Monday, July 25, 2011

I blinked and then..

A whole freaking MONTH went by! Good God! :)

I am ok. We are all well :) I did not mean to leave my little bloggity blog for this long!

What had happened was, I was going to go home and upload the pictures from the longest parade in the history of forever the evening of my last blog post. However, I live in the sticks, and even though I PAY for the fastest DSL/Cable Internet, it is not guaranteed I will get it, being that it's the country and all. And Bee likes to play his shoot em up bang, bang, game at night and yell things at the tv like "THAT's HORSE SHIT!", "THEY'RE SO CHEATING!" and my personal favorite, "THEY HAVE A LAG SWITCH!" because playing xbox for him is relaxing and therapeutic. Ahem. I will never understand boys..

Anyway, because of that, if I try to upload pictures while he is playing, it pretty much makes it so that he can shoot at guys non stop and won't hit them, leaving him defenseless and to be picked off by random goons because I am bogging down our bandwidth. So, I figured, I would wait until he was at practice, and I could have our Internet connection to myself. However, I had 87 other things like playing with my new phone, and shopping because I got my summer bonus the afternoon I wrote my last post.

Then, it was July 4th weekend. Friday night Bee and I had date night where I treated him to Red Lobster and one of the two times in the year we can afford to let me eat Steak and him have a whole Lobster tail. I know, we live on the edge! Then, we headed over to East Coast Custard for a sugary frozen treat. Saturday, we were up at the break of early because we had to shop for J's 18th birthday party/BBQ for our friends too. We ended up getting her a cell phone (we won the award for best parents...EVER...that day) and buying Bee a grill because, well...he doesn't have one and I like when my food gets cooked outside sometimes :) After that, we started waiting on her friends to arrive. She invited 8 people (that's a stretch for poor J. She doesn't have a lot of friends :(  ) One of which was her boyfriend. She had been up since the break of early too, getting herself and the house ready. Her people were supposed to be there around noon. This included her friends, her boyfriend, my family, and Grandma Bee. The only person who showed? Grandma Bee :(  That was only because J text her begging her to come since no one was there. That was at 2pm. By the time Grandma got there, a car showed up and three kids got out. J was ecstatic! However, they were all on Weight Watchers, so, they all had a diet coke, and then left after the finished it. They had other parties to hit, but wanted to stop in and wish her a happy birthday. Eventually, her friend Tiff showed up and she sulked while Tiff tried to cheer her up.

J's boyfriend sucks. Every time she wants him to come over, first he "can't get a ride", then I offer to go get him, and all of a sudden, he can not be reached by phone or by Internet, because you know, his phone is broken. The thing that pissed me off the most was he spent weeks building her up. Telling her he was going to be the first one there, and the last one to leave. He was going to shower her with presents and they were all going to be personal, meaningful gifts (I'm assuming like a mixed tape?), and he was going to be by her side the whole time. She was so excited, she could barely sleep (if she slept at all..) Then, he blew her off. Ugh...a big bowl of suck. She ended up spending the night at Tiff's house, and the next several days. Apparently, he contacted her that night around 10pm (you know, when it's too late to offer to come get him) and said his phone was broke, but it's fixed now. In the time since this weekend, he called her up and told her he was actually at ANOTHER party that day with ANOTHER girl that he has decided he likes better. So sorry, but I am going to have to break up with you now....for only the 4th time since I've known you....Bee and I say "Good Riddance" but at the same time...poor J. She's over it now though...and in fact, I think she has a new love...Ah Teenagers...

Then Sunday, we went to a birthday party for our friend's 3 year old, and then later attended a bar-b-que at a friends' house, which we have recently started hanging out with more because another couple we were friends with decided THEY weren't going to be our friends anymore and started monopolizing our other friends (we all have the same group of friends) and it was like a was between "us", but everyone else felt torn because when it came time to hang out they only would invite one of the couples because they didn't want everyone to feel awkward. Well, this couple that decided they didn't want to associate with us anymore, has since done the same thing to two other couples in our, we've all started hanging out waiting to add the other couples in when they get the boot too...Anyway, we had a GREAT time, went home and watched some fireworks through the rain on our street and went to bed.

Monday (the 4th), We hung out at home. Then grabbed dinner out, and then saw fireworks. I was off Tuesday and Wednesday because I went to see Katy Perry Tuesday and I knew I was going to be out late
, so I took Wednesday off too. Meanwhile, I spent the day with my sister on Tuesday taking her to get her first ever tattoo for her belated birthday present. By the time I got back to work, I was so tired. And I had so many pictures now I wanted to upload from all the fun we had had over the past few days, but then I also had all of the football pictures I got from our team photographer (all 1,400 of them!) to upload and categorize and oh em gee! It's summer! There's Football! and kids activities! And trying to spend time doing fun stuff while I have the extra money! Plus working full time. It was a whirlwind. In the last 25 days:

1. J turned 18
2. I got my bonus
3. I spent my bonus...and really aside from my new phone, new tires, and some new clothes..I don't really have much to show for it :(
4. A friend of Bee's and mine (and one of the coaches for the team) passed away suddenly. On game day...
5. We had my parents surprise 40th wedding anniversary party. We pulled it off. They were Surprised! Even if it was 294584896 degrees in the non-air conditioned church hall, everyone had fun.
6. Bee, Reggie, The two wee ones, and myself got banned from a football game we didn't even get inside the gate for.
7. My dad got laid off from his job
8. My dad is 99.9% sure that 4 days after being laid off, he has a NEW job...making more money, and with more perks.
9. That job is in Tucson, AZ. Looks like they may be going after all
10. It's almost time for school to start up again...*sigh*
11. C starts football...TODAY.
12. My friend, Mrs. T, who's husband is C's head coach, just had her now I get baby cheeks to squish at practice!
13. Bee has decided to NOT force Little man to play football, and let him play soccer (which he REALLY wants to do) He even got him a soccer ball and little man is Over.The.Moon!
14. So over the moon, he SLEPT with his soccer ball last night. :)

15: I had a wedding shower yesterday and I stopped at Target on my way to get a gift. I NEVER shop there. Mainly because I think it's a store that sells Wal-mart quality stuff at yuppie prices because they know bored housewives will buy it, thinking they got a huge deal! Anyway, I was there because my friend was registered there. I passed by a clock they had for sale and actually had to do a double take because, hello! Mucho Cool! I snapped a picture of it with my phone and sent it to Bee telling him how cute I thought it was. He replied with something along the lines of "sweet!" and I shrugged it off and said "It's only $15. Maybe I'll come get it next pay... When I got home at 8pm last night, I walked in to this on my wall...

What a sweet guy I have ;)

Yeah. I am sure there is TONS I am missing, but for now, that's the update :) I really DO plan on posting all the pictures from the exciting times we have had this well as daily updates again. If anything, a paragraph or two on something interesting from the day :) I miss my blog! I miss my two readers! ;)


Karen said...

Welcome back! Missed you! I am Sarah's sister ("I'll Treasure This") (and Robbie's mom). I'm a stepmom too (19 and 16 year old boys), so I really relate to your stepmom stories. Sounds like you're having a great summer!

Monkee said...

Thanks, Karen! Do you have a blog too?

Karen said...

No, no blog for me! But since you "never say never," maybe someday!