Friday, May 3, 2013

Hi and waiving!

I'm still here! I have been a huge slacker at work lately. This has caused a medium sized, but sneaky mountain to grow at my desk. At some point a week and a half ago it threatened to topple on top of me if I did not attend to it toot suite.

So, there's that.

But, now I am here. Medium sized mountain vanquished and all. So, this is what's been up.

1. The Church. We didn't qualify for a mortgage. It really didn't surprise me. Bee and I both agreed that while the price was waaay right for us vs. the square footage (8,000),  what worried us was being financially able to fix it in the timely fashion it required to make it livable (like, adding a bathroom and putting in showers). Also, heating it. Good Lord. While it was zoned heating, we figured we would need to keep at least 2-3 zones heated at a time.  It is a HUGE steal at that price and it's a really sweet building, but right now is not the time. I look at it this way, it's been for sale for 3 years and no one has even come close to buying it. If it's meant to be, it will happen. The whole thing DID show us however, how to get to the point where people will be throwing mortgages at us. It's going to take about $700.00 and a years worth of time :)

2. Basketball. It's my life. This weekend will be the first in almost a month we aren't packing up and heading out to some all day tournament. Instead, we are going to Detroit for a Football game of Bee's. At least we are staying in a hotel. Was supposed to be an ADULTS ONLY weekend, but every adult that we trust with our kids (or at the very least , the law says we have to trust with out kids) is out of town. C has an ALL DAY track meet and a friend of ours is going to let spend the dark time hours with them. That means, Little Man is with us. No biggie. I really don't mind little dude tagging along. The only down side is, because he is with us, we have to get a room with two beds. Which means my excitement of having a KING bed for a whole night has been dashed and therefore replaced with the dread of a gasp, DOUBLE BED. Bee and I don't work well in a double bed. Sigh. He better win this damn football game. And, he better give me money to spend at the flea market the next day. LOL

3. The Dentist. Canceled on me before. Was supposed to call and reschedule. Had yet to do so. Then, Tuesday night, I bit into my dinner and my bridge snapped in two. I picked up the phone right away and called my dentist. He got me in the next day. New temporary bridge is in place. Looks great. Feels WAY better. Cost me lots of money. I now need to get a second and third job :(

4. I was asked by a friend of mine to take her daughter's senior pictures! She's paying me too! If it goes well, maybe I'll put it out there that I can do that. Maybe make some cash to pay for the above!

5. Cats.  I wish THEY could pay for their pictures being taken...

6. Last weekend's fun :)


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