Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Like a New baby...but Old and geriatric

Well, last night was night one. I always stress the first night with a pet. I don't enjoy my evening, nor do I sleep well. Last night was no exception. I went out to pick Gypsy up right after work. I got out to my parents house and saw this..
Which, totally made me sad. I never thought I would see the day that my childhood home would be for sale. I always just figured that my parents would live there until they passed. Or, at the very least, I would buy it from them and my family and I would live there. I know, I know. Who does that anymore? My parents offered it to Bee and I, but it is way to small for us :( Not to mention, Bee would be an hour from his job...that starts at 5:45am.

Anyway, I picked up Gypsy, raided the fridge and cupboards for anything I wanted that would spoil before their return, and headed out. Gypsy was not worried in the slightest. Which was good, because she tends to be anxious and nervous. However, she has always loved the car. She takes it very seriously. It's her job, you know...

We then stopped off to see Bee at practice (yes...more football...don't even get me started...told you...year long for us). Gyspy was totally behaving and being a good girl! She barked twice...and that was only because we were right on the sidelines and one guy tackled another right in front of us haha! I thought, "This is going to be great!". We left early, and hit up chick-fil-a because I was STARVING and she needed some water. We finally hit the road abd got home right around 8:30pm.

Gypsy was starting to get tired. She wanted to go home. I didn't know how to express to her, she was "home". At least her home for the next week or so. We came inside and she started getting nervous. The kids all came running at her and she was excited and nervous. Then Ms. Kitty saw her. Ms. Kitty was NOT happy. She went "Halloween Kitty" instantly and started hissing and growlning.  My cat growels, ya'll. Right at that moment, there was a knock at the front door. It was my friend Beth, who lives down the street, who in the last year has never seen the inside of my house! She was walking her old boy (Same age as Gypsy. 11) and thought she would say hi. I broght her in and gave her and her dog a tour and then Gypsy and I went on a walk with her and Samson.We came back and Gypsy was about spent. She barely made it up my back two steps. We came inside and she got two of her 457889439784 pills this dog has to take, and then we waiting on Bee.

Bee came home and we watched a show and then went to bed. I felt so bad though because I took her out once before bed and she ran off the edge of the porch (it was dark, she doesn't know my house yet) and face planted on the cement and rolled a little bit :( she seemed ok though..) Gypsy was starting to get upset. I think she was realizing that my mom wasn't "home yet" and she wasn't in her home. Plus, everytime she caught the cat out of the corner of her eye, she would whine to me like she does at home when there is a cat or another animal in the yard. She doesn't want to hurt it, she just wants ME to know it's there. We went to bed and jealous face (Ms. Kitty) didn't leave our bed for the first time since she has lived with us. Gypsy pretty much fell asleep on the carpet after she inched her way to BEE'S side of the bed (I think he reminds her of my dad) and only whined once or twice. Ms. Kitty on the other hand was all over the bed, in my face, trying to get us to pet her, purring loudly...kept me up half the night between that and worring if Gypsy was ok.

Today, the girls were up at the butt craack of dawn to walk her. She ate her breakfast while they ate theirs, and then she took her pills and went for her walk. She seemed ok, and Ms. Kitty seemed to be not evening really hissing or growling at her anymore (ignoring her mostly) but Gypsy started getting nervous when she saw me getting ready to leave and the kids leave...I hope she does ok today :( I alos hope she settles in a bit more and things become more normal. Until then, it's like babysitting your 95 year old Aunt Sally who has never been to visit...

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Sarah said...

Awww, that's hard...seeing your childhood home up for sale. The only thing I have to compare to that feeling is seeing my aunt's house up for sale after she passed away. It was so bittersweet.
Good luck with your dog! I'll be praying for you!