Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am not dead, I promise.

View from my porch
I am a mom. I am super busy when I walk in my door at 6pm. I love this blog, even if no one reads it. I want to keep it updated, and fun and what have you. I also want to keep it honest. It is my outlet after all. Really, the only time I can update it is at work. I usually have all the time in the world. Lately? Not so much. I was on a a streak of updating everyday, then the "great sadness" happened, which I still don't really want to talk about, and I stayed away because of that fact. Now, I am not really all that sad anymore, I  have been going non-stop at work. In fact, I really do have a lot to do today, but I wanted to get in an update first. I promise little blog, I will not abandon you! :)


So, on top of having my dog with us (I hope my mom comes home soon. One week has turned into..well, we are on week 3.), I decided I wanted to have my 19 month old niece for the weekend last weekend too! She is a really good kid. Like, really. However, she is still a baby, and baby's want to get into EVERYTHING, and my house is not weeee wee one proof. I walked into the house at quarter to 8 on Friday night, and 5 kids (the two youngest had friends over), a dog, and a cat met me at the door. All talking at once (even the dog and cat), all wanting to know when food was going to be served, and then add a baby into the mix and it was chaos! Not to mention, Bee was sick. He thought he was passing a kidney stone, and he was laid up in pain in the living room being a typical sick man. I am trying to put groceries away, make dinner, listen to 5 kids tell me stories about their day, what they are doing in school, what they are doing NOW, and how much longer till dinner?, chasing a baby around, tripping over animals and hearing from the living room, " baaaaaaayyyy-beeee!!! IIIIIIII'mmm huuuuuurrrrttyyy! Come sit with me! Love me! Can I get something to drink? I am soooo thirsty! Hey, when is dinner going to be ready? I am STARVING! My back hurrtttss soooooo baaaddd! Baby, make it better! Hey, are you going to come sit with me??"
I tried to get him to let me take him to the urgent care, and he thought about it, long and hard, but said no. He would rather go to bed and see how he felt in the morning. 

Bella Deep in thought

Watching the cat

Watching Sponge Bob with "Unca Mike"
 Saturday, the baby and I got up, got changed, went to the store, bought stuff for breakfast, came home, made breakfast, cleaned up, and sat around the house because it was cold, and rainy. Bee and I had plans later that night to meet up with old friends of his from when he was 20. I eventually got the baby ready for bed and put her down. We left and met up with his friends and while both of us planned on taking it easy with the beverages (We had C's game the next a baby we knew would be up early), we started having a blast and next thing you know....we woke up Sunday S-I-C-K! both of us. Like, hung over BAAADDD. God bless the kiddos. They took the dog out, kept and eye on the baby while their dad and I moaned and groaned and napped in the living room until it was about time to go to the game. We got there and it was 45 degrees and pouring. I told Bee, I wasn't going to keep the baby out in that weather, and I took her home. J and Little Man went with me and we made it back when there were 4 minutes left in C's game. They lost, it was cold, C got cleated, and it was not a good time.
My guy lookin hot on the dance floor!

We went home, all put our jammies on, and snacked all day (Bee and I were just getting our appetites back). All in all, it was a good weekend. Next time though? No drinking! Ugh! We sooo know better too!

This was Ms. Kitty after the baby left. She was Wore.Out! She didn't move from this spot for like 7 hours

Gypsy was tired too. She spent all weekend being whiny and nervous

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