Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just when I think...

I have Bee figured out, he surprises me :)

My guy is not exactly do I say this? Affectionate? No, that's the wrong word, because he is affectionate. However, he is not the type who will automatically grab my hand in public or enjoy me hanging all over him. Now, he is ok if I hold his hand, or I grab his arm, but he's not really going to do it on his own.

He is also not the type to say sweet things or pay compliments just because. I mean, he does tell me when I look nice, or when he likes something I make or whatever, but it's only when he means it. If you go fishing for them, you are not going to get them.

I've seen several friends of ours on their facebook status talk about how much them miss their significant other, or love them, or whatever and I was feeling a little I guess, down because I know my guy would never do something like that.

Then this morning, while we were getting ready to come out into the living room I caught him staring at me. I smiled and said "What?!" and this is what he said:

"Ya know, last night was fun. (we had a bonfire last night. My idea. He has turned me down in the past because he doesn't "like outside", but I had like 5 of his friends who said they'd stop by and it turned into a little party) Like, really fun. I want to tell you how much I love you and how my life had been pretty shitty up until I met you. You have brought me laughter, fun, good lovin, and permission to be myself and I want to thank you for that."
Yeah, I melted a little bit ;)


Sarah said...

Awww...that is so sweet! I would have been a puddle! ;)

Amander said...

That's adorable! Glad he appreciates you!