Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY 9th Birthday, LITTLE MAN!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My sweet, sweet boy turned 9! What an interesting, funny, thoughtful, SMART (oh Lord, the smarts on this child), popular, shy, loving, kind, generous, little MAN he is becoming ;)

- I woke up, showered, got dressed, and came out to greet my family. Little man had a friend over that spent the night. I fed them and the animals and kissed my Bee Hello.

- I set to the task before me of making the cake for my little guy. He specifically requested a cake made from scratch. I had to oblige! He LOVES chocolate, so I made a dark chocolate Hershey's cake with homemade buttercream frosting (holy butter, ya'll)

- Meanwhile, mama packed her things in a whirlwind. She wasn't supposed to leave until Tuesday. Mainly because Little Man had wanted her to be here for his birthday. When I asked if she was leaving, I got a very cert, very cold "YES.  I have THINGS to do and can't afford to get snowed in HERE" I said "Fine" and walked away. I wasn't going to let her ruin little man's day like her attitude ruined Christmas Eve. Bee plowed the driveway and they left immediately (they didn;t even wait until he was completely finished) I told her to please let me know she made it home, and then when she made it back to Detroit. (She had my sister text me both times..she wouldn't do it...she also left a bag on my floor that had her stuff in it with her picture of us...not really sure what THAT means. Also, leftmost of her Christmas presents...but she left other things that i *know* she didn't mean to leave, so I think that was an accident)

- ANYWAY, back to the important things..

- I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned while the kids played outside in the snow. We they got tired, I had them bring in the boxes that hold Christmas stuff and we packed it all away for another year. They went back ooutside with their friends and I went back to laundry and cleaning. Then Bee and I rearranged the livingrom so we can use the kinect we got for Christmas.

- The kids all came in and we had cake and ice cream and little man opened his presents (two DSI games for his DSI he got for Christmas from Bee and I, and Cars and a $20 from Grandma and Grandpa)

- Then they all went upstairs to play DSI, while Bee and I played the kinect. At one point I had them take their baths. Little Man was finished with his, but upstairs still playing DSI with J, and C was watching me on the Kinect. The phone rang and it was their mom. I figured as much. I wasn't going to let C let it come through (it wasn't Sunday. She is allowed on Sunday...) but I figured since it was little man's birthday and she couldn't have been bothered to call the day before....

- C called for him. He reluctantly came downstairs, got on the phone, gave her a series of one word answers for about 2 minutes  and then said "I'm gonna go now. Here's C" and handed the phone to his sister (Not before telling her how I made his cake from scratch hahaha!) Then came over to watch me play kinect. Apprently, *I* was more important. Ha!

All in all, he had a GREAT day! He did what HE wanted to do, which included ending the night playing family games on the Kinect :)

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet, sweet, Little Man! Hope Nine is Awesome!

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