Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

So we have had a looong and busy weekend :) Friday night we had soccer practice, and Saturday we had our soccer game for little man. Saturday night we hung out with friends, and then Sunday we got up and drove to PA to see Bee's family for their annual Pig roast. WHAT A GREAT TIME! My kids never ran so hard for so long. We are already being begged to be able to come back next year. The kids are begging us too ;) Then, today we had another cookout/birthday party/candle party when we got home. I had a blast. The kids and Bee did too! So glad I took Tuesday off! :)

Bridge in PA

Same bridge

View from what used to be the backyard to the home Bee grew up in (He moved when he was 15 because his house was distroyed by a flood)

C about to go jet skiing for the first time

J's first time going too!

View from Bee's cousin's second floor deck (They live next door to where Bee grew up)

View from the same deck, but up into town


Bee's house used to sit here...

Bee's cousin Marcie, and I

Me and my favorite guy!

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