Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a stew!

Just a few things...

1. My nephew is adorable. Like, super dee duper cute. My niece is also adorable. Together, they will take over the world! Bask in their adorableness :)

2. C was hand picked by the high school track coach to do track. He also told her he wanted her to do pole vaulting. However, the middle school doesn't do pole vaulting. So, while she won't compete for another 2 years, she is training with the high school kids so she will be an old pro by the time high school rolls around. She is also doing the 100 and 400 meter dash. Crazy kid. Glad she loves to run because I for one hate to run. lol

Meanwhile, the Boy, who is doing no sports this Spring, is content to just sit back on his haunches and watch. He and I like being #1 fans :) 

3. The cats have discovered our bedroom. They would never come in there before. Now? Now we have to leave the door open during the day so that they may come and go as they please or else they get pissed and poop in some one's shoe. The other morning I forgot something in my room before leaving for the day. I walked back in and this is what I found when I turned on the light...

Someone was not happy that I turned the light on and disrupted their slumber. As for chubbs, he only ever leaves the bed now to tell me to feed him...He likes the "burn holes in me with his eye-lasers" method of asking for dinner,,,

Aren't our cat dishes fancy? 

4. As for the weekend, I will be spending the whole gosh darn day at the dentist office. The whole day. Sigh...the only thing getting me through the thought is I can come home and take my pain meds and sleep. 
The rest of the family will be driving all over the northern half of the state of Ohio all day watching a whole lotta this..

and flag football. I'm not sure who is getting the better deal on a cold, wet, rainy, Saturday. Bee and lots of driving and deadlines, and bleachers...or me, in a dentist chair all day....the difference is I get to come home and take pain pills :D I'm also guessing since my Dentist has bankers hours, that his version of "all day" is really like from 10 am - 4 pm. Don't get me wrong. That's a long time to sit in a dentist chair...but Bee's day will begin at 5:45 am (he has to have C at her  first game by 8 am and it's an hour and 15 minute drive) and will go all day and into the evening with her last game at around 7 pm. He will have both kids too. Like I said, I guesstimate I will be home, in my jammies, napping by 5pm  with a beautiful new smile I can be proud of!! :)

5. The church we want to buy....I heard back from the realtor....Last Friday. I have yet to call her back. Partly because I have been busy. Also, partly because I'm scared. That's a huge grown up step to take. I'm afraid of being laughed at? I guess? I dunno. My credit is shaky at best. Like, I got my car loan, and even Bee's with no problem. I mean, my interest rate isn't single digit or anything, but it's not super horrible. However, I don't ever qualify for credit cards, personal loans (I just tried in November for a $5000.00 loan so that we could get a lawyer on retainer to deal with the EX WIFE and was turned down flat). The problem is, we make plenty of money to cover it, but because of Bee's ex wife who destroyed Bee's credit, we can't ever list him on credit applications because he never qualifies. So, we can only list me. Which means only my income can be counted and my income will more than likely not support a house payment, two car loans, and other bills. I will say that succumbing to fear will guarantee that I not get the loan and someone else will buy the place. Today I WILL call her back and schedule a walk through. The weird thing is? I made the call last week and left a message on her voicemail. I prayed and asked God that if this was not something we should do or if we didn't have a chance in hades of getting this place, don't let the lady call me back. I would simply take that as a sign I shouldn't pursue it. She called back within 12 hours. Ever since I have gotten emails (some junk, some are newsletters for lists I belong too) all talking about buying a house. Buy, buy buy! and Even got a phone call from my secondary bank on a "whim" to see if I needed to refinance my mortgage because they have awesome rates right now. So, let's take a chance and let God take it, shall we? :)

6. Babies. I finally got through to someone about having a baby. Apparently, Bee and I have to come in for a meeting with the lady. She will explain the whole process to us. Then, before we can even start, we each have to get blood work done. Ok, fine. However, it's a special test (there is nothing special in the actual drawing of blood...just the screening they do it in the lab later)  that screens for every possible STD ever created. Ok, once again. Fine. However, here is the kick in the pants. Insurance doesn't cover this test. We are free to go anywhere we like to have it done. However, it's $2,000.00. Each...... that's two thousand American dollars. Each. Or, if we don't want to do that, we can have it done in their office and they will send it to their lab and by doing that, they can offer us the majorly discounted price of $145.00 each. Now, while that is waaaay better than $4000.00, it's still $290.00 we don't have to pay for a test, we already know the answer too. Then, we get to pay for the process to get me pregnant! Sigh. Another set back. I guess we will be waiting now until July when my already badly needed, and mostly spent (in my mind, that is) bonus check will come. :( I LOVE my husband. I also knew, and agreed to still love and still marry him knowing Getting pregnant would be slightly difficult considering his situation. It still doesn't stop me from feeling a teeny bit angry/upset/hurt that I have to go through hoops galore just to get pregnant when there is nothing wrong with my body. I just want a baby. I want a baby from my DNA. From my body. 1st world problems, I'm sure...but still...

oh well. Tantrum over :D I guess it just means that I have 4 more months to drink wine every night :D 

Alright, that's it for me for today. Maybe...if I'm feeling brave, I'll share my before and after smile shots? Maybe.... :)

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