Monday, January 31, 2011

My Misson....

We had a busy weekend! Friday night C had two friends over and they plus J went skating at Mrs. T's Skating rink. That was a long evening. I came home from work, started dinner, ran them up to the rink, hit the store to deposit Bee's check, then ran home, finished dinner, and then went and picked up the girls at 10pm. All in all, putting about 40 miles on Bee's truck.

I was in Bee's truck because my car had a flat tire. We found out on Saturday that the tire I have thought was just out of balance since JULY, was not really the problem. My front tire is bad and need to be replaced, but the real issue was the back tire. Apparently, and inch width of tread around the center of a tire, along with two giant blow out holes is what will cause your tire to bounce like crazy. I am lucky to be alive. What saved me, besides God and his angels surrounding me and my car, was the fact it was a back tire.

Bee also managed to upset me on Friday night by asking me, sweetly, if even though, not 5 hours earlier I said to keep Friday February 18th open because we had dinner plans with BFF Rose and her potential new guy, if he could instead go Coyote hunting with his friend John. Ahem. I also reminded him that it was VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND. Which then promoted the discussion that because Valentines Day is on a Tuesday, you would celebrate the weekend BEFORE. I disagreed. However, everyone I have asked in hopes of them backing me up, agreed with Bee. Wahmp-Wahmp! Oh well, I just always just celebrated the weekend AFTER because I always get paid on the 15th, so I have money then. I finally relented at the end of the night, after I stewed on it while dying my hair blond. I figured that we could celebrate Valentines Day the weekend before. However, he will have to pay for everything as his penance. I already have paid for his gift, so I am good there. As for our plans, I will just have to un-make them, which I HATE doing, but Bee's a good guy and this is a rare opportunity. Ever since moving to our new house, he has been good about keeping his belt tight and not spending money on things we don't need. He also has not done anything that he hasn't taken me with him or at least offered to. He deserves a day or two to do boy things with boys. Plus, he gets $150 per coyote he kills. Plus, a bonus if it's the biggest one of the kill. Last year, the prize was $12,000.00.

Go. Do work, son!

Saturday, we left for Detroit. We were delayed, because C's friend's parents were inconsiderate and were super late to come get the kids. We dropped the wee ones off at Grandma Bee's, and headed out of town. We went out to Olive Garden for dinner, which is a huge treat for me because Bee won't eat out at an Italian restaurant because he gets mad at the thought of paying $10.95 a plate of .95 cent spaghetti. But ya'll, as always it was delicious! Mmm...the salad and break sticks...the asaiago cheese ravioli! The wine! Then, we headed out fora few adult beverages and dancing, came back to the hotel and crashed. No hot tub this time :( We ran out of time. Oh well, we said we'd go back up in March for the heck of it. We headed to the meeting the next day, then after that headed home.

After picking up our truck at my parents house, then getting the kids from Grandma Bee's, we finally made it home at around 9:30. Sent the kids to bed and I went about tying up the loose ends of the weekends. Folding Bee's and my laundry and putting it away, making lunches, unloading the dishwasher etc. As I open the mail, we had a letter from the high school. J had wanted to do track and had signed up for it, but when we were going to have to wait on her physical, she decided to just spend the spring and summer training because she was out of shape. Well, she was still listed as trying to play a sport, so we got the notification that she was not eligible because she failed two classes this past semester. American Government and ART!

ART! This child spends her days doodling in her sketch book. In fact, she spends so much time in it, her chores get neglected along with other school work. She draws all the time, and is GOOD. Wants to go to art school. Reads books on art, lives, breathes, and sleeps art. Yet, she failed it. Bee and I were livid. We must have lectured her for over an hour. She's a junior. She doesn't have the time to mess up. We would have known about it sooner had we been checking up on her via the parent Internet site where they post all report cards, interim reports, assignments, and weather or not they have turned them in at. They send nothing home on paper, and I tried to sign up for a log in this summer, but they denied me because I was not their biological mom. Bee is absent minded and never remembers.

So, I thought about it. I decided on a plan. I am making J my mission. That mission is that she graduate, and that she does it with decent grades.

I singed Bee up for the password ans log in under his email. I told her this morning I will check every day and I will know by the time I get home if she turned in everything. If she does NOT, then she will lose one privilege per assignment. Her DSI will be first. Then her MP3 player. Then her TV. Then her sketch pad, and I will keep going until the only thing she has in her room are 5 outfits because it is a human right that she be clothed. I will take her bed and everything if need be. She will also write me a report on each assignment she misses. A report that I will choose. She is not allowed at the library except to study and do homework. If she is caught talking to friends, or "chillin", then she will lose the ability to go alone. I will go with her and be her chaperone. She will also study every day for an hour. Maybe more, depending on how she's doing. I have yet to see how's she's done all year. She might not be able to pass the year. If not, she WILL do summer school.

I gave little man a similar speech because he's been goofing off too. I told him I was BFF with his teacher and she would be emailing me to let me know if he is behaving or not. If not, same thing. He will lose things one by one and have to earn them back. I will not accept this from them. They are SMART kids. Super smart, in fact. They should be doing a lot better. I was that way. I was super smart, but lacked the motivation. My parents yelled and yelled, and grounded me from life and I still didn't care. They eventually stopped yelling and resorted to telling me I was dumb and would never graduate. THAT fueled me, and I did graduate. I had an overall 2.3 GPA. But, with my intelligence and test scores, I should have easily had a 4.0.  Had they had the technology to litteraly almost BE THERE with me at school, things would have been different. I don't want her to struggle with life how her dad and I had to. I WILL make sure she turns herself around. She'll thank me for it later...and I just might learn something on the way!

Friday, January 28, 2011

When you need a good cry..

Just turn on American Idol.

That should be their tag line. Because ya'll, my eyes leak when I watch that show. Sometimes it's from the raw, pure emotion in the songs they contestants sing, or seeing someone be handed a shot at their life long dream, a chance to see their hard work pay off, sometimes it's because they are just that God awful Ha!

