Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 thus far

Well, Happy 2012!

It's been a crazy few days (that feel like weeks!). I will sum it up the best I can in the form of a list. Mainly because my arms are sore from my workout yesterday, and also because I have a lot to do today :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

- Came home from work at 2:30. I took my mom to GFS to do some shopping (with her own money. She Insisted)
- Many dollars later, we left, hit up the smaller IGA for the few things I needed and headed home to spend time with our friends, The Jones's.

Saturday December 31, 2011

- Bee and I slept until 9:30am. Saturday was a lazy, lazy day for all of us.

- I didn't get out of my PJ's and shower until 4pm. This was only because friends of ours called and wanted to know if we wanted to grab a steak with them. Seeing as how we were supposed to go out to see BFF Rose, and that sort of fell through, we were down.

- The kids played outside all day, and then came in for Pizza Rolls and shrimp with Noni (my mom. That's what they call her) Then, they all watched a movie while we got ready to leave.

- We had mediocre steak and after two appetizers, two meals, and two drinks, we paid out $81.00 bill (!!!!! It was some hole in the wall local restaurant, too. It's not like it was Ruth Chris or anything...) and came home. Bee had a massive headache and even though it was New Years Eve, Memaw and Pops headed off to bed where we we snoring soundly by 9:45pm. (My 25 year old self just FACEPALMED herself....)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

-We got up by 9am again. The Holidays always stress me out and wear me out. I guess I was getting my rest!

- Bee left and took C to the store. She wanted to spend her gift cards and Bee needed to get Little Man a present because his birthday was on Monday. It was around this time that everything about went to shit.

- Bee left the house and left behind J, Little Man, Me, and Mama. He text me about 8 minutes from the house telling me he had got dinner. Mama had started dinner (spaghetti and meatballs), but since she hadn't cooked the noodles yet, she said it was no big deal. We would just make it Monday.  Two minutes later, she said my sister and her boyfriend were on their way. I panicked a little bit because since bee left, little man had two friends over (one was spending the night), and now my sister and her boyfriend. I was hoping they would show AFTER we had eaten. Here is where I will claim my part of responsibility. I knew my sister and her boyfriend were coming, but to be honest, I really did forget it was Sunday they were coming over instead of Monday. Whateves. I did not learn of this until AFTER Mike had text me about dinner.

- Mama mentioned they (my sister and her boyfriend) wanted wings from the place up the street. Bee came in and started making tacos. I didn't mention my sister because well, I figured we would be sitting down and eating before they got there AND we were busy talking about other things.

- My sister shows up in the MIDDLE of Bee cooking. He panics because OHMYGOD, we will all only get ONE taco and no one will be full! My sister comes in and starts talking about how good it smells, how she wants whatever it is we are cooking, blah blah blah my sister can EAT, ya'll) and she says "should I even order the wings since he is making tacos? I want tacos!" Bee says in a rather panicked tone (He is a man after all, who is not used to cooking for large groups) as he looks around at my mom, my sisters boyfriend (who can also eat), my sister (who can EAT) C, J, Little Man, Tyler, Colton, Me, and him and says "uhhh...I didn't know there was going to be this many people here! I don't know if there is going to be enough, so why don't you go ahead and order wings, too"

- That is what he SAID. What he MEANT by that was "you will ALL get SOME, but it might not be enough to make a meal out of like I had planned, so lets order the wings too". Mama TOOK it as "I don't want YOU here. I don't want your other daughter here or her boyfriend. We are better than you and you can't have any for it will take from the mouths of me and my kids" She promptly said in a tone that meant business that NOT TO WORRY, SHEEEEE and my sister would order wings. Then got up and left the room. I came in 5 minutes later after we plated the kids plates and saw there would be PLENTY for all to fill up on, to let them know. She nastily told me no. Later, I went to tell my sister I would take her now to go get the wings and she (SHE didn't have an issue, she was fine, it was my mom) told me they canceled the order. My mom said "Yeah, *I've* got plenty of food here we can eat." I said, "And there are plenty of tacos too", to which she replied "oooohhh no. I wouldn't want to take from any ones mouth". And then I said "Fine" and walked away as she said "FINE!" and that was it. She didn't say a word to me or Bee the rest of the night.

- She stayed in the dining room until we went to bed. Even past her usual bedtime of 7:30pm! I was so done at that point, I just let it go. Whateves. I have spent my life walking on eggshells to make her happy. Lived my life the way I thought she wanted me to live it and as the older I get, the more I realize that is not ME. I don't HAVE to do those things. I am 31 goddamn years old. This is MY house, and I can do what I want. You don't want to talk to me? Fine. Your loss. The older I get the more I realize that she needs some serious medication and some serious Therapy. It is not normal to sleep all damn day, or take Benadryl or Nyquil like it's candy.Or have some new injury or ache or pain when you think someone just might have a percocet or a vicodin near by. Just sayin...

- In the mean time, Bee and I watched the Steelers Game. They Won!!! Woot Woot! It was a close game though. Only because a lot of our key players were hurt :( But, I do have to say, I think THIS may have helped them....just sayin ;)

- I went to the store afterwards to get stuff for Little Man's cake. He specifically requested a cake made from scratch with homemade frosting :) We went to bed shortly after that. I said goodnight to my mother, who only responded with silence. So much for the whole "God won't forgive you if you can't forgive" lecture she used to give me when I refused my sisters (or any ones for that matter) apology when I was younger (hell, she'd probably give that same lecture to me now...)

I'll Finish the rest tomorrow....Little Man's Birthday deserves it's own post and not to get lost at the bottom of this rant ;)

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