Monday, April 23, 2012

A title...I should have one

Friday was a day of consumption. I was consumed by the issues with the ex, and the fact that we woke up AGAIN, to no hot water. I ended up taking half day at work so I could meet the plumber and deal with the 800 phone calls with the lawyer (I am not really going to talk about what was said because sometimes I get the feeling that the ex's mother might read this here blog because she is a nosey Nelly and has nothing better to do than insert herself into other people's lives) but I will just say that I hung up on the last call of the day feeling good. Friday evening we had our first soccer practice! Bee and I are coaching Little Man's team this year. Woot Woot! We have a great group of kids and parents! I can't wait for the season! Friday ended on a good note because my summer catalogs and sampler set came in the UPS!! I never thought I would be this excited for anything, yet I am giddy over this. Hey, I have two more potential consultants wanting to sign up. If two out of my three each sign someone up, I become a team leader. This means my behind is going to be sitting poolside, in a deck chair, basking in the sunshine, on a CRUISE SHIP in the tropics, come January 2013...all at NO COST to me. If I become team leader and my team does a substantial book of business, My Bee and I could be sitting pool side in AUSTRALIA for a week at NO COST to us.  Yeah, I am peeing with glee! :)

That's my boy! On the left in the blue and yellow shorts!

Friday night, it was 72 degrees during practice. Saturday morning, it was 39 degrees. And raining. Awesome.

It was cold, and I got the "bad parent of the day" award, for not really paying attention to what my kid walked out of the house in because I was too busy looking for my hat, gloves, hoodie, and winter attire. Yeah, he was dressed almost identical to the picture above. Only, it was 39 and raining....not 72 and sunny. Poor little guy F-R-O-Z-E his arse off. Lesson learned.

Your Awesome Golden Dragons (Friday, the kids picked Golden Dragons to be our team name. Until Saturday morning when we realized the 6-7 year old Gold team picked that name. So, they thought long and hard and came up with "AWESOME Golden Dragons)  lost 4-0 to the TANstorm.  (though, it's YMCA soccer. No one keeps track. I mean, EVERYONE does...just not officially. There is no ranking. No play offs. No overall champion). I have never been more thankful for the ending of a sporting event. It was COLD. We ran home for a bit, and then it was time for C and Bee to leave for his scrimmage. I love my man, and I LOVE going and cheering him on, but I was grateful that he told me to stay home and take little man to his overnight birthday party he wanted to go to. So, we hung out at the house and tried to warm up before heading over to his friend K's house for his birthday/end of basketball season party! I stayed for about 2 hours (families were encouraged to stay until after dinner..then the boys were spending the night) and then went home. Bee brought home a pizza and we ate and by 9:30 were tired as dogs and went to bed. We were supposed to be parting on a limo bus with his friends, but we backed out because we weren't feeling it. Yeah, and our mostly kid free night, we were in bed by 9:30. We are Awesome. And Old. :)

Sunday we relaxed, and then had to deal with the plumbers again because there was NO HOT WATER AGAIN! Ugh...supposedly it's fixed. We shall see. Anywho. I FINALLY got a shower around 3pm on Sunday. 1st in *3* days. It felt GREAT! Ha! Then our friends Doug and Gina stopped over. We visited, and us girls sat and talked candles while the boys watched boyTV. We had wings for dinner and enjoyed time with our friends. It was a nice way to end the weekend. Then we all went sleepy in our snugly beds ;)

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