I have an on again off again relationship with American Idol. I refused to watched the first season. Absolutely REFUSED! I didn't like their cookie-cutter make-a-pop-star-outta-you plan. I respected people who wrote and sang their own music. Second season, I watched the auditions because they were funny, and was sucked in. I was obsessive about it. I watched the 3rd season and was left less than excited. I didn't watch the 4th, 5th, or 6th season. I started with good intentions, but when it really gets going I come into the time of year in which I get really busy. I finally sat down and watched the 7th season and 3/4 of the 8th, missed the 9th, and now I am attempting to watch the 10th season. Even though I swore I would not.

Paula was gone. SHE was the entertainment. What kookie, drug induced thing was she going to say next? Then, they got Kara and I HATED her. She was a bitch. But there was always Simon. Simon was the "it" guy. He created the show. He had left. Randy was the only original judge left, and J-lo and Steven Tyler were on. Now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Steven Tyler, but I was still not impressed.

Can I tell ya'll? Bee and I are REALLY enjoying this season so far. We're still in the auditions, but I think it's going to be a great season :)

These two auditions made me cry :) Enjoy them!

PS- One last thing, I am asking Prayers for my 11month old niece. She's in the hospital and has been apparently for the last 4 days with a 102 degree fever and the doctors don't know what's wrong with her. Thanks!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greenbacks and Hair dye

Well, you would have thought I won the lottery when I got the text message that my tax refund had been deposited in my account. I think there is still smoke coming off of my bank card! It's ok though. I mostly used it for things I need, and a few I wanted :)

I never buy myself anything besides an occasional cup of coffee or lunch at a fast food place from time to time. I just feel guilty buying myself a new outfit (which, I don't need. I already have a closet full of clothes I don't wear) or anything else for that matter that costs more than $20 because I am in charge of this family's finances and if we need something and the money isn't there, then I would be horribly upset. Hence, why I got an eye exam for new contacts in July, yet never bought the contacts or glasses. I've been wearing the trial pair! We just didn't have the money, what with moving, and the kids starting school, and a couple of bills  popped up on us unexpectedly.

So, when Christmas came, I spent my bonus on the family so we could have a Christmas. I will do the same in July when I get my next bonus. We'll probably do another little trip to Cedar Point. Probably buy the kids a few summer outfits, and get my new cell phone. But my tax refund? That's mine :)

This trial pair of contacts is about at it's end. I need to see, so I figured I would get contacts when my money came. Unfortunately, I now have an astigmatism, so my contacts went from $20 a box for 3 pair to $40 a box per EYE. I've also discovered that as I am getting older, I prefer glasses sometimes. Mainly at night, after I get home, or in the morning after a late night out. However, I haven't owned glasses in over 10 years. They are SUPER expensive and I usually just passed because I did not want to pay $250+ for something I would only occasionally wear. I figured, now was time time though. Bee promised I could get good deals at Walmart's eye center. I could get frames as low as $10! So, I went on the hunt yesterday. I ended up buying my glasses from! I paid, are you ready for this? $38.95. Yes. That's Thirty Eight American dollars and Ninety Five Cents. I got the second from bottom package for $33.00 with cute frames, that were FREE because I bought the lenses through them. Then, I picked the 7-10 shipping for $5.95. It was a STEAL and they were super nice when I called with a question.

Then, I headed over to and bit the bullet and bought contacts. I got one box for each eye that should equal 6 pairs. That was $98.00. I was floored because for the first time ever, my GLASSES were cheaper. I am a total bargain shopper too, so don't think I bought my contacts all willy nilly before shopping around. was the cheapest by far. Those will also be here in about 7-10 days :)

I went to Walmart last night and picked up a few things we needed, but put off buying because they weren't really "Essentials", some calcium pills because I ran out yesterday, and some lunch snacks. Other than they cashier forgot to give me back my bananas, It was a good trip. I also got Valentines day chocolates for Bee's Valentine's Day Bag when his gifts come!

I came home, threw the pizzas in the over that I bought, made lunches, book our room for Detroit, Checked the shipping on the Shirt I ordered to wear at the Super Bowl Watch Party we are going to, and settled in with my family. Bee woke up around 7:30pm and sat with us awhile before leaving for practice. Then J and I set about dying her hair.

J has wanted to dye her hair for awhile now. Her mom would never allow it, but Bee and I don't have a problem with it as long as it's a hair color that can be found in nature. She is 17 after all. Not to mention, what refueled J's desire to dye her hair was after Monday's visit with her mom, she discovered her mom and younger sister had dyed their hair the same color. So, now it was her turn. I picked out a nice Burgundy color (she said she wanted a red in the "auburn" family, and the color I picked is a color I dyed my own hair several times) She was so stoaked she could hardly contain herself. When all was said and done, her hair was a beautiful shade, and it was all blow dried straight and she couldn't have been happier! It was after 10:30, so she went to bed and I curled up in my bed and watched an episode of Friday Night Lights. I woke up sometime when Bee got in bed and he cuddled me like his life-sized body pillow. I'll tell you what, the one thing I really dislike about late practice like this is I miss going to bed with my Bee :(

Oh well, TONIGHT! :)

I am so very much looking forward to dying my own hair tonight, getting in bed with my guy tonight, together, and our overnight stay in Detroit! I love that Hotel, and I love spending time with my guy there!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This, that, and the other...

Well, so far, all of us are surviving today. Bee had practice last night. It's twice a week now, Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 10pm-12am. It's late, I know. But, the sports dome is SUPER nice and it's FREE for them to use, but they have to use it when no one else (ie: The College it belongs to) is, and right now, that would be from 10pm-Midnight. Oddly enough, it totally works. They've been having 30+ guys each practice which is pretty much unheard of even during the season. That's just how semi-pro is. Mainly because what keeps a guy from practice is work and his girlfriend/wife/baby mama. Work till 6 or 7? Can't make it to practice if it's from 6:30-9:30. Have a family? Your wife/girlfriend/baby mama isn't happy about you being gone in the evening and not being home to help out with kids and homework/dinner/bath time/bed time. This way, it's late enough they can fulfill their other duties and still make practice. However, Bee has to be up at 4:30am for work. Getting home at 12:30 doesn't really do much for his getting sleep, so he's been going to bed as soon as he gets home from work, sleeps 5 hours, goes to practice, then comes home and sleeps 3-4 more. He's tired, but he'll get through it.

