Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poor Sammy!

Sammy, my boy cat, is a long-hair. He has thick, long, cat hair that when it comes out, it comes out in kitten size fur balls. Now that spring is approaching, he is losing his winter coat. It was looking awfully "dead" and matted and he was cleaning himself non-stop and therefore coughing up hairballs all over the place.


One of our friends told us they get their cat shaved. I was totally down with that idea. Bee said we should try it ourselves to see if he would even let someone shave him. Why pay the money only to have him freak the freak out?

So, this weekend we went at it.


Now, I'll tell you, it wasn't his favorite thing. He was scared, but he let us do it. However, he didn't stand for it forever. We eventually had to call it a day. He looks "choppy" in places because we aren't professionals. Nor do we have professional tools. However, he does look better. I haven't had to clean up hair balls or loose fur. When it grows out, he will look more even. For now....We'll take it. He'll thank us when it gets up to 89 degrees with 87% humidity in the summer....


This was right after. Look at that face! 

Another friend told us they get their cat shaved all the time. They take them to the vet and the vet charges like $165.00, but they put them out, check their teeth, trim their nails, shave them, give them their shots, and treat them so they don't get fleas. In my opinion, that's a great deal :) We will go that route next time :)

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