Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Wednesday already

We had a great weekend, and getting ready to start another one here
shortly. Wow. Time flies. Anyway, Isabella came out to visit up last
weekend and it was a whirlwind of a weekend that started everyday at
6:58am with a high pitched shriek. Ah, two year olds. Finding their
voice. And shattering my good china. Just kidding, I don't own any
good china. Or bad china for that matter.

I loved having her there (and it's so much better when it's not 32
degrees and raining like the end of the world and I am nursing a
REALLY bad hangover like in October when she came out) and Bee is so
adorable with her. We could totally handle having a wee one. Though, I
will be honest, nothing was more relaxing than when she was safely in
her daddy's arms. I got to watch (and take pictures of) Bee's hockey
game, talk with grandma bee, and eat a meal and enjoy it. Ha!

C's very last travel basketball tournament starts tonight in Chardon.
I will be at a camera class though. However, I will be front and
center on Friday. It will be so weird hanging out in the cafeteria
before/after the game knowing three young people lost their lives
right there not 3 weeks ago :( How very sad. I am so very proud of my
Chardon though. They are showing outstanding unity in adversity. I am
also excited to see that they won the "Rock your Prom" contest from
the local radio station!!! They get to have their prom at the House of
Blues venue and I think nationally known acts are going to perform!

And finally, I have decided on a second career. Well, I am 98.98897 %
decided. I am meeting with my friend T on Saturday to let her push me
over the fence into the 100% decided arena. She sells Gold Canyon
Candles and does a pretty good racket. She has been trying to recruit
me, hard, for the last 3 months. She says it's easy, they sell
themselves, whatever, whatever. All I know is that she kept her family
going with that little business for a whole year while out of work.
She also got to go on fun trips all expenses paid, and she really
didn't put much "work" into it. So, a little push from me, and I can
get an east $100- $200 extra a month? I'm down. That will pay for
vacations I so badly want to take, my wedding (if and when Bee asks),
and bills and stuff. Also, I have been to every home party there is
(except pure romance...and I soooo want to go to one!) and really,
while I am not a HUGE candle person, and I am cheap as the day is
long, I would rather buy a Gold Canyon candle than it's half priced
counterpart at Walmart. That statement alone is why T has been on me
to sell. Ha!

So that's what I got. What about you?

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