Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter started out with the hunt! The Easter Bunny was cunning, but he was no match for my stealthly camoflauged ninja!
C takes the more laid back approach. She must know a good thing when she see's it because she "won" the hunt! (I think it's just because she's taller and can reach the higher up places)

Counting how many Eggs they had found. Easter Bunny had Text Bee letting him know how many eggs were hidden. When asked about the Easter Bunny having a cell phone, we were reminded this IS 2011...

After the hunt, we found our baskets by the door. Along with a note from EB, HIMSELF!

Time enough for just one quick picture with the sibling, then it was out the door for Church!

Later, we had family and friends over for dinner. Here, Bee is enjoying his dinner with Kamdizzle and BFF Rose in the middle. She does not want to be bothered with silly pictures that could possibly take her soul!

My ham was a work of art in itself and needed it's own picture. No one ate it. There was two other hams :/ Oh well, LEFTOVERS!

Little Isabella made an appearence later in the afternoon! Here, C is helping her with her "Juice!"

                                 BFF Rose, once again, does not like getting her picture taken!
                                                                Isabella Playing with C


                                                        LOVE This picture
                                                               Isabella and Daddy

We Had a wonderful Easter! Hope you all did too!


Sarah said...

Fun pictures! Loved the stealthy ninja!

Amander said...

LOVE easter egg hunts - and it looks like yours was a success!

Glad you had a wonderful Easter!