Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well, hello there!

Yesterday was crazy!

All was fine until lunchtime. In fact, all was great until lunch time. It was warm-er, the sun was out, I heard, Journey, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, and "Lean on me" on my way into work. Then, lunch time. I realized just how broke I am right now. I decided to wallow in my misery by spending my last $2.39 on a Dunkin Iced Coffee. I wanted to try one of their new ice cream inspired flavors. As usual. Disappointed. I went through the drive thru (It's pretty much the only option at the one by my work. Their parking lot is almost impossible to get out of if you park in it) ordered my coffee. It "looked" right, I pulled away, and tasted it and thought..."hmm...it's nothing special..." and then I realized, it was plain coffee. They didn't even give me CREAM which I asked for. It pissed me off, but I didn't have time to fight the traffic and the line again to go back. Boo. Then, I got back to work and things went down hill. By the time I got home, I was irritated and so I cleaned. All night. Which really, is what I did Sunday...but minus the foul mood.

I cleaned our room on Sunday. Good Lord have mercy, it needed it. It was awful. To give you an idea, my wedding dress and veil were in the same exact spot that they hit the ground on my wedding night 3 (almost 4) months ago. Yeah. Bad. Took me all day. Even tackled the green room (extra room attached to our room) that Bee destroyed before after his hunting trip in February packing and unpacking. There were guns, ammo, and clothes everywhere. But it's all beautiful now. Including our bathroom. We even managed to bag up four lawn sized garbage bags of clothes for purple heart. Woot!

We rule.

Anyway. I figured the rest of the house could be cleaned this week. It needs to be done by Saturday because I will be at the Dentist all day Saturday getting major work done. I will be in no condition to clean (or do anything) after and I really don't want to stare at a messy house. Last night the mud room, kitchen and dining room got mostly done. I just need to sweep the kitchen and dining room real good. Mop the kitchen, and de-clutter the mud room some more. At the moment though, the mud room is holding the garbage bags full of clothes so it just looks messy to me. Oh well. 

As for other news: Heard back from the Realtor on the church. I need to call her back and schedule an appointment to look at the place :) And on the baby making front...I called to make an appointment today with the people who are going to make it happen. However, I think I said the word "sperm" more than I ever have in my entire life to at least 6 complete strangers. The clinic has one phone number. For the whole hospital system. You call it, you get a call center. They take your info and route it to the people it needs to go to. This is fine if you are just calling to make an appointment. If you have questions for your doctors office, you tell them and they forward you to the correct office. However, I couldn't remember the doctor I had seen there, One time, over a year ago. Anyway...eventually I got to where I needed to be. They left a message and the girl is supposed to call me back. Sigh. I was kinda hoping for more progress than that. But, I'll take it :)

Well, that's all I got for now! here is a picture of the sunset I took Sunday night! :)

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