Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Losin the Girls

Before I had my gastric bypass surgery, I was wearing a DD cup size. After? Well, I was never properly fit, but I wore a C cup.
As of the last year, I was having an issue with my girls poppin out. All.The.Time. When I bent over. When I sorta bent over. When I thought about bending over. When I reached to the left. Reached to the right. Sometimes, I'd just be sitting there and look down, and OOPS! "3rd boob". It was so murther furking frustrating.

I tried everything, and nothing was working.

Then, the other day while working out (girls poppin out everywhere) it hit me like a ton of bricks. My CUP size it probably too big!

So, this weekend, I was at walmart and I needed to pick up some sports bra's. While I was there, I picked up a regular bra too and all in a "B" cup. I came home and tried them on, and lo and behold, it was like some sort of witchcraft had been performed on my chesticles! They were supported, uplifted, almost perky and best of all, no matter what I did, they STAYED.INSIDE.MY.BRA!


Then, this morning, as I was putting on my new sports bra to work out, I happened to glance in the mirror and see my reflection. I was taken aback. For the first time in my life, my upper body (not including my upper arms) was starting to take on some definition. My tummy roll, that the boyfriend so eloquently refers to as my "second set of boobs", is fading fast! Before I started this challenge, I was sportin a B/C cup there and now, I am easily no bigger than a training bra ;)

I looked at myself in my sports bra and yoga pants and thought, with the exception of the stretch marks and flabby upper arms (triceps region), I ALMOST would at least consider working out/and or walking around my house in my sports bra and yoga pants!

Which just goes to show, even though I was upset about my 5lb gain this past week, I AM making a difference. What I am doing IS working. People at work have noticed it in my face and my waist. I seem to be stronger too. I can jog longer and faster, and I am starting to crave that workout because of how I FEEL afterwards.

It uplifts my mood, makes me happy, and I've noticed I haven't got as worked up about stuff lately or flipped my wig for no reason.

So yeah, the scale sucks, but I am kicking it in it's taco. :)

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Amander said...

That's awesome you can really see a change in your body! That is a great feeling!