Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have three kids in my house. 18, 11, and 9. New trends often start at the top. The high school kids start saying or doing something, and then it filters down. Usually, to siblings, who then take it to school and start saying/doing the "new" thing with their friends, who pick up on it and so on.

About 8 months ago, my 18 year old started saying everything was "epic".

"That was soooo epic!" "It was be really epic if I could get my own car"  "It was, Epically, the best day of my life!"

Then, the 11 year old (who is "popular") picked up on it and all of her and her little girlfriends started saying it too. All you would hear at the basketball games and practices was how this was epic, and that was epic etc, etc..

Now, waay after the fact the the older kids have deemed "epic" so last month!"  it has made it's way to my 9 year old's age group. Just like all things, 9 year old's are not too good with judging when they are overdoing it. Every other word out of their mouth is "Epic", and it annoys the other kids who tell them "You don't even know what epic is!"

It's an  Epically Epic situation....  ;)

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