Thursday, May 3, 2012

I skipped yesterday

Yesterday was crazy.

Yesterday also kinda made me mad.

My anger stems from the same stuff as always so I figured I'd skip out on writing about it. I feel better today. It's just my frustration at the fact that I am reminded almost daily, either by myself or by certain useless people that I'm not a real mother yet, I cook for them, clean up after them, make sure they get to/from school, activities, friends houses, birthday parties etc, I take care of them when they are sick, I cheer them on when they are in a play/sporting event etc. They tell their secrets to me....sounds like a mother to me. Then, these same people hand over a motherly task to me and expect me to hop to it because they can't afford $10 American dollars to get their kid a prescription that they need, even though my time is already stretched to the breaking point with other motherly tasks...

ugh, I'm talking about it anyway..

Moving on.

Gearing up for the weekend! After soccer, we head up to the dirty D to watch some football. There is also a new baby up there. She belongs to our friends and I can't wait to squish some baby cheeks! :) Plus, it means long awaited, totally deserved, lovey time. Just my Bee and I. We get to do date night!! We are going to the casino! I love these kind of weekends :)

I am also excited about my candles coming in! Woot!

My goal this month is $1200.00 in sales and 4 parties!

Ya'll have to hold me accountable now.. ;)

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