Monday, July 23, 2012

I like to bunch all of my life events into one 6 month period!

Ya'll, I've been on Hiatus.

I know, what else is new, right?

Well, it's Summer. And We're busy. And, I could blog every day but I think ya'll would get sick of hearing "So, we had football for Bee today. Then, Football for C....oh, and Little Man had football today, too!" So, I decided to take a little unplanned break.

There has been some noteworthy things, though...

J graduated. Yes, she made it! I spent 3 hours in a gymnasium where the temperature inside was roughly that of the sub-artic (and my hoodie was in the car :(  ). Then, I planned, bought for, prepared, cleaned and carried out a graduation party for her as well. It just so happened to fall on the only day of the year thus far where we reached temperatures that were damn near the surface of the sun (it made it to 104 that day....oh, and did I mention my house is 109 years old...and they didn't have central air back then. Nor, did they made a house that could have central air installed down the road.)

C broke her arm. Yeah. That's what I said. Want to know how? Well, I'll tell you. She spent a week with her grandparents. That really should be all I have to say, but I'll go on. Anyway, they thought it was hilarious to watch my kid, who is smack dab in the middle of football training camp for her 7th grade middle school team, which is filled with coaches and players who have never seen her play and are skeptical about a girl playing, climb a tree. Better yet, climb 15ft into a tree. Then, she fell out of it. They told her she was fine, and after a day or two of her complaining, they put a brace on it (that was for the wrong arm) that they had laying around and told her she'd be fine. Didn't call us. Didn't tell us. In fact, she was home from their house for like 3 hours before we even noticed it (we had people over and she came in and asked to go ride her bike and play and we said sure...) Yeah. Broken arm. I was PISSED. Needless to say, she is fine now and her football team loves her...but still. My kids always seem to come home injured from there....

Bee's team is in the top 5! :) So, yay for that!

Oh, and I have some news.....

Because I think it's super awesome and fun to try and shove all my live events into one six month period of time...

Bee and I are going to start trying to have a baby in September!!

and if that isn't enough...

We are getting married on 12/31/2012 !!!!!!!

The current plan is a small ceremony with just immediate family and best friends (BFF Rose's lovey is going to be doing the ceremony) then, go out to dinner after. Then, get a party bus and go out on the town to celebrate for New Years Eve (and to celebrate our marriage, of course) and then New Years Day, have a Family Friendly Reception.

Yeah...I'm going to be a busy girl... but then again...what else  is new?! ;)

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