I am FINALLY feeling better. Little man is too. He had my cold as well. We'll both live ;) I am surely glad of that because I have a lot going on these next few weeks. Our dinner plans for Saturday that have been in place for months got canceled yesterday, freeing us up to go to Detroit Saturday for the League meeting instead of trying to do the drive there and back, plus the meeting, all in one day. However, financially, we have to see if we can swing it. Bee was off work for two days this month and gas isn't cheap. However, I just got my tax refund today and as long as we don't go crazy, I think we can swing it. I bought Bee's Valentines day present (Which was WAY cheaper than I thought it was going to be AND a portion of the proceeds go to a GREAT cause!), and I got myself a sweet t-shirt, and I still need to get my glasses and contacts, and get my tires balanced, but I figure I should still have enough to get us a room for the night, and pay for either a meal out or a tank of gas. We'll see.

A couple of things that made me stop and giggle (weather it was a Christian thing to do or not, is a different story....workin on it Lord...)

C got a package in the mail on Tuesday from her mom. This was after not hearing from her in almost a month. No letter, nothing to Little Man (not even a HI! on the envelope) just the contents of the package. Which was a notebook sized Day planner. Apparently, C knew it would be coming at some point because her mom said she was going to send it to her when she visited last. Anyway, the story goes, I guess she asked for one and received it in the mail from "someone" at Christmas. However, I guess they are not allowed to have those in that size. If they are going to have them, they need to be pocked sized, so it was confiscated, but they said she could send it to someone, so she picked C because there were dogs on it and she knew she'd like it. Anyway, my question is this...what the HELL are you doing in PRISON that has you Soooooo busy that you need a DAY PLANNER? I get wanting a calender, but a DAY planner, with a page per day to write your appointments and to-do lists? I'm a busy person who is NOT in prison, and I still am not busy enough to need a DAY planner.

The other was that J told me in a letter that came Wednesday, that the kid's mom had mentioned that the kids would be able to see "their dog" (A dog she trained and apparently became attached to and had her mom and dad adopt and hold for her until she gets out) whenever they came to visit Grandma and Grandpa, then, when she got out, they could see the dog at her house. She also said that she can't get attached to any more because her friend, who she is going to be living with, said she can't be bringing any more dogs home. She then said she was glad HE was taking control of "THEIR" money because she would have a whole bunch of dogs if left unattended (And I'm sure, designer purses, clothes, exotic vacations, tanning packages, and nail appointments).

Points of interest: her "Friend" who is a "HE", and who she'll be "Living with" is taking care of "THEIR" money.

First time she's ever mentioned what she is going to do AFTER she gets out in the way of a place to live. From all of HER talk, I've always assumed that SHE assumed, She'd be living at my house, with Bee, after she booted me out of course. Also, her "Friend" is a "HE" and he is taking care of "THEIR" money. Ok, I've had roommates. I've even had guy roommates who were just that. Roommates. They never knew anything about MY money except for when I handed them a check for my part of the bills. "THEIR" money implies more than friends.

On our way to Detroit last time, Bee and I talked about her a bit. Nothing pressing. No arguing. Just talking. I made a comment about how I don't understand adamantly going after and pursuing someone who not only has made it CLEAR in several ways they do not want you, but they don't return your advances and haven't responded to any of your contact in a year. I also said that with all of the websites out there that offer love matches/pen pals (Which, let's be honest, "pen pals" is a nice way to dress up a "dating site.) to people in prison, why doesn't she just find someone on there she can latch onto that would be a lot more receptive of her and her advances. To which, he replied, "Oh! But, she has! She has mentioned a "special friend" on several occasions!" And I said, I wonder what he would think of her sending love letters every week to her ex husband who has filed for Divorce, had it approved, gotten a girlfriend that he's been with for almost two years now, moved in together with her, and had bills placed in their names?

He had no answer for that. I don't either.

However, even though it made me giggle, I DO wish her luck. I hope she finally comes to grips with reality, and realizes her and Bee will never be again. He's moved on. Time for her to do the same. I hope her and her "special friend" are happy, and make a great life together. I hope she can be the mom she should have been all along, and at least lessen the damage that has surely been done to her kids. Above all, other than getting in touch both now and when she gets out, to talk to her kids, I hope she leaves me and Bee the Hell alone.

This is my hope...

But I doubt it will happen. That's too easy.

Dear Lord, give me the strength...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I overslept by an hour and a half today.

I woke up when C banged on the door, interrupting a particularly confusing dream I was having just as the one part that would make it all tie together and make sense was going to be revealed, which upset me. When I asked her, grumpily, what she wanted, she said her and J were leaving to get on the bus, did I want her to wake up little man?

Umm. WHAT?! Yeah. That's how my day started. God love them for not wanting to "bother" me, but HELLO! If you don't see my by breakfast, or your brother for that matter, make sure I am awake!

Little Man and I got up, got him fed, got me dressed (no shower..I hate days like that), and got out the door. I manged to get him to Latch Key 5 minutes later than normal and I was about 2 minutes late to work. No Biggie.

I saw an ad today for a book called the 400 calorie fix- 400 Meals with only 400 calories. They wanted $36.00 for it on the website I was on. I really liked the idea of the book, but not for $36.00. I found it on amazon for $7.00. Yeah, I am going to buy it when I get paid. I've really wanted to start cooking healthier for my hive. Problem is, unless it's the normal stuff I make them, they don't want to eat it. The stuff I make is way way way better than the fast food they were eating every night, but good God, I use a stick of butter almost every meal. High Calorie. High Fat. Hardly no veggies or fruit. I have a Bee who won't eat fruit, and a little man who won't eat veggies. The girls are pretty easy. They will at least eat a serving of something, weather they like it or not. There was a burger shown in a picture that looked great and it promised to be healthy and good for me. So, we'll see. I'm craving salad and tomatoes for some reason.

I've also seen things all over the MSN home page about simple exercises to do at home or at your desk at work. I need to start adding those in as well. We are a sports orientated house. We have equipment laying around  I can use. I need to get on that.

However, it's early to bed tonight! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from the dead! Sort of...I think...

Well, Sickness finally won out.

I woke up Thursday morning and I couldn't swallow. When I tired to speak, all that came out was dust. Ok, not really on the dust but, that's what it felt like. No sound would come out. I was exhausted. I resigned myself to staying home. Hearing that there was going to be mass amounts of snow and temperatures in the single digits made that decision a lot easier. I got the kids off to school, took little man to latch key, and came home and went right back to bed.

