Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's my party, I'll change my mind if I want to!

So, after talking to my Bee and asking him a few questions, I have come to realize he wants a "bigger" wedding than he had originally thought he did. ;) His guest list for the ceremony, which was supposed to be just family, was already at 25. Add to that my side and well, 50 people are coming. That's not even inviting the people who might not be close enough to be family, but are people we want at least at the Reception.

We calculated the tab if we did it ceremony, dinner out, limo bus, party at a bar, reception/luncheon the next day versus rent a hall, ceremony and reception with dinner and alcohol, but do it all one night and in one place. It's about the same. Plus, I'll get my first dance AND my daddy-daughter dance :) Woot!

- I am foregoing the traditional "here comes the bride" for an acoustic version of Mike's and my Song, which is "Free" by Zach Brown Band (just typing that, makes me misty eyed!). Hopefully, his brother will be playing it on his acoustic guitar...

- My colors are Black and yellow. For several reasons...but mainly because we are HUGE Steelers fans ;) However, I am not going to make my girls buy a specific dress. They can buy their own dress from anywhere they like. It just has to be black, or yellow. Or both.

-He is going to ask Little Man to be his best man (!!!!) and they are going to have matching tux's.

- I am catering it myself. We will have burgers, hot dogs, brats, Wings from our favorite wing place, potato salad ect. We are fancy.

- I got a great deal on alcohol. A friend of ours owns a little store in town. He is giving us 20% off on beer, 10% off on wine, for every $100 in beer we buy, we will get a free bag of ice. Also, any wine left over, he will buy back!

-My Cake Topper!!!

- Our friend's son is making the cake (he does great work!) He is giving us a deal too!

- A friend DJ's too. He said he'd hook us up on the 1's and 2's ;)

That's about it for now!

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workerbeebuzz said...

Congrats on everything you got going on!!! We really enjoyed our wedding with having friends and family help out with as much as possible. Makes it less stress I think. Enjoyed finding your blog, stay out of trouble!!