Friday, April 27, 2012

Well Hello, Weekend

I think I ran into a real life hooker this morning coming into my office building. Which is weird, because I don't work in a hookery part of town. It was quite a site for a Friday morning. :) All I can say is, if she wasn't a hooker, she really needs to learn how to dress appropriately. Like, maybe by wearing some clothes and not dental floss. When it's 39 degrees out.

So, there's that.

Tonight the Awesome Golden Dragons have our second soccer practice. Once again, tonight it's going to be sunny (although, in the 50's) and tomorrow is rain, rain, rain and low 40's. Ugh. Oh well, guess I gotta suck it up and put on the big girl pants :) Hopefully, we can get a win tomorrow! Ooo! And a win for Bee's team too! Then, maybe it will stop raining long enough to go to the Maple Fest! We shall see.

This weekend I am having my big summer product launch. I teamed up with my friend T and I hope it's a huge success! I know I have 10-12 people coming. I hope T rustles up a good number too, because this potentially could be awesome for our businesses. I need $590 in sales to hit my next goal and earn cool stuff. Anything over that, and it goes to the following goal. I'm in a pretty good position to meet my goals I think :) Speaking of goals..the numbers came out and I ranked in the top 10 (I was 8th) in sales in my REGION! My region is like 10 states! That's thousands of consultants....I am very proud of me. I went from thinking no one would buy anything I would have to sell, to cracking the top ten.

*does a little whoop whoop dance*

Please pray for me. I think we are going to attempt Prom shopping this weekend. Or at least, prom dress shopping. Good thing J is laid back. I think I could go out and buy any dress and give it to her and she would be over the moon.


That's what I got.

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