I slept like the dead for 7 hours. I awoke when Bee came home and checked on me. He made me some soup, that I ate while watching my new favorite show on my netflix instant-play, Friday Night lights.

(Ok, little aside here. How come I always get interested in good shows when they have either been on for umpteen years therefore being SUPER late to the party, and/or, in this case, after the show has been canceled?! I suck)

After eating soup, and dragging myself out to the living room, I sat in my chair with that "I'm so sick that I am now staring off into space with glazed over eyes" look, and Bee finally told me, "Baby! Go back to bed!" And so I did. I took a nice heaping shot of "the green death" and went to bed. Where I slept like the dead again until my alarm went off at 6am the next day.

On Friday, my throat still hurt, but not as bad as the day before, and I was STILL exhausted, but I did feel better. I considered going into work until I found out that it was nine degrees. We also had a fund raiser for the team Friday night and as it was, I was going to have to hustle to make it home in time to jump in Bee's truck and head out the west side. So, I decided one more day to recoup wouldn't be so bad. Got the kids off to school and went right back to bed. I slept until 1pm and then took at shower. It did wonders for how I felt! I felt alive! I felt Human! My throat didn't hurt, my voice was mostly back! So, I got ready to go party with my guys!

The fundraiser was a great success! We had over 80 people! I felt great, and we stayed out past 2am! I came home and went right to bed. When I woke up on Saturday I felt like death warmed over. Partly because of my hangover, and partly because I felt like I was getting an actual cold. By mid day, I had the runny nose, watery eyes, the oh-my-gosh-I'm-gonna-sneeze tickle behind my nose that prompted the watery eyes and nose, yet, no sneeze came. Then, then finally did come. And by dinner time I felt miserable. We ate, watched a little TV, and then I went to bed.

Sunday, we had church and a potluck afterwards. I had to go because I signed up for salad. However, I felt good. In fact, I felt good all day long. We watched the Steelers win the AFC and then shortly after that, the water works started up again! I ended up taking a heaping shot of the Green Death and going to bed. I slept like the dead again, but felt decent this morning.

We'll see how long that lasts....

I HATE being sick....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day two....the struggle continues

Other than being super tired, and not being able to talk or swallow without my throat feeling like the fires from the 7th layer of Hell have fired upon it, I feel fine. Our receptionist is mad because I am here at work spreading my germs. Well, Hello Dolly! How do you think I got sick in the first place?!

It's a rule here, and we've had meetings about it, if you are sick, STAY HOME! Sickness flows through our office like the Viet Kong through a series of interconnected tunnels. Yet, someone, usually my BOSS, the holder of said meetings, gets sick. Then, they come in and suffer for a day or half a day, long enough to infect us, and then they go home. Next thing you know, the whole office is sick.

I refuse to waste my sick time on being sick. Especially so early in the year and when the sickness was caused by someone at work. I have survived 3 rounds of the stomach bug and two pretty nasty colds that went through my house. One girl at work comes in with a scratchy throat and a cough/cold combo on Friday, that she got from the boss, and now I have it.

I will not go home, if anything, because of the principal of the thing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And now....sickness

I am willing myself not to be sick.

 I don't think it's working.

Yesterday I fought a headache all day. It kicked my butt until finally at around 3:30pm I decided to stop being bull-headed and take something. I found Excedrin in the kitchen here at work. I took two and honestly, within about 8 minutes, I felt worlds better. It was still there. I still felt drained, but the pounding, oh the pounding was gone.

Bee, in an effort to put more chores on our punished children, told them I was not feeling well and they were responsible for making their lunches and their own dinner. Only thing is, we have such good kids that do things, even chores, even chores that are extra due to punishment, with a happy attitude. So, they treated it as a privilege, instead of punishment. Ha! So, I came home and told them I would do dinner since I had just planned on heating up frozen chicken wings my mom gave me and making some of those "Noodle Sides". I did that, we ate, Bee left for practice at 8:30, and I went to bed.

Today, my throat hurts, my nose is kinda stuffy, and I can feel the drainage. Yuck.

However, I'll be darned if I go home. I am trying to save my time off and if everyone else can come in sick and infect the whole office (Hence, how I am sick now), then so can I!

However, as soon as I go home, I am falling into bed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lackadaisical is the word of the day.

Or maybe the month!

Whew! I don't like leaving the blog this long! It's only been a couple of days, I know. But still. That's how blogs are forgotten!

Anyway, since I last checked in, We've been kind of crazy at our house.

Thursday, Bee had surgery to fix his finger. I took the day off to be with him and what not. I had no idea (and apparently, neither did he) what exactly was going to happen with his surgery. We didn't know if they were going to put him completely out, if they were going to cut into him or just re-break and set the finger, or what they were going to do. While sitting in the waiting room, when it was his turn, the nurse came and got him and explained that they were going to take him back and put him in a bed, get him in his gown etc, etc,and in about a half an hour I could come back and sit with him. The doctor would come out, explain what they were going to do, and then I could kiss him goodbye and come out and wait.

Well, that didn't happen. I waited an hour and fifteen minutes before asking the front desk what was taking so long. She called in the back and they had FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME! He was in surgery already. I was none too pleased. Had I not been worried about embarrassing him, I would have went off. The nurse called me and said "We're sorry. We just plum forgot that ok?" Um. No. To make up for it, she promised to send the doctor out to see me right away, and as soon as they got him situated, she'd come get me and I could sit with him until he could go home.

All went well. They put him completely out, they cut into his finger and he'll have a nice zig-zag scar. There was no tendon damage like they had originally thought, but there was tissue damage, so they fix that and put slid the bones back together correctly. He has a giant bandage on it and a splint immobilizing his last two fingers. Said splint has been the bane of my existence since Thursday. He doesn't like it one bit and it makes it extremely difficult for him to play Xbox. All I hear about is how he wants it off, like NOW. I keep threatening him with death and dismemberment should he take it off before the 24th. I also reminded him that his stubbornness and unwillingness to listen and GO TO A DOCTOR had got him into this mess in the first place.

We stopped by his mom's for lunch afterwards, and then I took him home when all of a sudden, like hitting a brick wall, he went from peppy and talking non-stop, to not being able to hold open his eyes. He slept the whole way home, then went inside and slept until 7pm. We got up, had a little bit of dinner, then, we were in bed by 9:30.

