Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday again

Well, other than a mild sunburn on my FACE that makes me look like I have some contagious rash or that I got punched in the face, by the SUN, I have no complaints about this past weekend :)

Friday night, we started with practice with the Awesome Golden Dragons. The kids were excited (even though it was 50 degrees. The sun was shining at least) I had to leave practice early and drive an hour to my cousin's house to help her with her first candle party. Except that, her kit didn't come in time, so I ended up doing the party :) It wasn't a very big party and, it will probably just qualify as a party dollar amount wise, but it was still a success :) I only worry that Khoa won't have enough sales volume to earn her kit free :/

I took C with me on Friday night, and just like all of Bee's kids, the second we got into the car she started talking. She didn't quit until we had arrived at my cousin's house which is an hour away. She talked about her mom, how she is mad at her, how she cries a lot, how she spends a lot of time at school in the counciler's office talking about her mom. It was a lot to take in, but I felt so...honored? that she could share with me. I told Bee later that night what we talked about. I think we are going to get her into a therapist. I had asked her if she would want one and she said yes. So...I'd really like to get both C and lil man into some therapy. They are going to need it :(

Saturday morning we got up early, and headed out the door into the cold cold dreary weather for some Awesome Dragon Soccer. We came prepared to play (and freeze) our butts off. Once again, we were defeated :( Oh well, we did however greatly improve our game. I am at least happy with that! Maybe by next week... :)

Then, it was off for some big boy football. We scrimmaged the North Coast Vikings. We held our own and did quite well! There was no score because it's a scrimmage, but I would say, had it been a game, we would have won. :) We finally came home and began to unthaw. :) We ate our late dinner and relaxed before going to bed. :)

We were up early again on Sunday because we surprised the kids and hit up the Maple Fest! The Maple Fest is a yearly festival to celebrate Maple Syrup and other Maple products which was the sole trade in Chardon for many years :) (Chardon is where Bee spent the majority of his youth). I also tried my very first maple stir (which I am now totally bummed I did not photograph!) Basically, they pour this maplely syrupy substance into a bowl and give you a Popsicle stick. I thought that this point you just eat it (I tried and burnt the hell out of my tongue) but oh no! You stir  it. (Hence, the name maple stir) So, you stir it continuously for about 10-15 minutes and it become thick and light brown and starts to get more solid. It become a maple sugar type substance. It's candy! It was fun (if not a little work intensive for some maple sugar but alas, it's fun)

Then, it was time for the bathtub races!

Bee and J watching the races

Then, it was off to the Lumberjack competition!!! (Of course, we had to stop for steak on a stick for J, and HUGE cups of greasy, salty, french fries for the rest of us). We stopped on the way to the competition stage and let the kiddos play the balloon race game!

You can't really see little man behind J, but he is there. He also kicked his sister's butts! His reward? A little stuffed dog he named "Snickers". The game guy felt bad for the girls and gave them each a prize. Key Chain for C and a beaded necklace for J :)

Then the lumberjacks!

Little man and Snickers watching the ax throwing

As we knew we would, we ran into the grandparents of the year. Bee gave a courtesy waive as the wee ones ran down to say hello. I refused to acknowledge them. It may be childish, yes. But the difference is, I won't punish the kids. I still sent Little man's soccer schedule. If they contact me about seeing the kids, Bee and I will allow it. Anything they send to the kids will make it into their hands etc, etc,. I just won't acknowledge until Grandma S apologizes to J for her unbecoming and un-adult like behavior. 

We watched the competition for 3 hours (that's when the sun punched me in my face), and then started to head out. Not before stopping and talking to our friends we ran into, getting funnel cakes, Fried Cheese on a stick, and a bag of kettle corn (the kettle corn was for me) oh, and J had to see the ducks :)

Afterwards, we came home. The kids and I headed off to my open house candle party for the new summer catalog while Bee went to see his friend Dan. I did very well! I sold $350 worth of new product! Woo hoo! 
Can't wait until tomorrow when I can enter it all in ;) I like watching my numbers appear and see what my newest goal is. The kids had fun with me. I fed them panera (we had the party there), the girls asked if they could wander around Dicks, Khols, and target and I obliged, so they had fun with sister time. Little Man hung out with me and the ladies ;) He was the center of all their attention. He also got to chill with grandma bee while she was there. It was a great afternoon! It feels awesome to do something you enjoy and succeed at it. I spend a lot of time watching and cheering Bee and the kids on while they do what they are good at and enjoy. I don't mind any of that. In fact, I have fun! However, it feels awesome in a totally different way to do something *I* enjoy and have them cheer me on :)

Be came home around 10pm and we just spent the last hour of our evening just hanging out. Then it was cuddle and bed time.

All in all, I could repeat this weekend forever and still enjoy it just as much :)


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