Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a weekly thang...

It seems like every time I get to post a blog, it just happens to be a Thursday. Wow. I suck :) It's not that I don't check here every day, because I do. It's just that...well, I don't really have much to say. Well, I always have something to say. It's just I have nothing new to say. I'm going to blame the blur that is football and summer. And the heat. And the cold. And my job.

It's been the same thing. On repeat. You see, it's like ground hogs day here. Monday morning, I wake in a fog. I go to work, with less sleep than I need. I get there and read my blogs, catch up on the chatter on the message boards on who won this week, who got their asses handed to them *ahem* Invaders *ahem* Maybe-you-should-stop-telling-people-Bee-was-the-problem-because-you-are-1and3-and-we-are-3and2-just-sayin. By that time, it's 10am. Just when I think I am going to post a blog, I get bombarded with real life work that I am paid to do. So, I put it off until the afternoon. Then, more work. Then it's 5pm. Ugh.

Then, I go home. Where it has been 107 degrees in my house. Except this last week, where I have kept my windows closed because I am cold. Because it has yet to climb out of the 50-60's. And because I don't want my cat to go into heat again, because her caterwauling at 2am is slightly annoying. As soon as I get my bonus, she is getting fixed. I have not had the gumption or the energy to do much, other than fix my family something that passes as "dinner", and retire to my chair. Where, I spend the better part of the evening swearing and cursing the person who invented camcorders and "formats", because while I can easily film a football game on anything you hand me, it's the transferring it all to my computer and putting it onto a DVD...that works in all DVD players. This is interdispersed with checking facebook and making fun of people.

By 9pm, I am falling asleep in my chair like me maw and the begging begins for Bee to come to bed with me. Bee lets me go to bed whenever I want, and a lot of nights I do just that, but I like going to bed with him, because bed time is OUR time. Those precious 15 seconds between him getting into bed, and falling asleep are mine. I don't have to share him with the kids, the T.V., the Xbox, his phone, or football. Finally, by 11pm, he is ready, and off to bed we go. He gets in bed and is usually snoring before his head hits the pillow. Me? I am wide the f*^&k awake. I lay there and think....think....think....about all sorts of crap. Now, I could understand if I was stressed. Upset. Or thinking about important things...but what runs through my head? Show tunes. Names for the dance team next year for football, how to get myself to remember better. It's quite annoying. I fall asleep by 1am or so...only to have to wake up again at 2am to pee....again. Wake up, do it all over again.

The weekends roll around, and it's go-go-go-go! I was so busy last week, I spilled a whole can of ice cold diet coke on the CROTCH of my VERY light denim Capri's. I could have not looked more like I peed my pants, than if I actually peed my pants. I didn't even give a shit. I just carried on. Bee did get me a new pair before anyone could see me, but still...

At my job, my co-worker is messing up big time. So, as a punishment, they took away one of her accounts and gave it to me. Holy S have I been busy. It's ok, and I like it, but I feel like a mad woman! :)

So, with all of that being said, I will try and post more than once a week, but for the summer, it might end up being once a week for awhile. I promise, I won't quit all together. I like to talk to much for that ;)

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