Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Concert

My lovely young lady, C, had her spring concert! She came downstairs with her hair down, combed, nice fitting black pants with a cute belt, HEELS, and a nice white sweater. Bee and I hardly recognized her! When we dropped her off at the middle school to meet up with her band/choir mates, she walked into the school workin it! She walks in those heels like she was born doing it... As she walked away, Bee lowered his sunglasses, gave a low, long whistle and said "look at that talll drink of water walking away..." I agree.

Ya'll, we're in trouble.

Hopefully, she'll decide to mostly stay in her raggedy t-shirts, baggy basketball shorts, baseball caps with the hair ratty and in a low ponytail until she's 30 ;) As for the concert, it was fabulous as always :)

C is sitting on the right in front of the bass drum. She is barely visible in the picture, so don't worry if you can't find her ;)

C is the Tallest one in the middle, in the pants with the long brown hair, waiving.

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