Thursday, May 23, 2013

My first REAL Photography job :)

I have been wanting to be a "real" Photographer (ie: PAID) for awhile now. The only problem is, my confidence in me and my equipment. :) I am terrified that I will take crappy photos for someone who will feel their result was not worth their payment. I don't have backdrops, fancy lights, or even fancy lenses. I do have a decent eye, and an expensive camera that I mostly know how to use ;) So, when an aquantince of mine asked me to take her daughter's senior pictures AND was willing to hand over a nice sized amount of cash, I was at a loss. Most of me was like "YES! YES! YES!" and  a small part of me was all "No thank you. We don't really want to put ourself out there. What if you hate the pictures? What if I fail?!".

In the end, I told that small part of me to shut the hell up and eat a cookie :) I took the job and while I was so nervous for the 3 weeks that led up to it, I still was also excited! It ended up being so much fun!! My subject was great and we had a lot of fun (even though it was 9,000 degrees with 10458% humidity!). They wanted to go downtown and get some pictures there and shoot some at Squires Castle (giant castle/park). Due to filming a movie downtown and Tribe Game traffic, we opted out of downtown for right now, but plan on getting together next month during the work day to do the downtown pictures :) I also found a sweet photo editing software that was free and like photoshop, but WAY easier to use :) What do you think?

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