Thursday, June 9, 2011

My word, the HEAT

So, as per usual in Ohio, we have skipped a season again. We went from winter, to Monsoon, to oh-my-Goodness-the-HEAT! That's ok really. I am a tropical people. I got REALLY sun burnt on my face memorial day weekend. I didn't mean to, it just sorta happened. The end result? I peeled, and then I was left with a certain tanny color. I mean, it would be what YOU would look like in the middle of winter, but for me? Well, I might as well be African American I am so dark. ;)

We are supposed to get a slight break from the heat this next week. Only in the 70's. I kinda like it really sunny and hot. Makes me kinda forget the Arctic weather I must suffer through from October through April. Plus, I don't have to shovel heat. Now that Bee has put in the window unit in the dining room, being outside of my bedroom in the house isn't so bad. By the way, I'd just like to state, that me from even a YEAR ago, would never in a million years think that I would have to say things like "no central air" and "window unit" ever again. Seriously. I thought those would have gone out of style back in the late 80's with the likes of walkmen's. Thank Goodness for my sake they did not. Who woulda thought I'd live in a 100+ year old house that does not have the duct work of houses 70 years it's junior for new fangled futuristic things such as "central air". Annd, I just wrote two whole paragraphs on the heat. Just hand me my teeth and call me mamaw.

Anyway, I was home all day yesterday waiting on the gas company. Really. Who gives you a service window of "8am and midnight"?! The gas company, that's who. Seriously. I asked the lady "You mean noon, right? As in, 8am to Noon"? And her response was "No, ma'am. 8am to midnight. However, it will be done BY midnight" as if that is supposed to make me feel better. I was litterly forced to stay home all day. I didn't even want to chance being in the back of the house and having them ring my front doorbell, which, works when it wants to, and have them just leave instead of knocking or coming around back. They finally showed up around 3 and did their magic and all was well, but good grief.

I did managed to clean my house yesterday. That was a good thing considering it hadn't been done in weeks. WEEKS. I mean, I've cleaned up a mess here, a spill there, but that's it. I was starting to get dust bunnies big enough to eat me. Not to mention, we had Grandma Bee's surprise retirement party on Sunday and the 35+ adults were messier than any kids I've ever had over. My kitchen floor looked dirtier than a public restroom floor. Ugh. It's so bright and shiny now, I could probably land planes. Kids are officially on summer break though, so lets see how long that lasts.

Thank God it's Thursday, but the busiest part of my week's just about to begin!

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