Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm going on a little trip!

This weekend, Bee's niece (I guess she will be mine too, someday
soon...hopefully soon lol) is expecting in just a few short months!

Her husband and her are in the same boat as Bee and I. He was married
before, had two children, got snipped, got divorced, met a younger
woman who wants babies, and they had to get creative :) They used a
donor and she has had a wonderful pregnancy thus far! However, it's
almost time for baby Eli!

So, Saturday Grandma Bee, myself, and The lovely Miss Ashley (Bee's
and my sister in law) will be heading out to PA! What's even better,
is his sweet sister (the Grandma to be) asked me, since I take such
wonderful pictures, could I please bring my camera and take pictures
of the shower for them! (her words, not mine) I am so honored :) My
firs gig, haha! She offered to pay me, but I refused. I am just happy
to do it!

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