Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode to a Bee (A few weeks Early...)

(I know we didn't have to share the love letter for the point, but I kinda wanted to put it up here for a couple of reasons. One: I type better than I, I can "work it all out" here before writing. Two: I want to be able to look back from a scrap booking/Chronicling/I need to be reminded sometimes standpoint. Three: So you all could see how special my guy is ;) )

To my lovable, huggable, Bee,

In honor of our 2 year anniversary coming up in just a couple of weeks (It lands on Easter, in case you forgot) I wanted to take a few moments and actually pen you a real letter. Something for prosperity sake, if nothing else. I mean, we tell each other a million and one times a day how much we love each other, but sometimes it takes seeing it on paper, something that you actually sat down and took the time to compose, for it to really sink in.

The other morning, as we were getting dressed for the day (it was Sunday, after our bonfire on Saturday night) I caught you looking at me. You walked over to me and wrapped your arms around me and told me you had so much fun the night before with our friends and how nice it was to just laugh and enjoy those we love. You also told me how shitty your life had been before you met me, and how you hoped I only knew how happy I made you. How I take care of you and the kids, how I love you and let you be you which is someone you were never allowed to be before.

I'll have you know, you touched me deeply with those words. Because I DO love you, and sometimes I feel that just saying "I love you" doesn't quite speak to how much I do, in fact, love you.

You have changed my world. Just knowing you has made me a better person. A better version of myself, while letting me know it's ok to BE myself. You and the kids are the light in my life. I actually enjoy taking care of you 4 (Even if I complain about the mess sometimes ;) ) and I think I would feel lost if I didn't have you guys.

You get me. You get me on a level no one else has. (Even IF you didn't get me bumping your hand with my booty while dancing ALL.NIGHT.LONG when I had 23589745873 SQ FT of room to move as a signal. Or, me announcing about 150 times that we were leaving to go to another bar....then naming it, with it's location...all while staring at you...the night we met ;) ) A few have come close, but you are all the way there!
You have the ability to make me smile, laugh, or even relax and calm down in almost all situations. You get and understand my sense of humor and even my weird quirks that most people would shrug off. You take care of me, worry about my safety, and always make sure that I get what I need, and 99.9 % of the time, what I want.

I don't think you fully realize just how special you are, and not just to me. The past has not always been kind to you, and for whatever reason, it has not felt the need to fully express to you in plain words how wonderful you are. So I will do it!

Here are just a FEW of the Many reasons you are special:

1. You are an awesome father. You love your children unconditionally, yet you feel discipline, rules, guidelines are important. You teach your children things that no one else will, or would think to. Such as "Life isn't fair". So many people these days take a total new age approach that life is full of sunshine, rainbows, kittens, and there are no "losers". While you love your kids, and there is PLENTY of affection. hugs, kisses, etc, you also let them know that life is NOT a scene from a Trapper Keeper.

2. You are super smart. I don't mean like normal "you happen to know more than me" smart. You are the smartest person I know. Like, honestly I think you could be a good candidate for MENSA. Except, they usually don't like guns there, so you'd be bored.

3. Your passionate. Your passion for the things you love is unmatched by anything. I really dig that about you. You have such a passion for things that people who are around you can't help but love those things too! Who would have ever thought *I* would enjoy football?! Not just enjoy it, but talk smack about it! With a smidge of knowledge of the game to boot! And Call of Duty?! I have always liked explosions and cool looking guns, and watching fictional people die in cruel and gorily awesome ways ,but this takes it to a whole new level...even if your team sucks and they played like "horse shit!". And how you can take one look at a gun and tell me the make, model, when it was first made, and what eddition that perticular one is and how you can take care and take your time reading an gun and ammo magizine as if it were the only one out there!

4. Your knowledge of all things cars and mechanical. The fact that when I need my oil changed, or my brakes replaced, you are able and willing to do that. When my tire blew and I needed the spare put on? You did it like it was no big deal. It is probably NOT a big deal to you, but that kind of stuff is Earth Shattering to me, as well as my wallet if I had to take it to the shop, someone who barely knows how to pop the hood. (ok, ok, I can add oil and windshield washer fluid...and gas, but that's it) And back to my tires....the way you refused to let me drive my car to work that whole week and a half. You let me use your truck, while you took the wounded Roger Rocket every day...then later actually paid for 3/4 of two new tires for me. No one, I repeat, NO ONE has ever taken care of me like that, besides my daddy. It makes my eyes leak, and it's making them leak now when I think about it.

5. The way you talk about me to your friends. How, you brag that for the first time in your life, you're happy. You found "someone good" and you only hope they can find someone like that. I know I have. It's you! And I can't wait for the day that I become your wife and you become the father of our child(ren) too (I added the "ren" case of twins ;) )

6. The way you kiss me every morning and cover me up when you are leaving for work, or even if you are just going into the living room. How some nights you want to be the little spoon, and others the big spoon, but no matter what, you want to hold me, or at the very least be touching me in some way. "Monkey Toes" and Harry and Larry (Garry and Jerry too...)  The way you "wake up" in the middle of the night to change positions and you always tell me how much you love me. You probably tell me 3-4 times a night. Those are special to me :)

I love you Bee. In a million and a half ways. To the moon and back times infinity, and oodles of Noodles and bunches of munches. More today, than yesterday, always and forever.


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Sarah said...

You have a good man there! What a good thing to take the time to write how much you appreciate him...and I love that he appreciates you just as much! ;)