Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feeel the Chrome!

I am back!

I just got a new computer at work and they installed Google Chrome!!

This means I can update from work again! Oh happy day! I know I could always email updates, but I couldn't update with pictures and yadda yadda yadda, and I found myself just not wanting to deal with the stress of it. But fret no more!

Nothing new in our household, really. The Ex, or as I am starting to call her "Gold Dust Woman" (because I <3 Stevie Nicks, and she wrote that song about herself when she was was all high, balls out, on heroin. It's about being a lying, cheating, stealing, vile, selfish, greedy human being, and not really caring) is writing to the kids/calling them speaking ill of their father and I. So, you know, the usual. :) Soccer is going to start this week! Bee and I are coaching! woot! Football is starting up too. Twice a week practices, and scrimmages/pre-season games every weekend. And so it begins.

I've also started selling Gold Canyon Candles! I am rockin my new business! My goal was $700 in my first 30 days to get my kit free and $125 worth of free product. Well, I kicked that goal in it's goal-ey FACE! I did $1069.00 in my first 29 days AND I have sponsored one new consultant! Anything over $700 goes towards my $1000 goal for my 31-60 day goal, so I am $369 in already! Woot woot! If I keep this up, I could potentially be in AUSTRALIA for a FREE all expenses paid vacation for me and my Lovey in 2013!!! I am loving it! :)

Well, that's really it for now. Happy Thursday and I have missed you all :)

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Sarah said...

Welcome back!! Missed you! Good luck in your new business! :)