Monday, March 5, 2012

If only the weekend could be longer..

I was *this* close to playing hooky today. Alas, my reasonable side
prevailed. I get 20 days a year. I have used 5 already due to my
uncle's funeral. I want to save my time for summer and next Christmas.

Anywho, we had a busy weekend. Friday I rushed home, only to run right
back out. I needed to get my nails done STAT. Bee likes a nice set of
manicured nails. I told him that wasn't my style. They are expensive.
He said he would pay for it because I should have some time to myself
and feel pretty at the same time. So, I have been going twice a month
since October. Anyway, we had busy and it had been awhile and they
were hurting/coming off (acrylic nails), and Friday was my only window
of time for the next several days. I got to the nail place and it was
PACKED. Eventually, they got me in, and I got them done. They look
nice :) Then, I rushed to the bank and then to WallyWorld for a baby
shower gift, and then back home.

We promised the kids they could do cosmic bowling Friday and bring
friends, so as soon as I got home, we loaded up and headed out to the
bowling alley. The kids had a BLAST. They bowled, they ran around,
they bowled some more, then they even got a game or two of laser tag
in. We ended up staying until midnight, even though we said 11:00pm
would be the latest we would stay because I had to be up at 6:30am the
next day. I ended up making it to bed around 1am, but it was ok. They
had a blast.

Saturday, I was up and ready to leave by 8am. I had to be to Grandma
Bee's house by 8:30 so we could get on the road to the baby shower
which was in PA. I had Bee tell me an alternate route because Grandma
Bee lives in Chardon about 800 feet from the town square, which is
where everyone was meeting, at 8:30, to line the streets to show the
family of Danny Parmertor support and to shield them for any
protesters (Westboro "Baptist Church" said they were going to protest,
but thankfully they did not show). There was going to be over 2,000
people there. I didn't want to have to get stuck in traffic.

Luckily, I had no problem with traffic, but I will tell you just how
emotional it was to see the scene that was the square. News trucks
everywhere with their giant antenna's in the air, thousands of people
walking around. Sea of Red and Black. Many with signs of love and
support. Red Ribbons everywhere. Strangers linking arms and singing.
Holding candles, hugging, sad.

We got on the road, drove past the high school and saw the flowers and
signs and candles against the sign. We left town and spent the next 3
and a half hours laughing, giggling, talking, and having a blast. I
love Grandma Bee and Miss Ashley. :) We made it to the baby shower
which was decorated BEAUTIFULY! So cute! Her theme was woodland
animals (owls, deer, squirrels etc) I took lots of pictures and I
think they were happy with the ones I got :) We ate, opened presents,
and chit-chatted a bit, then jumped back in the car and headed home. I
got home at about 9:30. About and hour and a half later, Bee came home
from the charity dinner we both were supposed to be at, and then we
went to bed.

Sunday, we got up and rested for a few before grabbing the kids and
heading up to the high school to see our friend's son in his last
theatre production as a high school student. :) He had one of the
leads (Marius) in Les Miserables. He did a WONDERFUL job. It was kind
of sad seeing him and the other lead (his best friend Jacob) in their
last production. I've watched these two since they were Freshman.
Jacob even confessed to a small crush on me and that he "loved" me.
Heehee :) I was a little worried the kids wouldn't like/understand it
because it was all singing and a little over their heads, but they
enjoyed it too. If anything, to be out as a family doing something. J
even was able to bring her new boyfriend! (He's a nice boy..)

After the play, we grabbed some taco bell, and headed home. Bee and I
watched some "Rescue Me" while he got a little Xbox time in before his
hockey game. We all loaded back up in the car and went to the Hockey
Game. I walked around and took lots of pictures of the guys playing
with my fancy camera and the other guys from the other teams were
jealous because "hey! How did THEY get a team photographer?!" haha!
Bee's team all came up to me after asking me if I got there awesome
play on film?! I told them to give me a day or so, and check the
photobucket site and they will all be up. They are already texting Bee
to see how they turned out. Haha! Silly boys...

We came home and watched the rest of the episode of Rescue Me that we
ended with, and then went to bed, but it was still past midnight. And
I have more laundry to do already. And my house still needs to be
cleaned. And C has basketball this week. Ugh! I need TWO days off. One
to sleep. One to clean!

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