Friday we both went to work, then afterwards, went to football practice. He really wanted to practice with the guys, but knew he couldn't, so he just paced and walked around with the coaches. Then, afterwards, we came home and went to bed. Saturday was filled with laziness, by everyone. The kids fell asleep in the living room the night before and when they woke up, they reached over and got their DS's, and just didn't move, at all. Meanwhile, I snow blowed the driveway, shoveled the steps, came inside and cleaned, and baked the worlds ugliest cake :) Then, the kiddos and I headed out to my parents house for a little party for my dad's birthday( Bee was feeling sickly).  They even had presents for little man for his birthday. We watched the Steelers game (Lord have Mercy. I think that game aged me 2 years...) We left at around 11 Saturday night and when we got home, we all crashed. Even Bee, who sweetly waited up for us.

Sunday, we got up and all went to church. Well, except J. Then, we got lunch, brought it home, ate, and then I took J to go pick up her boyfriend. When we got back to the house, our friend Miss T and her family stopped over for a visit. All the kids played, we sat and talked and had a great time. When they left around 8pm, it was then punishment time because the kids had done nary a chore this weekend. They all turned over their DS's in exchange for Chore lists for today, their day off. After that, they scattered for bed and Bee and I headed off that way too.

Now, for a whole other week. Blah!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Snow. Day 5. Ugh.

We are being pounded. We got almost a foot and a half overnight. It's called lake effect snow. Ya'll don't know anything about that. Well, maybe you do. It's super fun to slide all the way to and from work in rush hour traffic on semi bald tires for 23 miles one way. Awesome.

Anyway, we had a GREAT weekend. I realize it's Wednesday and I am just now getting to last weekend, but I've been busy, and tired, and I tried to talk about it in yesterday's post, but I went off on a tangent about my weight loss. :)

Friday Bee had his first indoor practice of the season. I can't believe it's that time already! It was fun. The two of us headed downtown to the dome and I got to see my boys I haven't seen in a few months. There were 25 guys there! That's awesome for pre-season! The coached started on time and ran those guys hard. I thought Bee was going to pass out at one point. I sat and watched with the trainer and her friend. Then, we left, grabbed some grub and came home.

In the morning, we got up and while Bee met with the other two owners at the bank, I packed our bags and the kids packed theirs. We drove through the blizzard to Grandma Bee's house and dropped the kids off. Bless her heart. She called Bee and said she would watch the kids. Then, we headed out of town. Though, Bee forgot boots, so, our first stop was Tractor Supply where he bought some boots. We watched "Despicable Me" on the way up to Detroit and had a blast. What a GREAT movie. We laughed, and cheered, and cried, and cheered some more. By that time, we were at our hotel.

Now, last time, we stayed at the Double Tree. Which, is AMAZING! However, it's $179.00 a night. We had gotten a discounted rate on Travelocity for $85.00 a night. However, it's still expensive as hell. So, this time, since we were staying two nights, we opted for a cheaper hotel. I found one called the Metropolitan Inn by the airport. It was 20 minutes away from where the meeting was. It's didn't have very many good reviews, but I figure, people only leave a review when they have something to get off their chest. Besides, from the pictures, it looked really nice. And, at $41.00 a night (regularly $100.00), you couldn't beat the price. Well, it paid off. The Hotel was BEAUTIFUL! The bed was just as nice as the one at the Double Tree, and our room was much bigger. They were very nice, and the hotel was almost empty. We even had FREE Internet in our room! The toilet paper could have been better (single ply, like tissue paper), but that is pretty standard in all hotels.

Saturday night, we met up with the other owner and his girlfriend and went to dinner. We were going to go to Olive Garden, but then the boys saw a Hooters and since they no longer have them anymore in the Cleveland area, we went. Honestly, I was ok with this because I had always wanted to try their food. I wasn't disappointed either. It was good! We have a lovely young lady as our waitress and the boys were in their G-L-O-R-Y because we let them sit together on the same side of the table so they could oogle girls all while watching FOOTBALL on the huge TV. Afterwards, we decided to go out  for a drink or two, and ended up at a strip club. I wasn't sure I would be ok with that (not my thing, and I don't really feel comfortable when Bee goes. Even though, it's like once a year) but I figured, If he was going to go, I wanted to be there with him.

I LOVE how there is a Hot Young Thang right there and he looks at ME and smiles. Meanwhile R is lookin at the girlie. hehehe :)
I don't know. Maybe it was the one we went to. Maybe it was because it was still kind of early (Only 10pm), But it was lame. Not because there were half naked girls booty bouncing around, but the most amusement of the night was BEFORE we walked in and we saw a prostitute being picked up by a trucker, then seen him and her get arrested. It was bor-ing. I think Bee even was getting bored. He was texting and checking the football message board. I know we were tired, but he kept yawning. I think he might have had more fun if we stayed at Hooters. The girls that worked there seemed bored. Like, how I get at work? Like mind numbingly, soul crushingly bored. Except, Half naked, shaking their booty. The only time they perked up is when one of the other dancers said something to them. Like, normal office chatter around the water cooler, but it's around the pole. It seemed like it was one of the more upscale places too. I am not a connoisseur of strip clubs, but at $10.00 to get in, $10.00 to park, and $5 for beer $10 for mixed drinks, I'd say, I should OWN a strip club. Ha!

We left by midnight and went back to the hotel. We climbed into our big comfortable bed, and slept the sleep of Angels. Sunday, we got up, Bee and I went down to check out the continental breakfast and had a bagel and a coffee. Then, headed back to the room where we hung out until breakfast. We met with our friends at the Rams Horn again and had a great time until it was time to say good bye to the guys. They had their meeting to go to. W and I went back to the hotel and hung out. We had girl talk and laughed and tee-hee'ed until we decided we wanted snacks. Bee gave my $20.00, so we ran up to Speedway and hooked ourselves up. By the time we got back to the Hotel, the boys were back. Our friends left to go back home shortly after, and Bee and I had the rest of the night to ourselves.

