Friday, November 18, 2011

3rd Grade Fall Concert

Little man had his 3rd grade fall singing concert at school last night. I've decided to start being nice and leaving the ball in the other court. Now that I have the grand parents cell phone number, I have decided to let them know of upcoming events. They chose to come? Well, it will make the kid's day. If not? Well, then it's not on Bee and I (although, in a lot of ways it still would be, but I digress).

After the events of Sunday evening, I had half a mind to tell the Grandparents just what I thought of their daughter and to please pass on a few messages, but I decided against it. Not the time, nor the place. Anyhow, Little man was super excited for us to be there. He was bursting with excitement and kept telling me that he wanted to tell me all the cool stuff they had planned, but didn't want to ruin the surprise :)

He did a great job, and he is such a little ham. His grandparents saved us a seat, which was nice. It was also up closer to the front, which is also nice. Bee doesn't like sitting that close. It made for better pictures ;) In a few weeks, we will do it all again for C!

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Sarah said...

Very cool that you all were able to go! Good job, little man!
Tis the season for concerts, huh?!