Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well, we officially started a new sport in our house. Basketball.

Little man wants to play soccer. Not that he is stellar at it. Not that he loves watching it. Not that he even really plays it. It's just that when he was 4, his mom put him in soccer because C was in soccer and it was the thing you did. It was YMCA soccer and they were members of the YMCA. He played one season, and she went away. C started playing football and well, Little man wants nothing to do with that. However, Soccer is during football season and we lost track of time and never got him signed up. Watching him in the back yard though, one thing was evident. Kid has major skills at Basketball. Not that he has ever played organized basketball, but I think there is potential there :)

C wants to play every sport out there, and forgive me for saying, God forbid anyone put any spotlight on a sibling, she can't be outdone. Not to mention, her football coaches keep telling her to play basketball in the off season. It will help her footwork. Also, she has the build for basketball and unfortunately, her opportunities to further her football career after middle school are going to drop significantly, so basketball might be her sport too.

We signed both kids up, and as of last week, they began. C was first because the girls had enough coaches volunteer. The boys did not, so they started a week late. All in all, it was great! Both kids are starting with learning the basic skills and honing them. C has good footwork, but needs to learn ball control, proper dribbling, and work on perfecting her shots. Little Man needs to work on footwork, and not using two hands to dribble, but his shots are nothin but net 85-95% percent of the time! Both kids can teach each other a lot!

They both are doing well and making friends, and looking adorable doing it. To me? As long as they have fun, It was $140 well spent ;)

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