Can I tell you, it was the most fun doing nothing that I think we have ever had? And it was So. Nice. We hung out and cuddled on the little love seat until we decided that we were going to run to Walmart and buy a pair of swim trunks for Bee. We got there and it was PACKED! We wandered around the store for 2 hours, which made me nervous, because that Walmart is literally within walking distance of my Aunt's house and my cousin LIVES in that store. I didn't want to run into her and have to explain why I didn't tell her I was coming up. Anyway, we had three things we were buying and the lines were still to the back of the store. Bee decided we would just try Meijier down the street. We ended up getting his shorts, and the 2nd book in the book series I am reading! We got back, ate our Wendy's, laughed, cuddled, soaked in and just enjoyed the quiet time together. Then, about 8pm, when no one else was around, we headed to the pool! We swam, hung out in the hot tub, and even hit up the Sauna! Then it was back to the room for a movie and cuddling.

Monday morning, we checked out and headed home. Happy to be going home because we missed it and the kids, but a little sad that regular life resumes. The kids got home and told us all about their fun weekend with Grandma. They had missed us too :) Now, it's back to real life. Bee had Practice Monday night from 9:30-11:30 downtown. I knew he was going to be tired come Tuesday. I planned on going to bed as soon as he left, but decided on watching Toy Story 3 instead. I made it to bed at 11:30pm. So, by lastnight, we were exhausted and made it to bed by 9:30pm.

Tomorrow is Bee's surgery on his finger. I am nervous, but I know it will be ok. I am not worried about the actual surgery, I am worried about his pain after, and how much he will end up listening to the doctor. He fully intends on being at work come Friday. Now, if they just SET his finger, then I can see that happening, but if they cut into him and reattach things, maybe not. I don't know. I will just keep praying!

In the meantime, this snow can stop at anytime...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Eleven Eleven

I'm back!

I told you it was about to start getting crazy! Last week was kind of rough for me because I was getting used to being literally STARVED from caffeine. I haven't broke it all together (I love Chocolate and Diet Coke too much), but I did cut way back. In the last week, I've had no more than one cup of coffee a day and/or one Diet Coke a day. This weekend, I got a little crazy and had one 6oz cup of coffee from the continental breakfast at the Hotel, and a 20 oz diet Coke in one day. In between those two though, I had about a gallon of water :)

I have kept an eye on my eating, but I am not on a "diet". I want chocolate? I eat it. I want chips, I eat them. however, I only have a few, or try at least. At dinner time, I try making things a little healthier. I am trying to incorporate rice more into our menus. More stir-fry, lean chicken, shrimp (for Bee and the kids). At any rate, something seems to be working, at least a little bit. I am losing weight. Down a total from Thanksgiving of 10 lbs.!

I would like to start working out, but honestly, I don't know where to begin. I really want a membership at our fitness center. They have EVERYTHING. It's $75 a person, or $200 for the family. I would want the family membership because Bee and I can go work out and the kids can play or swim. The downside is, coming up with the $200 and finding time to go there. They are open from 5am-9pm, but going early means by myself, and going after work means, after making dinner, getting lunches done, and cleaning up the kitchen, we're looking at almost 8pm. I can barely drag my butt to the chair at that time. There is always the weekends, but that's when we're real busy. There is always the option of working out at home with a DVD or whatever, but, well, I guess that's what I need. ha! Hmm...Maybe I'll check out what they have at the library.

I just hope this lasts. I usually get all excited like this at the beginning of the year, only to give up by Spring. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday 13!

The first one of 2011! Yay! This is what you call not having the mental capacity right now to compile words and phrases into complete sentences, and therefore forming paragraphs. I could do it, I suppose. However, it would be like these 3-4 sentences and not make much sense. So, I'll do a Thursday Thirteen!

1. Bee and I are heading back up to Detroit on Saturday. When, on the other hand, is debatable. He keeps agreeing to be places that day and when I remind him we are leaving, he says "We don't technically have to be there until Sunday." Whateves. I am just looking forward to alone time with my guy. Feeling kind of starved for attention between, work, the kids, football, XBOX, and sleep.

2. I went back and forth on weather or not to tell my family up there I was going to be in the area again. I finally decided to NOT say anything unless I find myself bored to tears for several long hours. That will be a judgment call when I get there. The last time, I thought we would have plenty of time to visit, and we'd all hang out that night. We didn't get there until late, we visited for about 3 hours until we were dying of hunger, and by the time we ate, it was getting late and all 4 of us just wanted to go back to the room and sleep. I told my family that and they seemed fine with that, but then I heard from my mama later, that my cousin was upset because I didn't stay long, and I am "So far up her boyfriend's butt that she can't do anything without him, and what he says goes, and she can't go even two steps away from him." Um. I sat, across the room, on the couch with her the WHOLE time, and talked, while he sat at the table with my Aunt and Uncle. Whatever. And Honestly? Hello kettle, meet Pot!

3. Still don't know who is going to watch the kids while we go. I told Bee my parents have done it the last 3 times. I am not asking them again. Especially right now. I don't think they even have the money to put in the gas tank to get out to my house. Bee said he'd ask his mom. I told him she was having surgery this week and probably would not be able to do it. He waits until last night to ask, and she said no. She needs her rest (rightly so). Now, we are two days from departing and no babysitter. Oh well, we'll figure it out. We always do.

4. I can't wait for my W-2 so I can file my taxes and get my rebate. I need glasses and contacts.

5. I think it's cute that, like today, Bee went home sick, and he called me on his way home, and whined about his woes, and how his tummy hurt, and how his head hurt, and how he was so.very.cold. I told him to go inside, get my heated blanket and curl up in bed. He was like a child. It was cute :)

6. I have been taking my vitamins and making sure I drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day. It's kind of a chore, but I drink way too much pop and coffee. I need the water. Besides, I heard on Dr. Oz that if you are robbing your body of water, it steals from your liver (my poor poor liver has been through enough!), which basically halts your metabolism. Drink water, it jump starts it!

7. I am officially creeped out by the mass deaths of  the birds. There was the finding on New Year's Day of the 3,000 or whatever, and the 100,000 fish. Then two days later, more dead birds, and now hundreds of thousands of dead fish over the world, and more dead birds in Sweden. As my co-worker says, "make sure your spiritual bags are packed". Amen, sister. Amen.

