Monday, May 7, 2012

Well Hello, Detroit

We had an awesome weekend.

For reals.

Friday, I left work early because well....just because I could. :) The radar was all scary looking and Bee convinced me to cancel practice. I got home, and nothin. So, instead we had a bonfire.We sat around with some friends while the kids ran rampant in the backyard :) This is also when Bee showed me this picture and convinced me we needed another cat.
Apparently, his name is Sam. He is 3. He is a lovey lovey FAT baby who's current mommy and daddy are moving across country and can't take him for some reason. He is fix, litter trained, and loves other animals. Hmm..we will see. However, I can't resist kitteh's. I agreed to him. Then, my lovey celebrated by playing Temple Run while the kiddo's watched. Then he tended to our fire and we spent the evening enjoying each other and our friends.

Little Man with his stick

Temple Run time

Bee and his fire
Saturday, we got up and had soccer with The Awesome Dragons. We lost again, but we came very close to at least scoring a goal. Also, it was 72 degrees, so it was awesome. :) Then, we ran home and packed for Detroit. Bee and I were going to go watch our friends, The Diesels play, and then spend the night up there. Some alone, adult time :) So, we loaded up and headed out! 

First we stopped off at Malley's Chocolates where he bought me some yummy chocolate for the road. Then we continued on. We knew we were close when we saw the cool lookin bridge!

When we finally arrived, we checked into our little hotel, and headed off to the game. I sat with my friend Tearesa and helped her with the front gate :) I also sold her some candles. Ha! Then, Bee and I got to meet little Mia. She is the 2 month old little girl of our friends Rami and Natalie :)
 The football team ended up losing, which was a bummer, but it only showed us their weaknesses, which will help us on week 2 in our regular season when Bee's team plays them ;) We headed back in the direction of our hotel in search for food. We passed  a place that was mentioned on foursquare when I checked in at the hotel called The Whiskey and Rye. We decided to stop in, and boy were we glad! Our bill for 2 sandwiches , one order of fries, and two alcoholic beverages came to $30.00 with tip. But, the sandwiches looked like this:
Yeah, Bee and I got three meals out of just mine. It was soo good too.

We headed back to the hotel and crashed out by midnight. At 4am, we were awoken to the sound of someone banging on our door. Screaming and looking for "Charles". There was a lot of swearing, and "I know you're in there!" and apparently he was in the room across the hall from us. This woman dragged him out and started beating him up. Then, about 13 of her closest friends joined in and started beating up the woman he was with. We called the front desk and suggested they call the cops. Who were there very quickly. However, we were up then. We ended up watching part of a movie before finally falling back asleep. 

Tigers were playing that day..

Sunday, we got up, checked out, and hit up downtown Detroit. Bee wanted to catch the first half of a football game with Rami (supposedly, we see this team game 1 of our season) but it didn't start till three so we had time to kill. We went to the casino first. I had $20 to play with and was on my last $5 when I won $100.80 on penny slots! We stayed long enough for Bee to finish his last $5 and then we went to go check out where the game was going to be (which was around the corner). 
This was the only picture I got. Apparently, you are not allowed to take pictures in casinos...

Since we still had quite a bit of time left, we went to Gibraltar's! Gibraltar is a large complex (think, two football fields wide, three long) and it's an indoor flea market! We walked around, bought a few things, and people watched. That was the best part :) Mainly because you see things like this..
yes, that IS a child IN a giant beach ball...

After that, we headed to the game. We stayed for the first half, then hit the road. We took our time and enjoyed each other's company, but it was really nice to be home with our kiddos :) What a great weekend! I wish they could all be that nice!!! :)

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