Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Terrible Two's

I think my cat is entering the terrible 2's.

I don't know how old she is exactly, but BFF Rose's boyfriend rescues cats as a hobby and checked her teeth and says she's roughly 17 months old. Good enough for me. (In a week or two I am taking her to the vet to get shots, checked, and fixed, but for now, his expert opinion is good enough.)

Anyway, her new "thing" is to demand my attention 24/7. When she doesn't get it, she claws me. Smacks me in my face. jumps into my lap and forces me to notice her. When she is not doing that, she is getting on the table. The counter. Knocking over my plants. On purpose. Seriously. She knows she is not allowed up there, but she will meow at me to get me to look at her. Jump up on the window sill where I have they set up, LOOK ME RIGHT IN MY EYES, Meow again, and knock my plants off the sill...all while never breaking eye contact. She walks in between my legs as I am walking. Meows non-stop if a part of her is not touching a part of me.

I love her to pieces, but for reals? It's light weight getting on my nerves. At least when the kids come home today they can play with her! :)

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