Friday, May 11, 2012

I need to hit my goal

Ok, so I'm going to just put this out there to any readers I may have left...

I NEED to make my goal.

No, I won't lose my business or go to jail or anything silly like that, but if I can hit $1000 in sales by Friday the 19th, I will be super happy because I will have made my second quick start company sponsored goal. I will be rewarded with $150 in FREE products which I want, badly, so that I can have more stuff to show my people when I do parties, which will end up making me more in sales and commission, which helps my family.


I am $180.00 away from reaching that goal. I am *this* close. I had a party scheduled for Saturday that would have let me achieve that goal, however, they have had to re-schedule for a date that is after my deadline. I have been pounding the pavement trying to book parties and drum up business. Everyone wants to help, but they are busy and can't hold parties until June. I am ok with this, and will gladly take the parties, but for now...I still want to reach my goal. Therefore, I am holding a raffle of sorts. I need to sell $180 worth of candles. OR 10 of the 26oz candles. (With shipping and tax, they come out to about $21-$22 a piece). If I make my goal, I will pick one name randomly from my pool of buyers that helped me achieve my goal and the winner will receive a candle of their choice extra, and $50 American Dollars. Would any of you, people of the intertubes,  be interested in  helping me out?? I Promise, you will LOVE your candle. If not, let me know. Seriously, I will buy it back and return your money, OR let you pick out something else of equal or lesser value.

We have candles for kids (which count towards my goal) where 100% of the proceeds go to local children in need (in YOUR area). There are three fun scents! Root Beer, Baby Powder, and Coconut lime carousel!

We have yellow Support The Troops Candles that smell just like warm apple crisp! 10% of the proceeds from each of THOSE candles goes to "Operation Home Front" which helps soldiers and their families.

Then, there is the over 80 true-to-form scents in all different shapes and sizes if the above two don't sound like your thing.

We also have scent pods and pod warmers. The deal for May is pick from 5 of our best selling pod warmers and get it along with our three best selling pods (clean sheets, sugar cookie, and ginger lime) for $42. That's a GREAT deal considering the warmers alone are $40 :)


If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area, you can email me at and I can take cash/check/MO/CC and deliver it to you. If not, you can go to my website and order directly from my website. It will ship directly to you. It will be swell :) Right before you finish checking out, it will ask you if your order is part of a party order. Please put party #5505809 in the box. That way I will know who to put in the raffle! :)

Thanks, people of the intertubes!!!


Sarah said...

I'll try to put in an order, Joy...Best of luck to you! :)
Happy Mother's Day!

Monkee said...

Aw, thanks Sarah! :)

Amander said...

Hope you met your goal!