Friday, July 1, 2011

The Longest Parade in the History of Forever!

Every year for the last 70 years, the little city of Fairport has been having it's little festival called "Mardi Gras". They kick off every year with a parade on opening night! I only know they've been doing it for 70 years because their website said so. Also, the theme this year was "70th Birthday party!". I put two and two together. I am deducive like that. :) Afterwards, everyone either goes home or heads to the beach where the carnival is.

Two years ago, we walked in the parade with Bee's football team. It was roughly a mile and a half to two miles (being a marching band vet, I know parades are measured by mileage. I'm fancy that way). Not the BIGGEST parade I have ever been in, but more middle of the road. When you walk or, march, as the case may be, it doesn't take as long as watching the parade....

I got home last night and I knew two things. I wanted to change my shoes, and I had to pee. I was trying to hurry because Bee had practice and he left his stuff in my car. He's like a 15 year old boy like that...anyway, I hadn't decided what I was going to do for the evening, but I had a few ideas. I needed kitty food. I needed laundry soap. I figured a trip to the store. Then I was thinking about what to make for dinner...chicken? Left over Chili, again? Chicken and dumplin's? In the back of my mind I knew the parade was tonight. I thought maybe after dinner, I'd surprise the kiddos with a trip down there.

I stepped out of the car, and like a creepy ninja that Little Man sometimes is, almost tripped over him. He was RIGHT THERE! And before I could even elicit a gasp, he was on me. "Can we go to the parade tonight?" Then, before I could answer, Bee was running out the door, stuff in hand, opening up my car doors and asking me, "You're gonna come with me, right?" "Do you want to come with me?" "Can I use your car"? and then, C walks up on all of this and says "Do you think, we could perhaps go to the parade tonight?" Needless to say,  I felt a bit bombarded.

Bee felt sad that I didn't want to go to practice with him. Here's the thing. I love football. I love him. I love hanging at practice with everyone and last year, I don't think I missed a single practice. However, I have a house to take care of now. Things that need to be done, and as much as I enjoy going with him, I sit there and think about how I am doing  nothing, when there are 17 zillion things at home being neglected. I wouldn't even mind putting those things off if it was watching him play a game, or doing something one-on-one, but I am not even spending quality time with him. In fact, I don't even exist, while we are there because he is busy doing football stuff. It's perfectly fine with me too, but I'm going to pass on being there if I have other things that need my attention.

In the end, he conceded, saying "Nah, baby, you go. Take the kids to the parade and have a good time. Here's $20, put gas in my truck and you can take that (wow, thanks...I prefer my car thank-you)" Also, he said it in front  of the kids, who then cheered and high fived each other like they had just won a basketball game or something. So, I guess my plans had been made. I kissed my man goodbye and ran inside to use the rest room. The parade started at 7pm and it was already 6pm, so we had to go (I remembered waiting in line 2 years prior for over an hour...) I grabbed the kids and ran.

We got there, parked, and found our spots. It was packed! Apparently, they Mayor owned the house who's tree lawn we were on. He had a nice little BBQ set up and was entertaining people. They were all TRASHED. Even the mayor. Who, by the way, was handing out beer and liquor to the DRIVERS of the floats as they passed by (because he knew all of them. Small community) Ya'll, there were probably 17 thousand kids lining the streets (ok, more like 200) and you are going to give alcohol to the drivers? And, it wasn't like that was the only spot, these guys got beer and whatnot all the way down the parade route. I saw a lady run out with a shot for the one driver and they did it there in front of everyone! Good God people!

Other than that, the parade was a success. Lots of candy was passed out. The kids spent the whole time ooing and aahing all the different trucks and floats and sights to see. It was sooo loooong though. It started at 7pm and ended at 9:45! Towards the end, we were all just waiting for it to be over. We left, grabbed some McDonald's drive thru and the kids went home and went to bed. I WANTED to go to bed, but instead went to walmart to make sure Ms. Kitty had food...and we can have clean laundry, and pop to drink.

And all of God's children said AMEN! :)

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