Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last night out

BFF Rose's sister got married on this past Saturday. It was supposed to be our last time seeing her and her lovey for a long while (or until I go visit her in Florida). However, her sister was supposed to let Bff Rose stay at her house for a week while on her honeymoon because Rose has one last meeting she needs to attend before moving and it got scheduled on the 6th and last minute (like, Friday morning) she told Rose she could no longer stay at her house. This caused a huge ruckus. Rose refused to give the maid of honor speech, and well, no one was talking to each other come day of the wedding. Awkward...

Anyway, Bee and I went because, well, it was going to be the last time we would get to see them for awhile...and really? Free food? Free booze? Let's do it! :) Rose is going to spend the last week with us at our house, so that was an added treat :) I sure am going to miss her. Look how much fun we are! :)

BFF Rose and her lovey, Ray

Ray doing what he does best....talking.. ;)

Pouring his champagne for the toast

Family Picture!

Rose and I

Two important men to me :)

I loved her dress and her shoes. She is letting me have the dress, the shoes won't fit my big feet :(


Rose's son, The Dizzle

Evil Asian stare. The, "I'm not drunk yet, so stop taking my picture or DIE" stare ;)

Me and my Dizzle

Ray and I. Ray married Bee and I. He was our officiant :)

Mother and son love :)

Rose's Mommy and Daddy

Best Man and Maid of Honor

Ray and the Dizzle 

First wedding we attended as a married couple. We were the second couple to sit down during the anniversary  dance :)

"Why, Yes! I've love some!"

Beautiful Stained glass windows

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