8. We played Sorry! sliders, Jenga, and Connect 4 on the XBOX last night. It was a lot of fun!

9. I am sad that only 2 classmates showed up to Little Man's Party.

10. He didn't seem to notice, or mind, but I did :( He DID have my cousin's 3 kids and our friend Rob and Amy's two little girls, but still. I ran into the one little boy's mom a couple of days later. She was a room mother with me and in October, Her little boy had a birthday party and Little Man went to it. Anyway, I thought we were going to become friends because she seemed so, my type of person, but she acted like she didn't even know who I was.

11. I am on cupcake duty again. Little Man wants to take in chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. He's only been counting down the days until HE can bring in cupcakes since the first day of school. I have gotten an updated student count every three weeks now...

12. I smell someones banana. It smells Divine. It makes me want to be on a beach, drinking tropical drinks.

13. I want a nap. I have been so tired. I am taking my vitamins, but I am thinking it's because I cut back to one cup of coffee and one can of diet coke a day where as before, as much as I threw both down my gullet, I might as well had an iv in both arms.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motovation, where did you come from?

So, this whole do work while at work thing is really kind of kicking my butt. However, the work day seems to go by a little faster and the piles that were starting to accumulate are dissapearing. One thing that kept me moving along today was listing to the Passion 2011 on streaming. I know it's over and I came in at the end, but, wow. On more than one occasion, I was bawling my eyes out.

And the music.

Wow, the music. I have been a Christian for awhile now. Well, after listening to Piper, I wonder on that, but anyway, I have never liked Christian music, besides what we sing in church, because even with the "rock" musicians and the more contemporary song, just feel, I don't know, "put on". However, I LIKED these guys. I could totally jam to them. They made working. took it off my mind anyway :)

I've also been so tired lately. Last night, I fell asleep at 10pm and slept like the dead. I didn't wake up for anything, not even when Bee came in. I ever overslept my alarm. Today I feel better, so we shall see.

Alright, this is going to be a short one. Bee and the Bee-lets want to play "family game night" on Xbox. Later!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day one?

This is how I started out my Monday. First day back after the long holiday weekend. A day in which, I thought the kids were going to be in school, but alas, right before I sent them to bed, realized they were not.

Well, actually, Bee started his day out with that. He was live and center stage for that while on a job site. I merely enjoyed it from my phone. But still, I feel like in this picture, God is saying, "Psst! Hey! Wake up! Good morning, world!" in the nicest, most cheery tone. Like how my mom would try and wake me up for school in the mornings. Except, instead of wanting to punch God in the face for darkening my doorstep as it were (I'm not a morning person. Poor Mama) I am actually happy and peaceful!

As far as my resolutions, I DID go to church on Sunday. I enjoyed it :) I really had more things that could have used that hour and a half that day, such as get the house  ready for Little Man's party, I figured God comes first, and he would provide me plenty of time. And he did :) Besides, I will be out of town next week for Church. Don't want them to think I gave up on them :)

As for better work habits, well, that's kind of why there was no post yesterday. I was working and catching up. Now, you'll say "but today, you are back at updating the blog instead of working!" Yes, I am. However, as soon as I am done here, I will start on the tasks before me!

I have not had time to really save any money yet, but I'm working on it. I did manage to control my need for "over-buying" at the grocery store on Saturday, so that is a step forward. Once Bee starts getting his whole check again, we can start actively saving!

This morning was the kid's first day back. Yesterday was kind of rough on them though, so today started a little bumpy. Bee and I decided that since chores were not done for 2 weeks because the kids were not really home, that they needed to be done while they were home on Monday. All three of their rooms were a mess, but C and Little Man's room's were a disaster area! I left a detailed list of things to do while we were at work. Now, lest you think we are whip crackers, the list consisted of clean your room, clean your bathroom, bring your laundry downstairs, vacuum the steps, and dust. I keep the house pretty tip top, so the big one was clean your rooms.

In a shocking turn of events, J was the only one who listened. Though, she did wait until the very.last.minute. to do it because she was on Facebook, it still was done, and done correctly by the time Bee and I got home. Little man? Didn't even TOUCH his room. He ignored the task all together. C only started when Bee got home and got on Little Man. She was too busy outside playing all day. Bee made little man clean his room with the door open and TV off (he gets distracted and starts playing...or watching TV). Apparently, he's been eating in his room and shoving the wrappers in his dresser. The whole situation irritated me. I mean, I know they're kids. I know I did the same things as a kid, but still. So, instead of having a nice family dinner, popping popcorn, and watching our new movie that they got for Christmas that they have been dying to watch (Despicable Me) They cleaned.

Then C got yelled at for drinking in the living room and lying about it. Then I jumped on her because she is 10 and at that age where it's freaking hilarious  to scare the bejezus out of her little brother. And when he doesn't want to hear her scary story, she tells him he's a big baby, and since he's 8 now, he's not a baby, and doesn't want to be seen as one, so he stays. Then gets scared. And cries at bedtime because of the evil clown that will kill his mom (the poor kid already has mamma issues) and duct tape her to his ceiling and write "BEWARE! YOU'RE NEXT!" in her blood. I told her if she does it again, I will go upstairs, WAKE her up (because she goes to bed at 7pm...on her own) and she will sit up, awake, all night long in Little Man's room while he sleeps. I will set my alarm for every 15 minutes and I will go and make sure she is awake all night. It won't be so funny then.

By this time, between all the scolding from both of us, being tired, and not wanting to finish up her room, she started to cry. Then told her dad she missed her mom. Which breaks my heart, even though I know she will always miss her mom and it's no reflection on me and that if it were my own flesh and blood daughter, and I was yelling at her, she'd miss her dad since HE wasn't yelling. Bee told her it's ok to miss her mom, but it wouldn't stop her from being punished. If her mom was there, she'd punish her too, but she's not, and she doesn't see her all the time, so she gets to always be the happy, "fun" (well, as fun as you can be in prison) parent. However, this whole situation wouldn't be happening if her mom didn't do what she did.

After that, C helped me take down the Christmas decorations, she went to bed, feeling better, I rearranged the living room some what and am now waiting for my pictures to come in that I ordered (hopefully should be today) because I have space to hang them now. and I sat down for the first time since I walked in the door. It was 10:30pm. Although, the one bright spot in the night, besides taking down the decorations and organizing my living room to where it looks so nice now in there I could just pee, is I made Bee and the kids Shrimp Alfredo for dinner last night. First time I ever made it. First time I ever cooked shrimp. First time I ever made Alfredo sauce, and I made it without a recipe! And it was to DIE for! Well, the sauce was, I'll take Bee's word that the shrimp was too. I don't eat fish. Period.

