Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Concert!

So this past Wednesday, C had her Spring concert. Little Man had his the week before, but I was so rushed to get out of the house on time, that I left my camera at home. Boo :(

C was very excited. She had a speaking part this time around! I have video of that and tried to upload it here, but Blogger was being slow and I had to leave for work, so, maybe I'll put it up later. At any rate, C did wonderful and it was a great concert!

The only draw back was that the Grandparents of the year showed up. Normally, it wouldn't bother me that they were there. I mean, we play nicey nice and all and it's a bearable experience for everyone, and the kids are happy to see them. However, I was upset because they couldn't be bothered with showing up to Little Man's concert the week before. They are seriously always shafting that kid. They knew, or were at least told about the concert because he told them. More than once. He's starting to get to an age where he is noticing it, too. As evident by the fact he asked me later "How come Grandma and Grandpa didn't come to my concert?". Later, after the concert was over, they gave the kids their Easter Baskets because they would not be seeing them again before Easter. Except, J was with us (you know, because she LIVES with us, and is PART OF OUR FAMILY) and they didn't have anything for her. Didn't even acknowledge the fact they had two, not THREE baskets. Not a "oh! If we had known you'd be here...sorry hunny!" Nothing! Yet, they expect J to think of them as her grandparents. What the hell? J said to me later "You know, It's not like I wanted their cheap dollar store candy or baskets, but my mom always taught me that if you don't have enough for everyone, you don't go pull stuff out" I agreed. It was very rude. Then, a couple of comments were made about C's hair and how long it is, and did she get it cut yet. We said no, because she DOESN'T WANT IT CUT. Grandpa said that he almost cut it when she was over a few weeks ago because it was just too long for his liking.Um, excuse me? That's my kid. Don't touch anything about her without asking first. I would have been PISSED had he cut her hair. Especially since they day they came back, we had our family pictures.

All in all though, the Spring Concert was a success! Way to go C!

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