She came downstairs with her hair down, combed, nice fitting black pants with a cute belt, HEELS, and a nice white sweater. Bee and I hardly recognized her! When we dropped her off at the middle school to meet up with her band/choir mates, she walked into the school workin it! She walks in those heels like she was born doing it... As she walked away, Bee lowered his sunglasses, gave a low, long whistle and said "look at that talll drink of water walking away..." I agree.

Ya'll, we're in trouble.

Hopefully, she'll decide to mostly stay in her raggedy t-shirts, baggy basketball shorts, baseball caps with the hair ratty and in a low ponytail until she's 30 ;) As for the concert, it was fabulous as always :)

C is sitting on the right in front of the bass drum. She is barely visible in the picture, so don't worry if you can't find her ;)

C is the Tallest one in the middle, in the pants with the long brown hair, waiving.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girl, you'll be a woman soon

Well, I got the text yesterday from Bee.

Our little girl C (who is 11 and 1/2) is no longer a "little girl". She has joined the ranks of the woman. Well, at least the "teenager", ha! Can I tell you, she is not thrilled. More like, angry. She thinks it's stupid and doesn't understand why she has to have this thrust upon her. Especially since she is never having kids. Haha. We shall see. I told her it's all a part of life and most importantly, blame her father because really, it's the male's donation to the child making process that decides the sex of the baby. Yeah. We're planting our flag in that.

Anyway, between that and J trying on prom dresses and parading in our living room demanding every one's full attention, it was an estrogen fest and little man was slightly afraid. I told him just wait. Wait until the three of us sync up. I am pretty sure he had no idea what I was talking about. However, it just may mean the end of the world! :)

I feel bad for the two boys in our house ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Well Hello, Detroit

We had an awesome weekend.

For reals.

Friday, I left work early because well....just because I could. :) The radar was all scary looking and Bee convinced me to cancel practice. I got home, and nothin. So, instead we had a bonfire.We sat around with some friends while the kids ran rampant in the backyard :) This is also when Bee showed me this picture and convinced me we needed another cat.
Apparently, his name is Sam. He is 3. He is a lovey lovey FAT baby who's current mommy and daddy are moving across country and can't take him for some reason. He is fix, litter trained, and loves other animals. Hmm..we will see. However, I can't resist kitteh's. I agreed to him. Then, my lovey celebrated by playing Temple Run while the kiddo's watched. Then he tended to our fire and we spent the evening enjoying each other and our friends.

Little Man with his stick

Temple Run time

Bee and his fire
Saturday, we got up and had soccer with The Awesome Dragons. We lost again, but we came very close to at least scoring a goal. Also, it was 72 degrees, so it was awesome. :) Then, we ran home and packed for Detroit. Bee and I were going to go watch our friends, The Diesels play, and then spend the night up there. Some alone, adult time :) So, we loaded up and headed out! 

First we stopped off at Malley's Chocolates where he bought me some yummy chocolate for the road. Then we continued on. We knew we were close when we saw the cool lookin bridge!

When we finally arrived, we checked into our little hotel, and headed off to the game. I sat with my friend Tearesa and helped her with the front gate :) I also sold her some candles. Ha! Then, Bee and I got to meet little Mia. She is the 2 month old little girl of our friends Rami and Natalie :)
 The football team ended up losing, which was a bummer, but it only showed us their weaknesses, which will help us on week 2 in our regular season when Bee's team plays them ;) We headed back in the direction of our hotel in search for food. We passed  a place that was mentioned on foursquare when I checked in at the hotel called The Whiskey and Rye. We decided to stop in, and boy were we glad! Our bill for 2 sandwiches , one order of fries, and two alcoholic beverages came to $30.00 with tip. But, the sandwiches looked like this:
Yeah, Bee and I got three meals out of just mine. It was soo good too.

We headed back to the hotel and crashed out by midnight. At 4am, we were awoken to the sound of someone banging on our door. Screaming and looking for "Charles". There was a lot of swearing, and "I know you're in there!" and apparently he was in the room across the hall from us. This woman dragged him out and started beating him up. Then, about 13 of her closest friends joined in and started beating up the woman he was with. We called the front desk and suggested they call the cops. Who were there very quickly. However, we were up then. We ended up watching part of a movie before finally falling back asleep. 

Tigers were playing that day..

Sunday, we got up, checked out, and hit up downtown Detroit. Bee wanted to catch the first half of a football game with Rami (supposedly, we see this team game 1 of our season) but it didn't start till three so we had time to kill. We went to the casino first. I had $20 to play with and was on my last $5 when I won $100.80 on penny slots! We stayed long enough for Bee to finish his last $5 and then we went to go check out where the game was going to be (which was around the corner). 
This was the only picture I got. Apparently, you are not allowed to take pictures in casinos...

Since we still had quite a bit of time left, we went to Gibraltar's! Gibraltar is a large complex (think, two football fields wide, three long) and it's an indoor flea market! We walked around, bought a few things, and people watched. That was the best part :) Mainly because you see things like this..
yes, that IS a child IN a giant beach ball...

After that, we headed to the game. We stayed for the first half, then hit the road. We took our time and enjoyed each other's company, but it was really nice to be home with our kiddos :) What a great weekend! I wish they could all be that nice!!! :)