Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture conglomeration!

I have some pictures that I wanted to share from the last few days. There are a bunch. Some from C's game (she is nuber 4! woot woot!) and some from my walks with Gypsy! Enjoy!

The sky at C's Scrimmage on Thursday night

One of the houses in our neighborhood. Gypsy and I enjoyed this on our walk on Saturday.

My Church. When I *need* to get back to :)

Our community is very Patriotic

I put the picture through a filter :)

Bee standing around with two other coaches and one of their daughters

C pacing on the sideline on Sunday

Touchdown Storm Black!!!

This was in front of us at the game. Thunder and black clouds were behind us!

C bookin down field

I got this!

That's a hold.

My neighborhood

The Sky is on fire :)

I think someone killed the gingerbread man....

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