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this day for two weeks. The real problem with yesterday was the fact that the kids have been overstimulated since Christmas Eve. They spent 6 days with their Grandparents who let them rule the roost, and give in to yelling over everyone and whining as a way to get your way, and there have essentially been no rules (or chores for that matter) for two whole weeks. Little Man spent the first 3 days crying and whining every 15 seconds. We had to end THAT real quick. C was getting a little big for her britches too. I guess last night was just the big melt down we needed to re-establish the pecking order in our house, put everyone back in place, and thank GOD for the return to our schedule today. It went off pretty much without a hitch this morning. Matching track suit/lunch bag and all! Here's to day two, and normalcy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We partied harty!

Little Man is 8!

My little guy is 8 today. EIGHT! I may not have birthed him, but he holds a special place in my heart. It's hard to believe when I met  his dad, Little man was only 6!
Bless his little 8 year old heart.

Today we are going to go to Church, then come home and get ready for his big day. We are having friends over from school as well as family friends. We will be dining on homemade pizza, chips, pop, and for desert, we will have giant cookie cake and vanilla ice cream.

Is it fair to ask that he stays little forever? He's not going to be the little man forever. While I want him to grow up and be a good loving adult, I want him to stay little just a smidge longer :)

So, in honor of this joyous day, I give to you 8 reasons why I love this little man!

1. He is the best share-er around. He could be starving, on the brink of death, and only has 1 chicken nugget left, and he will offer it to you before eating it himself. He shares his toys, his thoughts, his food, and pretty much anything else he has with nary a sigh, or an eye roll. In fact, he does it without us even asking!

2. He has a heart of gold. He is kind and sincere, yet will not brown nose. When he pays you a compliment, it's genuine.

3. He is smart! Oh so smart. He is the top student in his class. He reads better than anyone else, even his older sisters, and the things this kid knows, or thinks to ask about, would blow your mind. He takes after his daddy that way.

4. His willingness, unprovoked, to help out. Always the first to volunteer to get something for dad, or to ask me if I need help with getting dinner ready, or bringing the groceries in.

5. The fact that he loves to cuddle! Weather it's with me, his dad, or his sisters. He is one big cuddle bug!

6. He is always well behaved. I hardly have to scold him about much. He's NEVER in trouble at school. He's always "Green" when it comes to his school behavior (Green is good, yellow means the teacher had to warn you, and Red is, well. It was a bad day LOL!) and the one day he went "yellow" because he forgot his notebook, he came home and cried thinking Bee and I would punish him. :)

7. His laughter. It's contagious!

8. The fact that of all my kids, he is the one that you tell him something once, and he'll never forget it. He is the only one who remembers everyday to wash out his dishes and put them in the sink/dishwasher. He is usually the one who always has his lunchbox on the counter after school for me, and his backpack put away. His boots are always on the boot rack, and his toys are usually put away right before he comes and hugs us good night

To my little guy: May you have the happiest of birthdays and I hope you get everything your little heart wants. May today be your day! We love you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I often make it a point not to make any resolutions. I am not a big fan of commitment. I don't like to be locked into anything.

Well, except of course my loving relationship with Bee. Ha! But I don't see that as "locked" into anything.

Anyway, moving on.

I did make a New Year's Resolution 2 years ago (January 1st) and that was to quit smoking. I am proud to say, I quit, half heartily actually, cold turkey and haven't had one since. I have no desire to have one, and probably won't ever again.

I don't know if it's the fact I am getting older, of what, but I feel like I need to make myself some goals for the coming year. I also think I need to write them down in order to be accountable. Even if it's to myself.

So, without further ado, here is my list for 2011.

1. Church. I would like to keep going regularly. I knew I missed it, but didn't realize how great it would feel to be back again. I would like to grow my relationship with God, and through him, strengthen the bond between Bee and I as well.

2. Better Work Habits.  My job is boring. Monotonous. And I really do tend to take advantage of the laid back atmosphere. I do my job, but I really don't go above or beyond. I need to be better at that.

3. Save money. Bee and I make decent money. I would like to be able to travel, and have a little bit of breathing room when it comes to money. Plus, if we are going to have a baby, it's going to cost us some dough just to get pregnant.

4. Eat more healthy. We eat so much better now then we did when we lived at the old house, but I would like to step that up even more.

5. Plant a garden and grow my own veggies and herbs.

I think I will keep it at five for now. :) Let's see in a year from now how many I actually did :)

Hair of the dog

Well, I said I was going to take it easy because I didn't want to be hung over today. Yeah, that girl, that responsible girl, disappeared. Crazy, 21 year old, party girl showed up.

It's ok though. I was only slightly hung over. Bee was at least a little hung over too. I don't know why, but it makes me feel better haha! BFF Rose on the other hand. She is spending every waking second today regretting every beverage she imbibed.

We had a GREAT time though. Kids did too. My cousin's kids were over and we took them all out to my mama and poppy's house. She had 10 kids all together! My three, my cousin's three, our friend Chelsea's two kids, and my brother's two. Bless her. Especially since the 6 I had were exhausted from playing and being up most of the night, and passed out in the car on the hour drive out there so, they were rested and ready for massive amounts of sugar.

We stopped off and got alcohol infused whip cream. All I can say is, yummy. Between that, whipped cream vodka, beer, and tube shots, my belly hurt this morning. However, it was fun. I won't be doing it again anytime soon though.

We have my cousin's 3 again tonight because they had so much fun the last two days, and because they didn't want to miss Little Man's party. I did manage to go to the store today for the party, but I didn't clean or take down my decorations. Mainly because I figured if I took them down and cleaned, the kids would just mess it up again. I'll wait until tomorrow.

Bee is excited about the big game and so are his friends he's taking! I am excited for him. All in all, a good way to start out 2011 :)

Hope you all had a good and safe New Year!

Lille Man in his new coat. He fell asleep before I even hit the highway on the way to my mama's.

My cousin's oldest. Angelo.