Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's been quiet

Since summer break has rolled around, my kids have not spent more than one night at home at a time. They got out on a Wednesday and I those first few days two of them were at friend's houses spending the night. Then, the wee ones (C and Little Man) spent a week with their grandparents. They saw their mom (*rolls eyes*) and went camping. Meanwhile, J hibernated in her room, mostly. Then, all three went to Grandma Bee's house and have been there ever since. She is bringing them home Wednesday so they can do chores, remember what Bee and I look like, help me get the house ready for J's 18th birthday party/BBQ (we're having people over, too), and so she can get a small break. Then, Grandma Bee is picking them up Tuesday of next week and keeping them until Sunday!

Let me say this. I love my kids. I do. They are precious angels sent to me from God that didn't have to wreck my womb or my vag to be here. I love spending time with them and helping Bee raise them. However, I do enjoy when they are gone for a little while :) Bee and I have spent our whole relationship with kids in the picture. Always. At least one is hanging around somewhere. So, when an opportunity to spend a few days with just us in the house, it's nice. If we want popcorn for dinner, we eat it. If we don't eat until 9pm, so be it. If we want to grab a bite at the little Mexican joint up the street, it won't cost us an arm and a leg and we won't have to hear how they don't have chicken nuggets or mac and cheese on the menu so what exactly am I supposed to eat?

In other words, it's kind of nice......

Even though I do miss their sweet faces. :)

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