Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 5 is in the books!

So, 5 weeks are DONE in my 100 days till summer challenge! It went soo fast! This week was super sexy week and  we had to do things like a work out video from the Pussy Cat Dolls. While I can not shake my booty and look as good as they do doing it, I followed along quite nicely. I can say that I know half the chirography for "Don't Cha". Haha! We even had a super sexy extra challenge that involved things with our lovey! Me-Ow!

We had to initiate a solid kissing session each day, do something different weather it's wear an outfit we wouldn't have a few pounds ago or light candles, or even be adventurous in the bedroom! We had to write a love letter, and plan and complete a special date night! It was so much fun! I don't think Bee knew what was going on, but he sure liked all the extra attention he was getting! I also loved giving him that attention! He deserves it. At the end of the day, after getting up early, working out, getting myself ready, getting the kids ready, working 8 hours, dealing with traffic and stupid people, coming home, cleaning up every one's messes, making dinner, making lunches, cleaning up AGAIN, listening to every one's day while honestly trying to pay attention and care, and then trying to get a good solid 45-60 min work out in, I am T-I-R-E-D and literally fall into bed and pass out. I have been feeling a little guilty not spending as much time like I used to in the evening with him, so this was a nice reminder!

Nutrition wise, I have been doing great. I have noticed that since I am watching calories, protein, carbs, and fat, I naturally go for foods low in calories, high in protein. This means that most of my food leans towards being lean white meat, and fresh fruits and veggies. Since I have significantly lowered my intake of processed foods, I feel amazing! I am thinking that after this whole challenge is done, I might try to eliminate them completely, or almost completely and see how it goes. I also have been kicking around going at least mostly organic. I never thought I'd say those words.

I have noticed the kids are changing too. Asking questions about what they are putting in their bodies before consuming it. They have been playing outside more, running more, working out with me. They request fruit or applesauce instead of chips and cookies. I think it's awesome! Even Bee is being a bit more conscious. Anytime I purchase food, my first instinct is to flip it around to look at the label. I am actually horrified. Even "Good for you!" stuff! I went to buy myself a fruit and yogurt "fresh made" parfait the other day, choosing THAT instead of the heart attack on a muffin that Bee wanted. I looked at the calories and there were 485. I was floored! Really?! Fruit? Yogurt? THAT many calories? Instead I got a package of apple slices, low fat yogurt, and granola (almost the same damn thing) and it was 120....

Cardio has been going well too. I've done 5 miles a day for the last 2 weeks and it's starting to show. Bee notices when he holds me at night. Or when I can out run him now when we are playing around. Also, my walking videos have you jog for two minutes at the end of them. I am ACTUALLY able to JOG! I proved it on Saturday when I had to keep going from one end of the field to the other before Bee's game grabbing things for people. I jogged back and forth, non-stop, easily 6 or 7 times!

As for the scale, we have our moments, but lately we've been on speaking terms. I took my measurements almost 2 weeks ago (wish I would have done it right off the bat) and I will check them in 2 more weeks, but as for the scale, it currently says I am down 2 lbs from the previous week. All together my grand total is 12.2 pounds down. Not too shabby for 5 weeks! I seem to finally have busted through my trouble spot and have been down a half a pound to a pound a day. 2.8 more pounds and I will be the smallest I have ever been in my adult life, and probably since I was 10! C'mon you last three pounds!

Week 6 is shaping up to be a nice one too. This is the first week of the 2nd leg of the challenge so you can join new teams or switch them around this week if you like so they are making this week a little easier since it's the transition week. I am staying with Nutrition and Cardio, and have added strength. I am super excited and my thighs are already pissed at me from all the killer squats the squat queen, Miss Ninja Kate has given us :)

Hopefully next week I will be in ONEderland! ;)

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Sarah said...

That is fantastic! So cool to be feeling better, looking better, and encouraging your family to be making better choices. :)