Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Springy Spring!

It's beautiful in Ohio right now. For realsies. I have 20+ pictures
just like this because I am obsessed with sky pictures right now.
hmmm... anyway...

I want to clean up my yard from...well...last year. Ha! It was never
properly prepared for winter last year, and last spring is rained
1000+ days (I keed...but really...) and then the jungle took over.
Bee and I just barely put a dent in it in AUGUST, and then let it go
into this mild winter. It's looking a just don't know
how/where/have the right tools to start. I want to hire someone to
just do THAT part. However, Bee is vehemently against that idea. He
"put his foot down", end of discussion. Not sure WHY he is so
violently against it. I get thinking it's a waste of money, but he was
like, on FIRE he was so against it. Whateves. As long as it gets done,
I don't care who does it. I also want to start seeds again. Someday
I'd like to have a garden, but we shall see if that will be a reality
this year.

In other news, the ex is acting like she is going to start major shit
in the coming weeks. We had a little incident two weeks ago with her
calling (I am not ok with her calling my house on my house phone that
I pay for at ALL, but Bee finally conceded in November to allow her
TEN minutes every Sunday only. Period. If we are here, fine, if not?
Better luck next week. Meanwhile, she has called THREE Times) on a
Monday. Bee was at a football meeting, the kids were at the park
playing baseball, and I just got home and was walking the dog when she
called. J answered and politely (which is surprising with the level of
HATE she has for the ex) told her the kids weren't there, but she
would check next door. She met me at the door when I told her they
were at the park. She went to tell her the kids were not home and at
the park when the ex interrupted her, called her a "fucking liar" and
a "loser" and how "I see nothing has changed with you". That started
it off. J told her off, and the ex hung up and called right back. *I*
answered (first time I have EVER talked to her) and told her I didn't
appreciate her calling MY house and harassing MY family. One, it's NOT
Sunday, TWO, the kids AREN'T home and to STOP calling. Wait till
SUNDAY and try again. Well, I was cussed out and *I* hung up. She
called back, we told her to stop calling and harassing us. She kept
calling. We finally stopped answering. She called 52 times in 10
minutes. Our police friend told us to start the paper trail and file a
police report. We did.

It caused a big to-do with us and her parents too (because she called
them crying) who we were actually getting along nicely with and they
"punished" us (as in Bee and I) by not coming to the kids' basketball
games. Yeah, wonderful grandparents, I know. Missed little guy's big
moment (he got his 2nd place trophy). Sigh. Anyway, the ex hasn't
really talked about it, like I thought she would. She did mention it a
little bit, but she keeps writing the kids about the vacations (both
out of state and country...including her wedding to her prison
boyfriend whom she has never met) letting the kids choose to live with
them in PA, and as of recently, her being able to call whenever she
wants but she will tell them more about that when they see her next.
They have a lot to talk about!


1) Bee has custody. FULL custody. She doesn't even have visitation.
Her letters? Her limited talk time both at our house and the
Grandparents house? Her visits with them? All GIFTS from Bee. NOT for
her, but for the kids.

2) When she gets out, the #1 on this list will still hold true. ANY
visitation she is given will be a GIFT and it will be with a court
appointed liaison.

3) Those kids will not leave this CITY with her, let alone the state,
or Country.

And, I have one of the best lawyers in the state who will make that
happen. Woot. Thanks to my little friend I work with. Dude is
SERIOUSLY connected to all the right people.

Moving along.

It's going to be 60 Degrees today. I can get used to that :)

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