Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And now, if I can direct your attention over here..

Hmmm. They say God has a sense of humor. I would like to tell God, sometimes I don't really think he is as funny as HE thinks he is.

 After my post yesterday about step mommies and the domestic enemies they face, we had a "something" last night that made me think of a few more. Details on the "something" and what it spawned, later. I am uber busy today at work and won't have time to type it all out. However, I am trying to stay on a roll, as they say, so I wanted to post something ;)

I love you, my darlings :)

so for now, take a look at my uber sexy man, being man candy!!

This picture just screams "Hey! Don't take my picture!" But you know what? I am glad I did. Cuz he's cute! ;)

and lastly, I leave you with Ms. Kitty. Pissed O-F-F! Little Man asked if I would like to put together his dinosaur puzzle with him. I, of course, agreed, and so we sat down on the floor to get to it. Apparently, we are NOT ALLOWED on HER floor. Secondly, she was NOT ALLOWED to participate in the putting together of the puzzle, so she took it out on the puzzle box (kept swatting it with her paw so we couldn't see it) and kept trying to pick up the pieces and carry them off...

Talk to you soon, my pretty-es ! :)

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