Friday, March 2, 2012

A Friday List!

- Today is my lovely Niece Isabella's Second Birthday! Happy Birthday, Big girl!

- I am excited about my little trip this weekend with the Lovely Miss.
Ashley and Grandma Bee! I also can't wait to take pictures of the baby
shower and my adventure!

- Today, my heart and prayers are with Chardon (they have been all
week). Today is the day that classes resume. They painted the
cafeteria, and spiffed things up a bit for the kids. Something new to
help forget the bad.

- March 9th, two HUGE rival schools are having a charity basketball
game in honor of the familes of the vicitms in Chardon. All donations
will be given to the Chardon fund. Then, Panini's is inviting everone
down after the game and 100% of your bill will be donated. That is
Awesome, in my book.

- I am feeling a little overwhelmed by my yard. It got away from me
last spring, do to all the rain. It never did get properly weeded or
"winterized". Now everthing looks a little on the wild side. I also
see no time to actually go out there and get 'er done. hmmm....How
much is yard service again???

- My niece is coming over for the weekend in two weeks. This excites
me. However, it also reminds me how much time a toddler consumes :)

- I am still loving my kureg. Can't wait to buy all the different
flavors for it!

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