Monday, September 26, 2011

I need a break from my breaks!

Well, last week was full of things! My life is crazy, I don't know what made me think adding a geriatric dog to the mix would make it any less so. Ha! :)

Gypsy has done well. I have finally calmed down and so  has she. She knows her favorite spots to sleep now. She knows our routine. She knows Ms. Kitty's spots and tries to avoid them too. :) Ms. Kitty and her are not friends, but they are co-habitatting at least. You should see though their reaction when the other one is getting love from me. Bee and the kids can love on them alllll day and it won't affect the other, but let me hold Ms. Kitty or pet her, or pet Gypsy and talk to her and the other goes crazy. I guess it feels good to be loved? :)

All three kids left on Friday. J went to her mom's, and the wee ones went to Grandma and Grandpa's. So, Bee and I went to dinner. I was feeling emotional, girlie, and needy (There comes a time, every month, where us girls get like that...) and I was being all over sensitive about something Bee said and I cried and argued all through our nice meal at my favorite restaurant that he was trying for the first time. I will say however, that it wasn't all me. He was being at least 25% insensitive. By the time the check came, we were fine. We headed over to Home Depot to get some paint for helmets and head home for the night. However, one of Bee's friends text him. She was in the area and wanted to know if we wanted to meet for a drink. So we did.  She was very nice :) We had a drink or two, then headed home. We watched some TV (thrilling, I know...) and went to bed.

Saturday, I got up first. I walked Gypsy, went to the store, and came home and made breakfast in bed for my Bee :) After we ate, we watched our Sons Of Anarchy and got all caught up. After that I went outside to tackle the jungle that was our yard.


Words can't even explain.

Look, when we moved, the yard was beautiful. Nicely done. Nothing super fancy. However, it was late August. All we had to do was mow the lawn once a week and we were golden. I had big plans for our yard. Ok, well, not big, but I wanted a garden. Then Spring came and it rained for 4697345 days straight. And then like *that*, it was Summer, and it was 1000 degrees, and every free moment of my life I was running here and there. My kids, who's job it is to mow the lawn (honestly? I haven't touched a mower since I was 8. Even then, it was one time) were almost never home for more than a day at a time this Summer. I was happy to get the lawn mowed! My beautiful yard turned into a jungle. A real life jungle! I swear, I saw monkeys the other day! My beautiful flowering bushes that are so pretty in the Spring? Yeah, "weed trees" as I call them sprouted up in the middle of them! The Ivy that started off looking so nice in the front beds? TOOK OVER MY FRONT STEPS! I mean it! You could not SEE the steps any longer. It was coming out of the beds into the grass too!

I threw on jeans, tennis shoes and socks, long sleeves, and work gloves. I grabbed the "clippy-snippy things" as I call them, and giiiiirrrrlll....I went to town on my front yard. I told Bee if I could just get THAT done, I would call it a success. I would worry about the back and side yards another day. I clipped, snipped, swore, swatted, pulled, raked, and trimmed for 2 hours. The front isn't 100% done. There are a few "trees", I couldn't get with the snippy things. But it is 99% done and while I have no skill to "manicure" it, it looks 100 times better. At that point, I was exhausted. I was going to take my pile I had raked up and put it in the fire pit, when BEE CAME OUTSIDE! He grabbed the weed eater and mower and went to town on the side and back yard. I grabbed my snippy-clippy things, and joined him. We are not done, but we are 90% there and it looks GREAT! I will say, I am going to stock up on mulch/wood chips over the winter and rain or shine, that stuff is going down! Afterwords, we showered and jumped on the bike and headed up to one of our new spots that is becoming a favorite of ours, Mr. Lee's. It's about 1 1/2 minutes from our house. The beer is cold, and the food is cheap. And awesome! I had Dill Pickle wings. DILL PICKLE! They were EPIC.

We came home, slid into bed, and slept straight through until morning. I got up, took the dog out, got eaten up even more than Saturday, and came right home. Looked in the mirror, between my face, neck, and lower back, I look like I have a bad case of the chicken pox :/ I made breakfast for the Bee and I, and then we headed out to C's football game. Her grandparents were meeting us there with the kids. Apparently, Little man broke his nose on the trampoline this weekend (awesome. Thanks for telling us), and they did not get to see their mom on Saturday because she was ill with the flu. Then, It was "floated" out there that they are going to be gone all of October. The ex asked C if their dad could bring them and she said "Dad says no. He gets physically sick when he comes here" So then she said she would be even willing to put ME on her visitation list so *I* could bring the kids if I was willing. Hmmm...I'd have to think about that one...The day ended on a positive note, C's team won! 34-12!!! Add to that, their loss last week was overturned because the team they played had 13 year old on it and they turned themselves in! Way to go Storm Black!

It was a super busy weekend, and now I look forward to the week. Next weekend will be no different! :)

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Geneva said...

Yard work is so cathartic. When mine turns into a jungle, I always look at it and moan, but I actually love getting my hands dirty and making order from chaos. Plus, the "snippy-clippy things" are fun to wield ;)